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									        5 Must Visit Places to include in Dubai
             Sightseeing Tour Packages
A trip to the pearl of the Middle East is right up there on every world travellers
list of places to visit. What was once a sleepy fishing village has morphed itself
into a shopping and tourism destination that is without peer. Few other places
around the globe manage to balance the past with the present, business with
leisure, as does Dubai. From its large hearted people to its tallest buildings,
everything in this place is built as a constant reinforcement of the good things in
life. Given the steady influx of tourists all year round, it is not surprising to
know that Dubai sightseeing tour packages are one of the most sought after
among visitors. These packages are tailored to offer a slice of Dubai in one
convenient tour. With every tour operator worth their tourism dollar offering a
sightseeing package, it can sometimes get rather confusing when deciding
which one to choose. This is why, we decided to offer you our tips on the 5
must visit places to include in your itinerary.

Beach Heads:
With most of the coastline being out-of-bounds to the general public, it has
become rather difficult to go for a swim without paying through one’s nose.
Pretty much why, if life were a beach, then this is where we’d like to be. The
Jumeirah beach park is one of the last bastions for people who wish to go for a
good old swim to beat the heat. It’s advisable to go early and avoid the place
over the weekends, for the crowds can get a little too overwhelming, but
otherwise, it’s just fine. Oh, men need to take the Monday off as it’s the official
day for women to spend some time bonding over girl talk and what not.

If it is a blast from the past that one craves then there isn’t a better place to
begin than by paying a visit to the Museum. It is the memory keeper for all
things traditional and the building itself is part of the Al Fahid Fort complex.
From ancient weaponry to samples of the rich oceanic tradition, everything is
preserved here in its totality. Do remember to visit the souvenir shop on the
premises to take back a slice of Emirati history on the way out. It is one of the
most memorable history lessons one can receive in these modern times.
Chasing Heights:
To say that the iconic Burj Khalifa is a monumental effort would be a huge
understatement. The tallest tower in the world is not just a Hollywood fixation,
it is symbolic of the blazing pace that Dubai has charted in its race to the top.
From the world’s fastest elevators to the highest observatory decks, everything
about the Burj Khalifa is a record breaker. Yes, we knew you’d agree.

Cooling Off:
Yes, the heat can and does tend to get a little stifling sometimes. The best way
to cool off in style would be the Wild Wadi Waterpark. Considered to be among
the largest water parks in the region, it is the one place where the whole family
can let their hair down without worry. With almost two dozen thrilling
attractions and rides, there’s some thing for everyone from six to sixty.

Bus Stop:
If there ever were a convenient way to evaluate tour packages from Dubai,
it’d be by checking to see if there’s a Big Bus tour included for you. Day or
night, the bus tour is a convenient way to sample the sights and sounds of Dubai
from a very unique vantage point. It offers one of the easiest options for tourists
who are on a short visit to Dubai.

So, the next time you’re thinking of dropping by at this mesmerizing oasis in
the desert, make sure to get your UAE tour packages operator to include them
into your plans.

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