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Tesco Organizing Activity
       Park Jung-Ho
      KPSU organizer
 Target: HomePlus Tesco

  a. HomePlus Tesco, one of MNCs from UK
  b. Great growth in the retail market of Korea
     over the last 10 years showing number
     t w o    h i g h e s t       v o l u m e

  a. In 2008 Tesco took over Eland-Homever,
     after that, Eland Homever Union changed
     the name into HomePlus Tesco Union
    Target Store 1 : Youngdengpo Store, Samsung Tesco

    a.I worked for one year
    b. on-the-job organizers are working and holding monthly
    c. the size, sales volume and number of employees high in
          Seoul/Greater Seoul
    d. Easy to access from my union office

    Target Store 2 : Mokdong Store, HomePlus Tesco
    a.   There are workplace activists and union-branch
         representative who I am familiar with.
    b.   Bro. Park Seung-Kwon, HomePlus Tesco union president
        worked before
    a.   Easy to access from my union office
 Goals

  I.   Explore the potential union activist who
       will agree to set up union at Samsung
       HomePlus Tesco and set up union.

  II. Extend and grow HomePlus Tesco union
____ __________ _______ ___ __ ___
   Signature campaign to support Opening Hour Campaign in the
   Finding the number of workers, employment status in the target stores
   Survey on the target stores
   Interview with on-the-job organizers

   Production of union leaflets (for direct, indirect employment and opening
    hour campaign
   PR activities in front of the stores(in the morning, in the workplaces)

   Training of HomePlus Tesco union activists
   Training of HomePlus Tesco union members
   Membership Recruitment by HomePlus Tesco union activists voluntarily
   Training of Service & Distribution Unit members of KPSU

   Regular meetings and education program for on-the-job organizers
   Finding key-network persons by on-the-job-organizers
   Picnic activity of Service & Distribution Unit members

   Coalition on the opening hour campaign for the hypermarket
    progressive political parties, NGOs and women organization participated
   Union brochures with postal application through Service & Distribution
    Unit of KPSU is now under distribution
 ___ _____ __ ________ _____ ________

1.   PR activities on time through finding the key issues
     in the target stores
2.   Network with On-the-job organizers and continue to
     extend PR activities for workers

3.   Implement regular union education programs in
     preparation of the union-pluralism
4.   Diversify the networks and transfer the practical
     organizing model of HomePlus Tesco union
 Explore the union representatives who will
  lead to set up a union and provide them with
 Network activities among activists, KPSU
  leaders and alliance outside union
  organizations (KCTU, regional organizations
  and political parties)

 Develop the strategic plans and implement
  and monitor the activities

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