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					                                                                                     K L University
                                                                           GREEN FIELDS, VADDESWARAM, GUNTUR DIST. – 522 502.

                                                    II / IV B. Tech. II Semester End Regular & Supplementary Examinations – April 2012

                                                                                           TIME TABLE                                    TIME: 1.30 P.M TO 4.30 P.M.

            DATE                 BT                 CE                         CSE                    ECE                       EEE                     ECM                     ME
                                                                           Probability &                                     Engineering          Analog Electronic
                             Bioanalytical                                                      Analog Electronic                                                       Strength of Materials
                                               Surveying – I                 Statistics                                    Mathematics –IV            Circuits
           18/4/2012          Techniques                                                            Circuits                                                                 ME C207
                                                 CE C206                   MATH C203                                         Math C206               EM C209
                               BT C207                                                              EC C206
                                                                                                                           10EE221 - Y10
                             Genetics &        Hydraulics &          Microprocessors &                                      Linear Control                                Mechanisms &
                                                                                                 Linear Control                                  Microprocessors &
                             Molecular          Hydraulic               Interfacing                                            Systems                                    Machine theory
           20/4/2012                                                                                Systems                                         Interfacing
                              Biology           Machines                 CS C210                                              EE C210                                       ME C208
                                                                                                   EC C208                                           EM C207
                              BT C208           CE C207                                                                    10EE226 – Y10
                                                                                                                            Digital Logic
                                             Building Planning                                Probability Theory &             Design
                        Enzyme science                                Operating Systems                                                          Operating Systems         Manufacturing
                                              & Constructions                                   Random process              EE C206 -Y9
           23/4/2012     & Technology                                     CS C208                                                                   EM C208                Processes – II
                                               Management                                          EC C207                    Electrical
                           BT C209                                                                                                                                           ME C212
                                                 CE C208                                                                    Measurements
                                                                                                                           10EE222 – Y10
                                                                       Web Technology
                                                Structural                                        Pulse Circuits       Power Systems – II              OOPS
                             Immunology                                 CS C206 – Y9                                                                                    Operations Research
           25/4/2012                            Analysis - I                                        EC C209                EE C207                    EM C206
                               BT C210                              Internet Programming                                                                                    ME C210
                                                 CE C209                                                                10EE223 – Y10
                                                                       CS C206 – Y10

                                                                            Data Base               Analog                   Electrical               Discrete
                         Bioinformatics       Environmental                                                                                                             Numerical Methods
                                                                           Management           Communications              Machines- II            Mathematical
           27/4/2012       BT C211             Engineering                                                                                                                for Engineers
                                                                             Systems               EE C210                    EE C208                Structures
                                                CE C210                                                                                                                     ME C211
                                                                            CS C207                                        10EE224 – Y10             EM C210

                                                                      Design Analysis              Electronic           Electro Magnetic
                          Biochemical                                                                                                                 Software               Applied
                                              Soil Mechanics           of Algorithms            Measurements &            Field Theory
                        Thermodynamics                                                                                                               Engineering         Thermodynamics
           30/4/2012                             CE C211               CS C209 – Y9             Instrumentation          EE C209 – Y9
                           BT C212                                                                                                                    EM C211               ME C209
                                                                     Computer Networks             EC C211             Fields & Networks
                                                                      CS C209 – Y10                                     10EE225 – Y10

Note :- Lab Examinations will continue: from 1/5/2012

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                                                                                                                                                                       CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS

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