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Symptoms Of Lupus


Lupus Infor mation: Knowledge is Power Lupus is an autoimmune disease that e nables the body to become hyper active and eat away at your tissue.

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									  Lupus Information: Knowledge is Power
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that enables the body to become hyperactive and eat away at
your tissue. Lupus attacks healthy tissue and causes inflammation to your body. It causes damage
to the        joints. Lupus also attacks the heart, blood, kidneys and lungs. Lupus makes it
                impossible for the body to determine what healthy tissue is. The immune system
                 leads antibodies to targets the healthy tissue which basically attacks the body.
                      This causes damage to multiple body parts and causes swelling and damage
                       to muscles and tissue. Some of the Lupus symptoms include severe joint
                       pain, swelling of the limbs, extreme fatigue, rashes, loss of red blood cells,
                       sensitivity to sun, alopecia, seizures, easy bruising, and depression.

                      Unfortunately, Lupus can cause a bevy of other health related issue if not
                      kept under control. Lupus is a disease that you must constantly take care of
yourself of you will have intense flair-ups. It is important to keep your bones and muscles strong
by taking calcium. It is vital to follow your doctors recommendations. You cannot over extended
yourself physically or put yourself in stressful settings. Taking care of your body and keeping
your circulation going is important. Many people who suffer from lupus have intense joint pain
and it tends to be worst in the knees, feet, ankles, and elbows. It is very important that you do
not use nicotine if you have lupus for this disease causes your overall health to deteriorate and
you must keep your body in top condition. Symptoms become heightened with any nicotine,
alcohol, or drug abuse. Your lupus can be flared up by any stressful situations. Symptoms of
lupus in women can be similar than lupus symptoms in men, with a few distinct differences.

Stress makes your muscles tense and this can create an outburst. It's important to control what
you can before it spirals. Lupus can be debilitating so taking prevention from early stages will be
quite helpful. You don't need to allow Lupus to control your life, you can manage it by reaching
out for help. You must rest when you are in pain and enjoy your life when you are feeling good.
See your doctor regularly to stay on top of it and take your medication daily not only when you
are in pain or feel a flare up. Without the right lifestyle and care lupus symptoms are progressive
so it's vital to keep on top of it. There are many ways to treat the symptoms but with Lupus its
very important to practice prevention and lifestyle management for the symptoms can be hard to
control once they flare up. Lupus is a very serious condition and requires support from your
loved ones. Practicing patience and tolerance will be a huge factor in combating this disease.

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