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Providing Capital to Plaintiffs for Pending Litigation
   Company Overview

Cambridge Management Group, LLC (CMG) was                In this market, CMG provides non-recourse
founded in 1999 and is based in Glen Rock, NJ.           advances to plaintiffs prior to settlement of
                                                         their lawsuit.
CMG is a specialized finance firm that provides
funding programs to plaintiffs with pending            • Medical Funding - CMG offers expanded
lawsuits, as well as niche legal financing products      services to provide advances on behalf of
for hospitals and medical providers.                     plaintiffs in need of surgeries.
 • Pre-settlement Funding - CMG began in              CMG’s seasoned team consists of plaintiff
   the pre-settlement legal finance industry and      support services, underwriting attorneys, and
   remains a consistent leader in the industry.       case specific legal experts. offshoot

   Program Features                                      Submitting a Case

Non-Recourse Funding Agreements                       Step 1
Repayment of funds to CMG is contingent               Complete application online at or
upon the case’s outcome. In the event of an           call us directly at 1.800.264.2274.
unsuccessful outcome, no repayment is due.
Payments are not required until the resolution of     Step 2
the case.                                             Submit supporting case documentation for review
Flexible Plaintiff Underwriting and Terms             via fax (201.487.7455) or email to
Case underwriting is evaluated ONLY on the merits
of the case. CMG does not require employment          Step 3
history or run credit checks. CMG has helped          Review case parameters with our underwriting
plaintiffs needing $1,000 to over $1,000,000.         attorneys.
Plaintiff Surgery Made Possible                       Step 4
Plaintiffs needing surgical treatment that are        Upon approval and execution of agreement, the
underinsured or uninsured are eligible for surgical   check is delivered to the plaintiff, attorney or
funding necessary for treatment.                      medical provider.
   Financial Options for Plaintiffs with Pending Lawsuits

   Underwriting                                          Funding Amount and Payment

CMG’s underwriting attorneys are efficient,           The amount of a CMG advance is typically
experienced and recognize that your time is           limited to less than 10% of the estimated future
valuable. Facts such as the injuries sustained,       settlement to maximize the plaintiff’s net recovery.
liability, the case’s timeline and involved insurer   Upon acceptance of CMG’s agreement, clients
specifics are used to evaluate the case and           are granted a cash funding against the expected
determine the probable value and date of              proceeds of the case.
                                                      • CMG obtains a lien on any future settlement or
                                                      • No monthly payments are required.
                                                      • No predetermined payoff date is set as this is
                                                        a non-recourse transaction.
                                                      CMG can provide cash fundings in many forms
                                                      such as installment payments, direct payments
                                                      to mortgage companies, landlords or medical

   Financial Options for Plaintiffs Requiring Medical Treatment

When your client has been severely injured in an accident, they need immediate medical attention.
They cannot wait for a legal settlement before receiving treatment and/or surgery. CMG understands
this need and has designed a program that will pay the healthcare providers directly for the
treatment or surgery, before the case settles. More times than not, the ability to get treatment or
surgery increases the plaintiff’s case value.

   Differences from Plaintiff Fundings                   Attorney Benefits

• The underwriting process and review criteria        • Eliminate insurance company negotiations to
  for medical fundings are identical to pre-            pay for treatment.
  settlement fundings with exception of the
  medical provider’s involvement when providing       • Create the ability to facilitate critical healthcare
  proof of treatment and/or surgical need.              for your client.

• Since medical providers will be paid upfront        • Eliminate medical provider as a case lien holder.
  and assume no risk, we will seek discounted         • Utilize CMG as a single source for all case
  medical fees to assure the plaintiff’s maximum        capital expenditures.
  net recovery.
   Fundable Case Types

- Assault                     - Sexual Assault/Rape     - Wrongful Death

- Auto Accident               - Slip & Fall             - Back Wages Lawsuit Financing

- Dog Bite                    - Wrongful Arrest         - Benefits and Wage Protection

- FELA                        - Wrongful Imprisonment   - Discrimination

- Jones Act                   - Soft Tissue             - Failure to Accommodate

- Longshoreman’s Act          - Birth Injury            - Hostile Work Environment

- Police Misconduct           - Failure to Diagnose     - Sexual Harassment

- Premises Liability          - Medication Error        - Qui Tam

- Product Liability           - Nursing Home            - Wrongful Termination


Cambridge Management Group, LLC

266 Harristown, Suite 300
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
t. 201.487.4646
f. 201.487.7455

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