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					                                                      Holiday Lettings

Holiday Lettings - Holiday Let - How to Avoid

Descriptions of holiday lettings can be very seductive and once you've
booked, you spend months looking forward to your break. It would be such
a pity if your enjoyment was spoil because you hadn't checked out the
details. Holiday lettings can provide the most delightful holidays imaginable
- just make sure you get the holiday you are looking for. So what kind of
thing do you need to check in order to avoid disappointment? Here are a

     Parking. Quite a lot of very pretty cottages in the middle of small
      country villages don't actually have any space for car parking. In
      many cases you have to park in the village car park some distance
      away - though you can usually unload your baggage at the
      door/gate. If this is important to you, do make sure that the
      particulars explicitly state that there is parking available - either off-
      street or right outside. If this isn't actually stated, check it out.

     Walking distance. Often a brochure description will state that the
      beach, pub, shops etc. are "within walking distance." However,
      when you get there, you could find that "walking distance" is a very
      long way. If you have a toddler with you, or someone with walking
      difficulties, this could prove a problem and could actually spoil your
      holiday. If this vague and meaningless term is used, you are quite
      within your rights to check with the advertiser what the actual
      distances are. Sometimes, unfortunately, the description is designed
      to be deliberately misleading.
                                                     Holiday Lettings
      Dogs/children. If you are going on holiday with dog(s) and/or
       children, you should check in advance what facilities are actually
       provided. You have presumably ascertained that dogs are in fact
       allowed - the particulars will usually state YES or NO. And the
       description will usually - though not always - make it clear whether
       there are children's beds, bunk beds, high chairs etc. But you would
       still be well advised to check how dog/child-friendly the property
       actually is. Is there a garden? This can make an enormous
       difference. Does the door open straight out on to a road? Is there a
       washing machine? Are there eating-places nearby that explicitly
       welcome children? Are there games provided for wet weather? And
       what is the layout of the property? If you find that the rooms with the
       child beds are on the second floor, up two steep flights of stairs, while
       the only bathroom is on the ground floor, this can make things
       complicated - though the children may consider it fun!

      Seclusion. A property described as "secluded" may be very tempting,
       especially if you lead a hectic life and want some peace and quiet.
       However you may not realize until you get there that it's literally miles
       from anywhere, including places to eat.

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