PORT SETON CENTRE ADVISORY COMMITTEE

                           Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 30th August 2010

Present Marlene Love (in the chair) Helen Bathgate Aileen Lothian Wendy Edmond Sheila Chambers
Sandra King Mike Whitton Bruce Smith Liz Beckley Bill Wilson Karen Love
   Sports Hall for All        Janice Wilson Karen Love Liz Beckley
   Community Council          Robert Bryson Bill Wilson
   In Attendance              Cllrs. S. Currie, R. Currie, M. Libberton

1. Welcome Marlene welcomed everyone to the meeting
2. Apologies for absence Irene Muir Sandra King Janice Wilson Helen Johnstone
4. Minutes of the previous meeting These were accepted as a correct record Proposed Wendy Edmond
Seconded Helen Bathgate

5. Matters arising from the minutes.
           Para 6. Drugs Awareness meeting Aileen Lothian congratulated the organisers of this
meeting, saying that it had been a very worthwhile venture. She has contacted the speaker and will follow
the topic up with the children she has contact with at her work.
           Para 10 Overflow car park Work has now started. It was noted that the letter to the Gala
committee regarding the traffic problems on Gala Day has not yet been sent
           Para 14.1 Bike racks A suggested site is just east of the main entrance. Ruth Currie
volunteered to follow this proposal up.
           Para 14.3 Cash register. Stuart Currie pointed out that this was an ELC responsibility and
agreed to pursue the matter further

6. Treasurer’s Report
Helen reported the following:
          Funshine Club                          £1352
          Youth Gym                               1767
          Y outh Club                             1859
          Feasibility study                       1022
          Sports Hall                               149
          Café                                       72
          Website                                  1500
          Advisory Committee General              8451

The Drama Group has had delivery of the new lights
The fridge and cooler in the café have been replaced and paid for.

7. Correspondence.
          a. From OSCAR 2 Training sessions have been organised
                Monday 27th September Scottish Charities law and regulator
                                       Being a responsible Charity Trustee
Marlene, Sheila and Wendy expressed interest

                 Monday 25th October    Reporting to OSCAR
                                        A Guide to Scottish Charity Accounts
                                         Receipt and Payment Accounts
Marlene, Sheila and Helen Bathgate expressed interest

8. Centre Reports. The Reports from the Centre Head, the Library and from the Resource Centre are
attached to this minute. The report from the CDO was not available
               Regarding the Centre Head’s report, thanks were expressed to Mike for the excellent variety
of activities during the summer Funshine Club and also for achieving the flexibility which ensured
appropriate staffing during both slack and busy periods.
               Robert Bryson asked who was responsible for sweeping up the bark from the path adjacent
to the playpark. Mike said he would make enquiries. Marlene emphasised that anyone seeing broken
glass or other dangerous objects should report immediately to the Centre staff.
              Regarding the Resource Centre report, a Fashion Show is scheduled for Friday 10th
September from 7.30 to 9.30pm Tickets £10.
9. Sports Hall Steering Group No further progress to report. Marlene said that she had been in Oban
recently and had spoken to one or 2 local people about the Atlantis Centre, which is leased to the
community. They seemed very happy with the arrangement.

10. Charitable Status – lease The lease is not yet signed. Marlene had had a meeting with Paul
McLennan to discuss some concerns. She felt that a number of issues should be resolved first, in
particular, the installation of a safety barrier on the balcony. Cllrs. S. and A. Currie assured the group of
their continuing support. ELC would continue to be responsible for staffing and for the routine
maintenance of the Centre.

           Cllrs. S. and R. Currie left at this point

11. ‘Sus it out’ Action Plan – Website training Marlene tabled a paper from Stephen D’Agostino
outlining a training schedule to enable setting up of a ‘Sustainable Website’ Sessions will start in October

12. Balcony A modification of the plans and costings are awaited.

13 HMIe Celebration Event. An event to mark the excellent HMIe report is being planned. No further
details available at present
14 Arts and Crafts. Karen Love reported on a successful year which included:
                   The Homecoming Project
                    Involvement in the 3 Harbours Festival when the Cadell Canoe was on display
                    Well- attended activities on the Centre Open day
         Funding has been acquired for a glass mosaic with a nautical theme to celebrate the 10th year of
the Millennium Garden. The first session is scheduled for Friday 1st October 2.30 to 3.30pm in the Port
Seton Centre.
         It was noted that maintenance of the Outdoor Classroom was proving problematical. Burst pipes
had now been fixed, but there was an urgent need for the area to be weeded.

15. Fund raising Marlene emphasised the need for continuing fund raising. The following events are
                   22nd October Fashion Show M. and Co. will provide models, commentary and clothes
from Jacques Vert, Windsmoor and Planet. Each of these have donated £100 for a raffle. It was agreed
that a Fund raising Subcommittee should be established. Malrene, Aileen, Wendy, Helen and Sheila
volunteered for this. The date of their first meeting was set as

16 Date of next Meeting The next meeting will be the AGM which will be followed by an ordinary
meeting. Date: Monday 4th October at 7pm

Please note: The date has been changed because of a clash with the Charitable Status training session.

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