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									ETHICS IN THE PROFESSION programmers

Current information technology is developing very rapidly, almost all of the activities
carried out currently utilize the technology. For example, communication activities,
business, education and so on. So it is not an exaggeration to say that information
technology is a social tool, because of the fact that information technology is used
extensively in various communities such as institutions, organizations, companies, and
others. Besides it takes a good moral, as well as a great responsibility and in accordance
with applicable law, ethics also has a very important role. Therefore we can conclude that
ethics is a set of beliefs, standards, or the thoughts that fill an individual, group or
community. Meanwhile, according to the dictionary of the Indonesian language, ethics is
the science of what is good and bad, about the rights and moral obligations. Set of
principles / values with respect to morals and values of right and wrong that people
embraced. Being a Programmer or Programming Services system must be supported by
sufficient experience. Not only must understand the details of how developing your a
system, but also be able to animate the system.

Programmer is an individual who served in terms of implementation details, packaging,
and modification of algorithms and data structures, written in a particular programming
Description of Work:

  Write a program (coding) using a specific programming (VB, VB.NET, Java)
  Understand the concept of a data base.
  Able to operate database applications.
  A test of the application program.
  Conducted an analysis of the application program.
  Do the research, design, documentation and modifications to the application software.
  Perform analysis and repair the damage (error) on the right software and how accurate
  Provide status reports required application.

Programmer Code of Conduct
Computer programming requires a code of ethics, and most of the codes of ethics
inidisadur based code of ethics that is now used by the programmer internasional.Kode
associations conduct a programmer are as follows:

  A programmer can not make or distribute Malware.
  A programmer should not write code that is hard to follow it on purpose.
  A programmer should not write documentation on purpose to confuse or inaccurate.
  A programmer should not use the code again unless telahmembeli copyright or have
  Should not be looking for additional benefits of a project funded by the two tanpaizin.
  Especially not steal software development tools.
  Should not receive additional funding from external parties in a project unless
secarabersamaan get permission.
  Should not write code that deliberately dropping another programmer code to take
advantage in raising the status.
  Must not disclose key data in the company's employees.
  Should not be informed of financial problems in workers in the development of a
  Never take advantage of others' work.
  Should not embarrass the profession.
  Should not be carelessly deny the existence of bugs in the application.
  Should not introduce bugs in the software that will benefit the akanmendapatkan
programmer to fix bugs.
  Continue to follow the development of computer science. In general, programmers
harusmematuhi ³ Golden Rule ": Treat others as you would like diperlakukan.Jika all
programmers obey this rule, there would be no problem in the community

Skills Should Include A Programmer

   Reading the source code of a program, from simple to relatively complex, is a skill that
must be owned by a programmer.
   Implementation of an algorithm that modifies the data structure in the form of a
program can be adapted to the program of our own with the context and data structures
are completely different
   Implementation of an algorithm that modifies the data structure in the form of a
program can be adapted to the program of our own with the context and data structures
are completely different

 Obligations Programmer

  Understand the basic operating system concepts. Most of Indonesia programmers
typically create applications on top of operating systems, so many argue that it is not
necessary to understand the workings of the operating system.
  Understanding the basic concepts of networking. An application can not walk alone.
The application must be related to the Internet, serving many users.

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