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									                 HAPPY HOLIDAYS T ALL OUR READERS!

                                                                                 Volume 12        Number 2              December 2004

                                   “ Life can be beautiful at any age”
Retirement not an option for BallenIsles couple
                                                    By Marilyn Farber Jacobs
    “Because everybody has such a negative view of what it is to           Barbara looks back a decade or so and says “Bob felt threat-
be a senior,” Barbara and Bob Waskover of BallenIsles want the         ened because my life was more exciting than his. We bickered a
world to see how young they are.                                       lot and he wouldn’t dance with me when we went out. I guess he
    “Baby boomers should know the truth,” says Barbara who             was asserting himself.”
does 50 fingertip pushups a day and bench presses 110 lbs. “I              Coping with role reversal became an issue. “It got to the point
really feel like I’m 40 years old, not 75; I still do the things I did where I said, “If you don’t go out and get a job I’m getting a law-
when I was 40. We never abused                                                                       yer.” Bob started with telemarket-
food, never took drugs, and did                                                                      ing. “I’m in the insurance field now,”
exercise constantly, including Pilates                                                               he says with a big smile, “helping
with Joseph Pilates many years ago.”                                                                 elderly people to get insurance so
    Fresh from the pages of the                                                                      they are not without coverage at a
March 22nd New York Times, which                                                                     reasonable cost.” He also counsels
ran an article on couples who have                                                                   post office workers on annuities
made positive adjustments to retire-                                                                 “so that after they retire they have
ment, the Waskover’s, an attractive                                                                  income and their families are able to
and vibrant couple, have created a                                                                   maintain their lifestyles if the policy
new life for themselves in Florida.                                                                  holder dies. I educate them.”
Claiming he is “too young to retire,”                                                                     A member of Toastmasters In-
Bob says that he’s “not doing                                                                        ternational, Barbara’s first speech in
anything different now than he did                                                                   front of a group included her impres-
before.”                                                                                             sive biography. She has interviewed
    Sixty Minutes also did a segment                                                                 over 1,000 people from many ways
on Bob and Barbara coping with re-                                                                   of life, various professionals, celeb-
tirement and changing the stereotype                                                                 rities, sports figures and political and
of old, gray-haired citizens to busy,                   Barbara and Robert Waskover                  social historians.
healthy, active and thriving youthful                                                                     At BallenIsles, Barbara founded
seniors. “We want to be able to relate to young people,” claims the the popular and well attended bipartisan Great Discussions group
blonde and pretty Barbara, “and to be able to speak so that young      of the Foreign Policy Club in 1997 and serves as its moderator.
people will listen.”                                                   She has made more than 50 presentations with speakers such as
    Meeting at a Jewish organization dance, they have been to-         Janet Reno and nationals from China, Russia, Israel, Japan, Korea
gether for the last 49 years.                                          and Columbia describing the political, social, economic and reli-
    Retirement after the sale of his direct mail business in 1990      gious conditions of the past and present.
at age 62 meant playing golf and tennis; for Barbara it was a              An interviewer and faculty member for the Lifetime Learning
chance to find a career. With the nest empty, Barbara got busy and of Palm Beach Community College since 2000, Barbara has inter-
became a public speaker.                                               viewed may locally prominent people and taught a course called
    She interviewed over 100 Holocaust survivors, recording and        “Living Better in A Creative Way.”
videotaping 80 interviews of Steven Speilberg’s “Shoah” project.           Her eyes glowed as she talked about some of the children she
She continues to interview them at group meetings throughout           represents in her work with the Palm Beach County Court’s Ad
Palm Beach County. Another recent interviewee was Betty Sein-          Litem program Bob participates, shares and assists her in this
feld, Jerry’s mother.                                                                                                Continued on page 8
                                                  ARTS CALENDAR
Dec. 10-31, Masterworks of Chinese Painting: In Pursuit of
Mists and Clouds– exhibition of paintings and traditional Chinese
formats–hanging scrolls, fan paintings and album leaves, at the
Norton Museum, 1451 S. Olive Ave. W. Palm Beach. Admission:
$10 for adult; $3 for ages 13-21. For information, call 832-5196.
Dec. 10-31, Continental Drift–installations by four leading
contemporary artists, Joan Jonas, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Jean
Munoz and Yinks Shonbare, at the Norton Museum. See above for
details. For information, call 832-5196.
Dec. 10-31, Zhang Huan: Seeds of Hamburg–performance piece
documented in 12 photographs by one of China’s contemporary
artists, at the Norton Museum. See above for details. For informa-
tion, call 832-5196.
Dec. 10-31, From the Big Apple to the Big Island–exhibition
features works by New York painter Helmut Keller, sculptor Susan
Phipps Cochran, needlwork artist Marcia Doctor and painters Me-
linda Trucks and Rosita Marlborough, at the Lighthouse Gallery
for the Arts, 373 Tequesta Dr.. Admission: $5. For information,
call 746-3101.
Dec. 10-31, University of Miami ceramics exhibition– The Art
Gallery, at the Eissey campus of Palm Beach Community College,
3160 PGA Blvd. Admission free. For information, call 207-5015.
Dec. 10-Jan. 3, Exhibition of art work by members of the
North County Art Association, at the PBCC, at the Eissey The-
ater, Campus Dr, between PGA and RCA Blvds. For information,
call 207-5905..
Dec. 10-19, Paper Boats from the permanent collection, at the
Norton Museum. See above for details. For information, call 832-
5196.                                                   SEEDS OF HAMBURG is the title of an exhibit which will be
                                                                       on display at the Norton Museum until Feb. 20th. It will be
                                                                       presented in connection with the giant Art Basel show in
                           Dance                                       Miami Beach in December. It was created by noted Chinese
                                                                       artist, Zhang Huan.
Dec. 23-28, “The Nutcracker,” performed by the Flori-
da Ballet, at the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 659-2000.
Jan. 4-9, Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance,” at the Kravis         Dec. 10-13, “Hansel & Gretel,” sponsored by the Palm Beach
Center For tickets, call 832-SHOW.                      Opera, at the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 877-444-3040.
                                                                       Dec. 11., Women of Note Chorus on Stage, Music from Mel
                           Music                                       Torme to the Music Man in harmony, at the Eissey Theater, See
Dec. 10-12, “Here’s to the Ladies” with Christine Andreas who          above for details. For tickets, call 622-0244.
pays tribute to leading ladies Mary Martin, Julie Andrews, etc,        Dec. 12, The Irish Rovers, at the Eissey Theater. See above for
at the Rinker Playhouse of the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 832-   details. For tickets, call 207-5900.
SHOW.                                                   Dec. 12, The Heatwave Quarter concert at the Hibel Museum of
                                                                       Art, in the auditorium of FAU’s Jupiter campus, 5353 Parkside Dr.
                                                                       Admission free. For tickets, call 622-5560.
                          Published by                                 Dec. 13, The Latin Fiesta featuring trumpeter Arturo San-
            Forum Publishing Group, Inc.                               doval, sponsored by the Florida Sunshine Pops Orchestra, at the
                   1701 Green Rd., Suite B                             Eissey Theater. See above for details. For tickets, call 297-3737.
                  Deerfield Beach, FL 33064                  
                 E-mail: Patsyb612@aol.com2                            Dec. 14, Concert by Village People, KC and the Sunshine Band
                                                                       and The Trammps, at the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 832-
                    Editor Patricia A. Weiner                          SHOW..
                     Staff Betty Godfrey                               Dec. 15, Performance by John Davidson (11a.m. and 2 p.m.), at
                           Marilyn Jacobs                              the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 832-SHOW).
                           Dutch Lipschutz                             Dec. 15, Concert by pianist Andre Watts, at the Kravis Center.
                           Isabel Lucas                                For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
                                                                       Dec. 16 Vanessa Williams in concert, at the Kravis Center. For
                   Design Mitch Miller
                                                                                                                  Continued on page 6
                                               WINING & DINING
                                  The openings continue
                                                        By Patricia A. Weiner
                                                                         envisioning the throngs of people waiting on the sidewalk or
                                                                         pushing their way into the restaurant come the beginning of sea-
                                                                         son. We may not be able to predict much with any skill (certainly
                                                                         not elections) but this buffet looks like its going to be a boffo hit.
                                                                             Where to begin?
                                                                             Okay, we’ll start with the sushi and sashimi, the first sta-
                                                                         tion you encounter as you enter the restaurant. Lots of variety
                                                                         constantly being rotated—and fresh, fresh, fresh. Better than
                                                                         anyplace else in the greater Palm Beach area. Why not? The chef
    D. J. HAYASHI, 1201 U. S. 1 (Crystal Tree Plaza), North is from Palm Beach’s Echo, which lest you forget, is the restau-
Palm Beach, 622-2215, 622-2683. No reservations.                         rant that served the best sushi around until now. The salmon here
Moderate. Food , Service  1/2.                                     is pristine as is the tuna, snapper and yellow tail. You can find
    Given the fact that our area is expanding at the speed of an         vegetable rolls, inside out avocado and eel, spicy tuna, rainbow
Olympic sprinter, it was only a matter of time before we lucked          rolls—you name it—they’ve got it. The tuna tataki, served in a
out with a real Asian eatery. And now not only have                                     martini glass, is a gleaming surprise. Small pieces
we been so blessed but we are the welcome recipi-                                       of fish are made zesty by drizzling a citrus and soy
ent of a first rate one that serves superior Japanese,                                  marinade over them. Terrific.
Chinese, Thai and, yes, even Vietnamese specialties.                                           Try the authentic Beijing duck, rolled lov-
Wow!!                                                                                   ingly in a crepe-like envelope and topped off with a
    Here you are dazzled when you walk into this                                        molasses thick hoisin sauce.
completely redecorated Asian space by the array of                                          From here on, you’re on your own because there
food attractively displayed on hot and cold serving                                     is so much to choose from, that it is impossible to
tables that start behind the bar and wind through                                       sample everything. We can only say that Manager
three rows of this spacious restaurant. Think of                                        Daniel Diel told us that appetizers and entrees
it— six kind of soups, a salad bar, a huge sushi and                                    change frequently depending on what’s in season so
sashimi station with chefs endlessly replacing the                                      what we describe here may differ from what you,
offerings, a separate buffet for appetizers includ-                                     dear reader, find when you go there.
                                                              Patricia A. Weiner
ing egg rolls, Vietnamese noodles, tempura shrimp                                           We can give emphatic praise to the Singapore
and vegetables and that retro treat, egg foo yong, to                                   noodles, a Vietnamese dish that combines angel hair
mention just a few. There is a Beijing duck corner and another           thin noodles with a spicy brown sauce, and Thai chicken curry, a
station containing 12 to 15 varieties of Chinese and Thai hot            wonderful, moderately fiery combination of small chicken piec-
dishes, a seafood display piled high with fresh mussels, shrimp,         es, mushrooms, zucchini, onions and coconut milk. We also liked
crab legs and Dungeness crabs (lobster and oysters on weekends). several of the Chinese dishes-- chunks of beef and mushrooms,
In case you still haven’t found what you want, you will discover         the sesame chicken and the pork with Vidalia onions in a tangy
a hibachi grill where a chef will grill shrimp, steak, chicken, etc.     brown sauce. Spare ribs were tender but not as lacquered as you
for you. For the dieters, there is an extensive salad bar. To finish     normally get, but we must give a special plus to the garlic string
this sumptuous offering, a dessert bar offering small pastries and       beans which we were crunchy, tangy and thankfully, not over-
ice cream is tucked away to one side of the eatery.                      cooked. Also satisfying was the shrimp and vegetable tempura, a
    All of this is offered for the very pocket friendly price of         delight for those of us who relish this form of Japanese cooking.
$18.95 during the week and $21.95 on weekends. We are already                                                          Continued on page 8

                               ��������������������                 ������������                                      ����������
                                 ��������������������������        ������������������                                 �����������������

                                                  WINING & DINING
Holiday dining, activities bring many choices
                                                               By Isabel (Ibby) Lucas
     The holiday season is upon us—definitely. Traffic is heavier, the        food—some better than others—but all are relatively new and a fine
restaurants are busier and harder to get into with many new ones are          addition to the area.
opening. Not just replacements but in new buildings and areas. The                Young people love malls. The Gardens offers good food and
holidays also bring house guests, children and grandchildren eager to         pleasant indoor and outdoor dining at P. F. Chang’s, a large Chinese
get away from the bleakness elsewhere.                                        emporium with a wealth of starters and entrees, and Brio, an excellent
     Children of all ages love the Nutcracker. Why not make a day of          Tuscan steakhouse. Both part of upscale chains but with superior food .
it with lunch or dinner along with the theater. There are also plenty             For kids, and certainly teens with giant appetites, try D. J. Hi-
of child friendly places including the Palm Beach Zoo, Lion Country           ayashi in Crystal Tree Plaza, North Palm Beach with its plentiful and
Safari, both in West Palm Beach, or even City Place where you can             excellent Asian buffet (Chinese, Japanese, sushi, hibachi. Thai and
both eat and the kids can watch the fountains.                                Vietnamese foods) for $18.95 (during the week, weekends are slightly
     The little ones can be feted at so many places. For the really casual,   more) you will satisfy those folks with bottomless stomachs (see
there’s Dune Dog on Alternate AIA in Jupiter with pleasant help. No           review elsewhere).
reservations but worth the wait. Duffy’s (four locations in our area),            If you are looking for something a little spiffier for your guests
Park Ave. Grille (North Palm Beach and Tequesta), R.J. Gator’s with           there are many choices—and all take reservations: Cafe Chardonnay
its arcade on Northlake, and lunch or even breakfast on the beach in          with its innovative American style menu on PGA Blvd.; Spoto’s Oys-
Jupiter at Lazy Loggerhead are some that come to mind as easy din-            ter Bar, also on PGA that features great seafood; Ruth’s Chris, still a
ing with kids. Woodson’s at the Bluff’s in Jupiter serves great ribs and      fine steakhouse in North Palm Beach; The Bistro on Route 1 in Jupi-
barbecued chicken and it offers a casual atmosphere. Unfortunately            ter with its eclectic continental favorites, Cafe Bacco and Bacio, both
none of these eateries take reservations so get there either very early or    are superior Italian cafes on Route 1 in North Palm Beach and Juno
after 7:30 p.m.                                                               Beach respectively; Trattoria Delfino on Indiantown Rd., a small
     Slightly fancier but not too posh are Bonefish Grill at Oakbrook         eatery with top-of-the-line Italian cooking, is also a happy choice.
Square, Palm Beach Gardens, (reservations taken), the new Jupi-                   There are so many choices in decor, price, food, indoor or outdoor
ter Tavern (see review elsewhere) on Route 1 (reservations taken);            seating—the list is endless. With or without a reservation—relax.
Portobello on Route 1 in Jupiter (reservations for 6 or more) and             Remember dining isn’t a race. It’s time to sit and talk with friends and
San Gennaro (reservations for six or more). All of them offer good            enjoy. Make this your holiday too,

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                                                              Arts Calendar Continued from page 2
                                                              tickets, call 832-SHOW.
                                                              Dec. 18, Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches–”Celebrating
                                                              Christmas and Hanukkah,” featuring a performance by the
     New, Minimally Invasive                                  Stratovarius String Quartet, at the Eissey Theater. See above for
                                                              details. For tickets, call 832-3115.
      Treatment for Varicose                                  Dec. 18, Community Carol featuring Soundtrax A Capella
                                                              Singers, the Palm Beach Coastmen, Fortissimo, S.D. Spady
                                                              Elementary Chorus, at the Gosman Amphitheater off the Kravis
     Veins at the Vein Institute                              Center. For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
                                                              Dec. 19, “Klezmer Does the Blues,” presented by the Klezmer
     at Jupiter Medical Center                                Company and featuring the Ebony Chorale, at the Eissey
                                                              Theater. See above for details. For tickets, call 877-877-7677.
         More than one million people undergo surgical
    vein stripping operations annually to treat painful       Dec. 29, Bebe Neuwirth with Orchestra, at the Kravis Center.
                                                              For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
    and unsightly varicose veins. Now patients can be         Dec. 30, Arlo Guthrie and the Klezmatics–Holy Ground: The
    treated at Jupiter Medical Center without surgery,        Spiritual Music of Woody Guthrie, at the Kravis Center. For tick-
    using the latest minimally invasive, non-surgical         ets, call 832-SHOW.
                                                              Dec. 31. “New Year’s Eve Gala by the New Gardens Band, at
    laser technique.                                          the Eissey Theater. See above for details. For tickets, call 688-
         The Vein Institute at Jupiter Medical Center         1330.
    uses a sophisticated laser system to eliminate            Jan. 1, Salute to Vienna, at the Kravis Center. For tickets, call
    varicose veins in an outpatient setting in just 45        Jan. 2, A Date with the Devil featuring bass Samuel Ramey
    minutes. Patients are treated using local anesthesia      and the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra with conductor Philippe
    and ultrasound guidance and are able to walk              Entrmont, at the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
    immediately after the procedure, returning to their       Jan. 4, Concert by pianist Evgenia Rubinov, at the Rinker
    normal daily activities.                                  Playhouse of the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
         “This procedure offers major advantages    
    compared to traditional treatment, including less         Jan. 6, Ain’t I a Woman performed by the Core Ensemble.
                                                              Chamber music theater work for cello, piano and percussion, at
    pain, fewer complications, no hospital stay, no           the Rinker Playhouse of the Kravis Theater. For tickets, call 832-
    scarring and faster recovery,” said Lee A. Fox,           SHOW.
    M.D., M.A., Board Certified Radiologist with
    a Board Certificate of Added Qualifications in                                     Theater
    Vascular and Interventional Radiology.                    Dec. 7-19, “Anna in the Tropics”–winner of the 2003 Pulitzer
         Varicose veins are enlarged, bulging veins that      Prize about a Cuban-American cigar factory, at the Maltz Jupi-
                                                              ter Theater, 1001 E. Indiantown Rd.. For tickets, call 575-2223.
    lie just beneath the skin. They are seen commonly
    in the legs. In more advanced cases, varicose veins       Dec. 7-12, “A Christmas Carol,” presented by the Palm Beach
    can bleed, become infected, form blood clots or           Shakespeare Festival, at the Gosman Amphitheater of the Kravis
                                                              Center. For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
    produce skin ulceration.                                  Dec. 10-19, “A Christmas Carol,” at the Atlantic Theater, 6743
         Spider veins are tiny, threadlike veins that are     W. Indiantown Rd., Jupiter. For tickets, call 575-3271.
    found closer to the skin surface. They are often a        Dec. 21-31, “Forbidden Broadway,” at the Rinker Playhouse of
    blue or reddish color and form a lattice or spider        the Kravis Center. For tickets, call 832-SHOW.
                                                              Dec. 10-31, “Ice Glen”–a world premiere play by Jane Ackerman
    web pattern.                                              about a group of eccentric characters living in a Berkshire artists’
         Spider veins are treated by sclerotherapy, a         retreat, at the Florida Stage, 262 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan. For
    procedure where saline or a sclerosant liquid is          tickets, call 585-3433.
                                                              Dec. 31-Jan. 23, “The Big Bang–the History of the World,” at
    injected directly into the spider vein. Additionally,     the Maltz Jupiter Theater. See above for details. For tickets, call
    a special high intensity light can be used to find        575-2223.
    problematic veins that are slightly deeper than the
         For more information about varicose and
                                                                                Special Events
                                                                Dec. 9. ,The Smothers Brothers, at the Eissey Campus Theater,
    spider vein therapy, call the Vein Institute at Jupiter   3160 PGA Blvd. For tickets, call 278-7677.
                                                               Dec. 11, 18, West Palm Beach Green Market, at the corner of
    Medical Center at 741-VEIN (8346).                        Banyan and Narcissus Aves., W. Palm Beach. Admission free (7
                                                                                                           Continued on page 8
     Hong Kong: shopping crossroads of Asia
                                           By Pat Giuliano and Patricia McGowen
    For many of us the Orient and Asia have always held a certain     noteworthy are the Ladies’ Market featuring inexpensive wom-
fascination and Hong Kong is no exception. In a recent marketing      en’s fashions and accessories and the Jade Market which sells
campaign Hong Kong has been called the “Manhattan of the Far          every variety of jade in all price ranges.
East.” It is a unique meeting place of east and west and has the          Retail department and specialty stores are numerous, and
charm, magic and chatter that has attracted travelers for over 100    many are located inside modern shopping malls. If you plan to
years. And, of course, Hong Kong is the perfect jumping off point     purchase expensive items you will want to buy them here. Make
to exotic China.                                                      sure you know your merchandise and the prices before you leave
    In terms of weather, March, April and May are very good           home. Be careful not to purchase counterfeit merchandise such as
months to visit. Temperatures are moderate, and there is a good       handbags, wallets, scarves, etc. with fake designer logos. Have no
chance of clear skies and sun without the scorching summer heat       doubt—U.S. Customs agents will confiscate these items if found.
and thunderstorms that arrive with June.                              Purchase these and other costly items (jewelry, cameras, elec-
    Shopping in Hong Kong has long been a magnet attracting           tronics, etc. from retail stores that display the Quality Tourism
visitors worldwide and it is the perfect place to pick up a bargain   Services (QYS) SEAL. This is a program organized by the Hong
or indulge in an unexpected extravagance. All goods, other than       Kong Tourist Board to insure that visitors find shops and restau-
tobacco and alcohol, are tax free. This makes Hong Kong one of        rants that pass stringent annual assessments. If you see the QTS
the world’s most attractive shopping destinations.                    seal on display you can be sure that the merchandise is genuine.
    Hong Kong’s street markets are always full of excitement and          We recommend that you invest in Suzy Gershman’s paperback
color, where you can hone your bargaining skills or just wander       book “Born To Shop Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing,” second
among the fascinating range of wares.                                 edition, published in July, 2003. This can be purchased at any
    Stanley Market is perhaps the most well known. It is lo-          popular book store and gives you updated shopping tips on what
cated on Hong Kong Island and is one of the best places to find       to buy and where to buy it. She explains how to deal with local
something special for families and friends. The bustling market’s     merchants to get the best prices.
narrow lanes are jam packed with vendors, and there are bargains          By doing your home work, and taking a few precautions your
galore in Chinese artwork, silk, collectibles and curios.             shopping spree will be rewarding, and will totally enhance your
    Kowloon’s markets are also plentiful and varied. Two that are     overall Hong Kong experience.

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    April 13th        Beijing to Yokahama

      This Package includes three nights
    in the Shangri-la Hotel with tours to
    The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square,
    the Summer Palace and the fabled
    Forbidden City. Also included
    are nine full meals, and your
    transfers to or from the ship.
      As an added BONUS, if you book
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    receive Prepaid Gratuities for your
    on-board staff, truly making this a
    all inclusive vacation opportunity.
                                                        Located in PGA Commons East, 4540 PGA Boulevard, Suite 200
    Complimentary Beijing                                              Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
    Inclusive Land Package.                                                       561-799-5332

Retirement Continued from page 1                                      ‘wait a minute. Where did you get this information from?’ As a
                                                                      result the judge changed her mind and reversed her ruling.”
work.                                                                     Busy, active people thrive said both Waskovers. “We are living
   “I speak to the judges on behalf of the children,” says Barbara.   proof that you can “stay happy, stay healthy and not allow negative
“Once a judge made a decision I felt was unfair to a child I argued   things that happen to affect you”

Wining and Dining Continued from page 3                               have been answered.
                                                                          THE TAVERN, 1352 S. US 1, Jupiter (about a mile
    The seafood bar was splendid—beautiful, just-out-of-the           south of Indiantown Rd.), 744-5144. Reservations taken.
water oysters, tiny Prince Edward mussels, Dungeness crab and         Moderate. Food  1/2, Service  1/2
mounds of crisp shrimp. There was more but it was just too much           Advertised as the cousin to the ultra chic, ultra expensive
to handle after all the stomach can hold only so much.                steakhouse, New York Prime in Boca, the moderately priced
    If we could find fault with anything, it was the Chinese pork     Tavern under the same ownership has a way to go to catch up to
that was rigid and dry, obviously left too long under the hot         its relative. Even if you factor in the difference in their prices,
lights.                                                               they’re not exactly kissin’ cousins. This is more like an “upscale
    Desserts, like in most Asian restaurants, are never the star      Duffy’s” a BallenIsles wit who accompanied us there exclaimed.
attraction and that goes for Hayashi, also. Ice cream was too icy         The Tavern offers a greater variety than New York Prime—
and the pastries were just ho-hum.                                    here you can order from a large selection of steaks, chicken and
     There is a full bar and the restaurant is open for lunch and     ribs as well as seafood and pasta. The Tavern’s menu is also
brunch as well as dinner.                                             heavier on appetizers including a separate category on the menu
     Somebody above must have heard us all these years we             labeled “tavern chips” ($8.95-$9.50), described on the menu as
wished for a terrific Asian restaurant here. Finally, our prayers                                                 Continued on page 9

Arts Calendar Continued from page 6                                   Dec. 14, Hanukkah Celebration, celebration featuring tradi-
                                                                      tional refreshments, children’s crafts and live music by the FAU
a.m.-1 p.m.) For information, call 659-8003.       Klezmer Band, at Palm Beach Gardens City Hall. See above for
happenings.htm                                                        details. (5-7 p.m.) Admission free. For information, call 630-1100.
Dec. 12, 19, 26. “Taste of the Gardens” Green Market, at Palm
beach Gardens City Hall, 10500 N. Military Trail, Admission free      Jan, 9, Legends of Laughter with Robert Klein, at the Eissey
(8 a.m.-1 p.m.). For information, call 630-1100.        Theater. See above for details. For tickets, call 278-7677.

Wining and Dining Continued from page 8                                sauce was suitably zesty, the meat were tender, but like most
                                                                       everything else, you can find better at several other local eateries.
a cross between pizza and nachos. In actuality, it turns out to be         An 10 oz. filet ($21.95) was ordinary. Although the menu
a mound of corn chips with a variety of gooey ethnic toppings.         touted it as aged for 28 days, I could detect none of the deep
Tastes good but is a total mess to eat.                                flavor that the aging process brings.
       The setting is dark and clubby, unlike its predecessor, 1352,       On to other categories: An oven roasted salmon, allegedly
which was sleek, light and modern. Wood is everywhere and you          encrusted with rosemary, thyme and seasonings and then flash
feel more like you’re in a dark English pub than a 1,000 ft. from      broiled ($16.75), was brought to the table severely overcooked
the ocean and surrounded by palm trees.                                and missing the taste of any herbs no less crusting. Also, under
    Although the eatery opened in early September during               seasoned was a crabcake sandwich with a Cajun remoulade
Florida’s flirtation with nasty hurricanes, the crowds seemed to       ($12.75) that had plenty of fresh crabmeat on it but lacked the
have already found it. Right from the start it was almost impos-       bite of what should be a savory sauce. The aoili that was sup-
sible to get a table and cars spilled over from the parking lot to     posed to accompany it was missing. Our Tequesta taster ordered
the adjoining one and then onto U. S. 1. Quite frankly, I am a bit     seafood Puttanesca over fettucine ($14.95) which turned out
mystified by this lemming-like mass migration. In two visits with      to contain plenty of sea creatures but its red sauce in which it
six different people, we all found the food to be not particularly     pooled smacked decidedly of the stuff that comes out of a jar.
noteworthy. Some items were better than others, and the price              Service, on both occasions we visited, was speedy and profes-
point was fair, but sparks hardly flew when we tasted our food.        sional. Drinks were brought promptly and so was the food. Since
That coupled with a disco level din did not lend itself to much in     this is not a place to linger over dinner (too noisy) that was a
the way of relaxed dining.                                             blessing.
    You can definitely go right on the fried calamari ($7.50) that         We’re scheduling a third visit here because surely all those
were surprisingly tender. As I said earlier, the tavern chips are a    throngs inching their way into the Tavern must know something
hearty beginning and come with, among others things, coatings          that we don’t.
of spinach, Thai, Chinese or BBQ chicken. But bring a wash and                                           •••
dry.                                                                       Addendum: A new, high end steak and chop eatery owned
    The 18 oz. sirloin including a bone ($19.95), labeled choice       by Spoto’s called The Oakwood Grill is open on PGA Blvd. A
on the menu, had a nice crust, was properly seared, and came out       spokeswoman said that there will be fish and seafood served as
rare as we ordered it. Although it is not top quality beef, it nev-    well as prime meats.…Another eatery that should be doing busi-
ertheless compared favorably with what you get at the Outback          ness by the time this column is published, also on PGA Blvd. in
or any other medium priced steakhouse. Nobody promised that it         the new section of the Commons, is Dante’s Ristorante. As you
would be the quality of Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris or even, for that       may have guessed, it’s Italian. You probably have noticed the sign
matter, New York Prime. The ribs ($18.95), an enormous portion         for the newly opened Atlantic Bread Company and Bakery on
of two racks, could feed a Little League team. The barbecue                                                       Continued on page 10

                                                                            Luxury	Overnight	Boarding	
                                                                                  And	Day	Care
                                                                              •	Staffed	24	hours	a	day,	365	days	a	year
                                                                              •	First	class	behavior	modification	and	training
                                                                              •	Watch	your	dog	play	on	4	live	Web	cams

                                                                              4052	Burns	Road,	Palm	Beach	Gardens,	FL	33410
                                                                                        (561)	694-7970
                                                                                                 Fax:	694-9193
                                                          Wining and Dining Continued from page 9
                                                          Northlake in the Home Dept Shopping Center. For the curious it
                                                          is almost a duplicate of Panero’s—a serve yourself cafe that of-
                                                          fers breakfast, lunch and dinner. They specialize in fancy breads,
                                                          interesting sandwiches and salads and for breakfast, omelets.
                                                          The quality is also similar to Panero’s. The soup and salad I had
                                                          was very good.…A longtime fixture of the area, rib restaurant
                                                          De Cesare’s, in North Palm Beach has closed its doors.…New
                                                          to the area on the site of the late Frank’s Sandbar on Indiantown
                                                          Rd. in Jupiter is the Grouper Grill, an Island inspired fish eatery.
                                                          Owned by Dosty and Drank Chevalier, formerly of a Chicago
                                                          suburb, it features lots of seafood and for carnivores a choice of
                                                          meat and poultry as well.

     Specialty Foods
        Dover Sole
     Chicken Sea Bass
       Rack of Lamb          Appetizers
                            Stuffed Shrimp
                        Lollypop Lamb Chops

      Early Evening Specials 5–6PM
          (Frequent Diner Program)
          Triple Lobster Tails $21.95

      Private Function Room Available

               The Driftwood Plaza
         2133 South US 1, Jupiter, FL 33477
       tel.: 561-744-5054 • fax: 561-744-5171
               toll free: 1-866-5BISTRO

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                                             Michael Fronstin, MD
                                2141 S. Alternate A1A, Suite 110, Jupiter, Florida

      Truly authentic Seafood Asian Fusion
buffet restaurant, with a full wine and liquor bar.
                                                 nt Zen
                              D.J. Ha At D.J. Hay
                                     yashi tr        ash
                     et            uly Palm B i
       Asian Buff riety                   Asian      ea
                                                 Fusion ch County ’s
                ith Va
  Dazzles W                 an
               that this is            Hometo
   “Turns out the first order.”               wn Ne
 Asian buffet
          Paul Reid st
       Palm Beach

            Weekends Are Special!
  • Oysters                         • New Zealand Mussels
  • Dungeness Crabs                 • Sushi
  • Fresh Shrimp                    • Maine Lobster
  • Crab Legs                         Cantonese
                                       (whenever available)

  Mon.–Fri. 11:30–3:00                        PGA BLVD.
 Sat. & Sun. 12:00–3:30                    D.J.
         Dinner                        HAYASHI     
                                                               US ONE

 Mon.–Thur. 5:00–9:30                  1201 US 1
  Fri.–Sat. 5:00–10:00
                                     CRYSTAL TREE PLAZA
     Sun. 5:00–9:30

                         or t on!

   Exc e Roa
                dea C
           sive dshow        Storewide Sale
                     er f ollecti

     iq u
                         Upgrade Your Possibilities
             The Most Unique 12,000 sq. ft. Showroom of Fine Art, Custom Framing, Interior Decorating,
                      Custom Draperies, Fine Furniture, Unique Accessories & Consignments.

                                                         Interiors That Reflect Your Lifestyle       Custom Seating For Living Areas &
                                                                                                       Home Theaters By Taylor King

               Fine Art & Custom Framing

                                                       Extraordinary Design, Incredible Value

                                                                                                            Janet Swahn Interiors
                                                                                                        A Full-Service Decorating Firm
               The Finest Name In Home                                                                       ASID Industry Partner
               Furnishings & Accessories                               ��������� � ������         Call Today For Your In-home Consultation
                                                                                 ����� ����

               12189 US Hwy. One                 • IMMEDIATE DELIVERY         • No Down Payment    Open Monday–Friday 10am–6pm
                (Next to Sound Advice)
                                                 • 90-Day Financing           • No Interest          Saturday 10am–5pm
                                                   Available                  • No Payment             CLOSED SUNDAY
                North Palm Beach
           Located 1⁄2 Mile North of PGA Blvd.                                                          561-630-5050
                                                       DESIGN POSITIONS AVAILABLE                     Visit
                    On US Hwy. One                     See Store Manager For Information.

                                                                                                                             PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                            US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                          WEST PALM BCK FL
                                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 3085

             P.O Box 32873
      Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420


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