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Localization Testing - Tips and Tricks


Software testing

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									                          Localization Testing – Tips and Tricks

Quick compile of my knowledge would be:
    There are certain set of characters that are bug-hitter. I'll provide more info on it.
    Be aware of active codepage of the OS.
    Notice a language (including Japanese) can be encoded in veriety of way. Shift-
       JIS, JIS, EUC, Unicode, UTF-8 are available for J now. I'll let you know a tool to
       detect it.
    When you use Japanse IME, be careful about the state of text input. We have
       normal, undetermined-unconverted, undetermined-converted, and candidate-list-
       open states. Also be sure to cover all kind of messages sent in each state;
       mouse hover, mouse click, alphabetical keys, and special keys like arrow keys
       and tab. Focus move needs a trick in the code to determine everything and close
       the candidate list.
    Wherever you have a text input control, IME, Speech, and HW input are
       available unless Cicero is not supported in there. Make sure to cover any tip
    If you see "'s", "colon", "comma", etc, in Spec, it would be highly possible it's
       hard to localize.
    If you see pixel size in Spec, issue is if the text inside the region can fit in any
       localization. Also font specification is a week point.
    User scenario... Big difference b/w US customers and J customers is that
       Japanese are more aware of stability than Americans. A good example; When
       we provide Tech Beta to PIPC maker, they run acceptance test to see if our
       products are OK to be installed on their machine. One of the good test cases is
       to reboot the machine repeatedly thousands of times and check no (defenetely 0)
       error happens. Toshiba wanted to take out "Office" from Startup because they
       believed one in 3000 times blue screen comes up with OfficeXP. (It turned out
       afterwards that it's not because of OfficeXP, though).
    Major business model is different. In J, PIPC (Pre-installed-PC) earns 50% of
       Office revenue. It's the same as the whole sales of French. More closely to UIS
       features, we may want to put PIPC maker's ads somewhere in MyOffice to keep
       good relationships. Top 2 makers, NEC and Fujitsu, are, from different viewpoint,
       top 2 ISP in J.

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