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3d and 4d Ultrasounds : See into the Future Becoming a parent is one of the most profound experiences in life.

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									                 3d and 4d Ultrasounds: See into the Future
Becoming a parent is one of the most profound experiences in life. It is scary, beautiful, and challenging.
It can also provide anxiety for first time parents and not knowing what to expect can be the worst part.
Having the ability to see your child in utero is one of the most incredible technologies. For many years
sonograms were very hard to see clearly, often times they were dark and shady. Technology has
advanced so much that you can actually have the opportunity to see you bundle of joy in action. 3D
ultrasound and 4D ultrasound help to make this experience and connection real by being able to see
your unborn child. In early trimesters they utilize the 2D Sonogram. This sonogram is utilized to listen to
the heart beat and see the early formations of the fetus. This determines the overall health of the
placenta and making sure that everything is functioning and attaching properly.

Many times (if the baby will let you see) you can usually determine the sex. It's a very exciting
moment. Usually at about 30 weeks you will be offered a 3D and
4D sonogram. For all the parents who have done this it is one of
the most astounding experiences. The 3D sonogram shows the
life like qualities of your baby and you can see their little bodies,
noses, eyes and fingers. The longer you wait the more clearly
defined you will see their features and can many times make out
if he or she is starting to look like Mom or Dad! The 4D sonogram shows movement in real time you can
catch them moving, stretching, yawning, or sucking there thumb.

Sonograms have been used for decades and they are perfectly safe. Sonograms are extremely helpful for
preventive measures in determining health in Mother and Child. The sonograms are not usually covered
by insurance unless there is an urgent medical necessity. However, it is worth the money to check in
with your little person! It's a wonderful bonding experience for the parents and families. These pictures
live on in baby books and will one day be what your show your child. Consider this your first keepsake.
This is recommended for all first time parents for you are waiting to meet your favorite little person.
These sonograms can provide a calming effect for parents and a safe way to handle prevention and early
detection for Mom and new baby. Modern day technology for expecting parents has revolutionized
with these advanced sonograms. Many parents do not repeat these for the 2nd baby for it is more
popular in first time parents. Any new Mom will tell you the benefits of these sonograms. There is plenty
of information regarding these procedures online. Ask your OBGYN for further details for you and your
new family. Ultrasound Houston is here to help for any questions or related issues you might have.

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