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					Minute                                                                                    NHS Tayside

Tayside NHS Board


Minute of the above meeting held at 0930 hours on 26th May 2004 in the Seminar Room, Kings Cross,

Mary Colvin, SHPS, Kings Cross
Sandra Murray, Project Manager, Child Health
Frances Shaw, Breastfeeding Counsellor
Carol Sutherland, Midwife, PRI

Carrie Brown, Carol Picken, Morag Martindale, Zelda Mathewson, Margaret Duncan, Christine Crocker,
Rae Glen, Yvonne Dewar, Fiona Carle, Janice Ramsay, Audrey McIntyre-Miller, Janet Dalzell

In Attendance

Mrs Lisa Pope, Personal Assistant, Specialist Health Promotion Service, Kings Cross, TNHSB

Dr S Forsyth in the Chair



             Agreed by all.

2.           BREASTFEEDING STATISTICS 2003 – Sandra Murray

a)           SIRS Schedule

             A request from Sandra Murray to bring forward this Agenda item was agreed by the

             Sandra gave a brief description of the SIRS Schedule proposal that had been amended
             to include breastfeeding data (copy distributed at meeting). She explained that these
             forms were sent to GP’s on a fortnightly basis for children who were due
             vaccinations. She explained the layout of the form and pointed out that where data
             was already available to indicate the child was not breastfed, (ie because of age for
             school check-up or known not to be breastfed) there was no need to tick the
             appropriate column. She pointed out that this was not compulsory and it had been
             noted that large numbers were not being fully completed to include this information.

             Discussion then followed regarding the recording of this information and its
             importance. Stewart Forsyth pointed out that Breastfeeding was one of the key
             objectives for NHS Tayside and this data needed to be collected. Stewart agreed to      SF
             find out what was happening at national level.

             The following was agreed:
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Minute                                                                                        NHS Tayside
             Carol Foote would be approached by Mary Colvin to announce this development at
             the next Health Visitors meeting to make Health Visitors aware of this new column
             on the SIRS schedule.
             Stewart Forsyth agreed to write to Liz Wilson, to request that an official notification
             from the Director of Nursing be sent to all relevant staff to update them of this.
             It was also agreed that information should be disseminated by TJBI members at local

b)           Breastfeeding Statistics

             Sandra Murray also distributed the breastfeeding statistics for Tayside NHS Board at
             the meeting and discussion followed.

             Sandra Murray left the meeting at 9.45 am.


a)           Training – Progress Report

             Carol Sutherland briefly outlined progress so far on behalf of Carol Picken who was
             not present at the meeting. A date had been planned to re-group and decide how to
             go forward with the next batch of training.

b)           Evaluation and Audit Sub-Group
             Janet and Zelda to meet regarding this. To be carried forward to next meeting.


             Discussed under item 2.

5.           OBJECTIVES

a)           Peer Support

             Janet Dalzell to report back at next meeting on Bosom Buddies project. Carol
             Sutherland indicated that the BIG trial had asked Tayside to reconsider joining the
             trial but this would not be an option in Perth. Janet to update at next meeting.

b)           Child and Family Centre Workshops

             Feedback received had been very good. Still a few Centres in Dundee to go through
             the training that had to be postponed due to industrial action by Nursery Nurses. This
             would take place in June.

c)           Education in Schools

             Janet had met with Mary Ward (Angus Council) and Fiona Liddell (Dundee City
             Council) to discuss breastfeeding in the curriculum. Resources that were currently
             available for the schools to use had not been utilised and after looking at them were
             considered not to be appropriate for use in classroom. The meeting had been very
             positive with Angus and Dundee Councils keen to include breastfeeding education in
             the Curriculum. Janet was to liaise with Peter McAvoy (Perth & Kinross Council) to        JD
             find out what was in P&K education pack at the moment. Janet to update at next
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Minute                                                                                        NHS Tayside

6.           BFAW 9-15 MAY 2004

             Mary Colvin gave an outline of the School Workshops held during BFAW in
             Braeview Academy and Baldragon Academy. She reported the workshops went very
             well, although disappointed the media coverage seemed to link it with the teenage
             pregnancies in Tayside. There was further discussion regarding the media coverage
             in local newspapers of Breastfeeding Awareness Week which was thought not to be
             the most positive, although the interview with Wave 102 was good.

             There was disappointment in the limited resources available from Department of
             Health. Health Scotland Posters (set of 3) had been posted to all surgeries in Tayside
             to be distributed via Practice Managers. There had been two complaints regarding
             this method received from Health Visitors on in Angus and one in Dundee because
             the Practice Manager had either not passed on the relevant materials or had disposed
             of it completely.

             It was felt that in future distribution would not be via the Practice Manager as a result
             of this.

             The raffle to raise funds for Breastfeeding in Tayside had raised nearly £780, the
             majority of which had been raised in Dundee.


             It was felt that this meeting had went well. The video, “Is she getting enough” had
             been voted second most popular item after the new breastfeeding advertisement.
             There had been much positive feedback and Stewart Forsyth’s presentation had been
             well received.

             At the meeting Linda De Caesteker discussed possible changes in the Scottish
             Breastfeeding Group following the retiral of the current Chair, Ann Jarvie. It was
             hoped that someone senior in the Scottish Executive would continue as Chair.

8.           HOSPITAL POST

             Carol Sutherland informed the group she had been offered a G-grade position in
             Ninewells to Breastfeeding Practice and this would be a clinical role and would
             commence 5th July.

             Stewart updated the group on the “Baby Friendly” Expert Adviser post. Funding had
             been identified and a meeting to take place on 14th June to take this issue forward.
             Stewart and Janet would update the group at the next meeting.

             A meeting was to be held in June to amalgamate the Community and Hospital
             breastfeeding policies – further update at next meeting.

10.          INFORMATION FAIR – 20TH & 21ST AUGUST

             Mary Colvin updated the group on this event. There was to be a workshop for Young
             People and anyone interested in speaking about breastfeeding should contact Janet.

11.          AOCB
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Minute                                                                                     NHS Tayside
a)           Report from Dr Morag Martindale

             This reported had been circulated by email prior to the meeting. No comment was
             felt needed by the group after discussing the contents of the report.

b)           Unmet Needs Project Bid

             Stewart updated the group on the national funding available via the Unmet Needs in
             which a bid had been put forward for Breastfeeding Assistance. Phyllis Easton was
             co-ordinating this bid and an outline had been produced and had been looked at
             favourably so far and was now to go on for national scrutiny.

c)           UNICEF Baby Friendly Conference (Glasgow 9-10 November)

             Carol Sutherland raised this item and requested that as many as possible should be
             encouraged to attend this conference to be held for the first time in Scotland. The
             Conference was always well attended in the past and members were encouraged to
             pass on this information to colleagues.
             It was agreed an email would go out informing TJBI members of this Conference
             with details of website address and other contact information.

d)           Starting Well Demonstration Project

             Mary Colvin raised this issue. This would take place on 24th June and Tayside and
             Fife were to be linked together. Linda De Caesteker would be Chairing and Stewart
             Forsyth and Janet Dalzell attending. Stewart felt it was important to show the
             innovative practices that were being carried out here without much funding available.
             Places were limited to 24 for Dundee.

e)           Perth Maternity Plans

             Carol Sutherland updated the meeting on UNICEF Baby Friendly Award. They had
             agreed to extend this until February 2005, but an internal audit would have to be

f)           Membership of TJBI

             Mary Colvin indicated she would have to resign from the Group as she would be
             taking up a new position within Specialist Health Promotion Service. Resignations
             had also been received by Alistair Adam and Gill Smith.

             It was agreed that the membership of TJBI would be discussed an Agenda item at the      SF
             next meeting.


             The next meeting would take place on 11th August at 9.30 am in the Seminar Room at
             Kings Cross.


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