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					Sample Behavioural Competencies
Competency             Description
Achieving Results       Identifies priorities and develops clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies and
                          objectives, ensuring they are implemented effectively.
                        Delivers expected results in a timely manner.
                        Evaluates achievements to enhance future planning and resource utilisation.
                        Promotes a results based culture and supports colleagues in achieving quality outcomes.
                        Copes with new and rapidly evolving situations.
Attention to Detail     Keeps the big picture in focus while simultaneously addressing the details.
                        Applies thoroughness to all aspects of work performed, continually seeking improvement upon
                          solutions and gets to the “next level”.
                        Focuses on each individual component of an assigned task or project to ensure that no part is left
                        Proactively anticipates user /stakeholder reaction and prepares accordingly.
                        Demonstrates understanding of a situation and is able to focus energies on different ways to
                          provide a solution.
Client Service Focus    Commits to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders.
                        Acts with stakeholders in mind.
                        Values importance of providing high quality customer service.
                        Interacts regularly with stakeholders to gain feedback and to ascertain ways to improve service.
                        Provides prompt, efficient and personal assistance in meeting customer requirements.
Communication           Represents ideas and thoughts in a clear, focused manner using effective verbal and non-verbal
                          communication techniques in both formal and informal settings.
                        Expresses ideas clearly, convincingly and concisely.
                        Reads the audience and adjusts method and message accordingly.
                        Listens and asks perceptive questions that ensure understanding of core issues and messages.
                        Ensures written documents of any nature are appropriate and of satisfactory quality.
Creativity & Innovation          Challenges the conventional view and is able to perceive issues from an alternative point of view.
                                 Generates fresh ideas and demonstrates good judgement in implementing suggestions and
                                 Builds on experience and knowledge gained in other situations when assessing ideas to address
                                  user needs.
                                 Makes meaningful connections among seemingly unrelated issues, situations and concepts.
                                 Designs and implements cutting-edge improvements to processes or systems.
Decision Making & Judgement      Reaches appropriate conclusions and takes sensible action on the basis of thorough analysis and
                                  past experience.
                                 Makes logical and timely decisions based on factual information and reasonable assumptions.
                                 Seeks input from a wide range of internal and external sources, escalates problems or potential
                                 Considers the implications of own decisions on wider community.
                                 Demonstrates the courage to take difficult decisions.
Industry Awareness (Digital      Keeps up to date with trends and changes in the digital repository market that are relevant to area
Repositories)                     of personal expertise.
                                 Networks actively across appropriate Subject Matter Expert forums and user groups.
                                 Can prepare and present own area of speciality to others.
Flexibility                      Adjusts positively to situations that involve rapidly changing tasks, shifting priorities and
                                  simultaneous demands.
                                 Modifies approach to respond to varying situations and needs in order to maintain work progress.
                                 Maintains composure when faced with changing and challenging situations.
                                 Does what is necessary, even if it doesn’t fit with own needs or ideas.
                                 Appreciates and values diversity.
Influencing                      Demonstrates the ability to present ideas persuasively to provide insight, gain buy-in and /or steer
                                  others to specific outcomes.
                                 Forms a compelling argument using facts and data appropriately, not forgetting final objectives.
                                 Builds consensus and commitment by actively listening and responding to others’ views and ideas.
                                 Encourages others to discover and embrace alternative perspectives.
                                 Identifies stakeholders and gains their support and respect, adapting approach as necessary.
Initiative                   Takes a proactive, self-reliant approach, identifying and seizing opportunities and taking decisive
                             Takes appropriate action before being asked or being forced by circumstances.
                             Focuses on actions rather than just process.
                             Anticipates needs and identifies opportunities to deliver or add value beyond expectations.
                             Anticipates consequences and adjusts actions; proposes strategies to resolve complex issues.
Organisation & Planning      Develops short, medium and long-range plans that are comprehensive, realistic and effective in
                              meeting task, service or project goals.
                             Ensures planning activities are aligned to the needs of the group/department.
                             Defines and allocates appropriate resources and/or tools to achieve desired outcome.
                             Monitors own or team’s activity against performance objectives to ensure remain on target, re-
                              aligning where necessary.
                             Has a comprehensive knowledge of task priorities and is able to determine those it is possible to
                              delay with least impact.
Problem Solving              Uses fact based analysis to identify root-cause problems and articulate the value of proposed
                             Makes effective use of facts and supporting analysis as well as the identification and management of
                              information resources
                             Designs and executes the analysis required to prove key assertions or hypotheses
                             Generates alternative options, rated against criteria
                             Delivers the optimal solution
Relationship Management      Solicits user /stakeholder reactions and perspectives to promote involvement and buy-in to
                              proposed solution.
                             Establishes credibility by constructively challenging user/stakeholder’s thinking, using direct yet
                              personable persuasion.
                             Invests time in building rapport and strong working relationships before they are needed.
                             Establishes and maintains long-term working relationships built on trust and shared goals.
                             Recognises the need and value of informal interaction.
Resilience                         Demonstrates the ability to recover strength, fortitude and motivation quickly in the face of adverse
                                   Pursues tasks with energy and “drive” despite resistance or multiple setbacks.
                                   Channels emotions into positive actions.
                                   Refrains from dwelling on non-value added circumstances or situations.
                                   Maintains composure during crisis situations.
Strategic Awareness                Has an excellent understanding of the long term and medium term objectives of the organisation.
                                   Formulates the organisations vision and shows commitment to it.
                                   Promotes the vision in an inspiring way, both internally and externally.
                                   Identifies strategic issues, opportunity and risks, effectively integrating them into organisational
                                   Translates vision into workable activities.
Teamwork                           Commits to team decisions, determining when to be a leader or a follower depending on what is
                                    needed to achieve the team’s goals and objectives.
                                   Works effectively in collaboration with others, encouraging others to express ideas and opinions
                                   Offers help to other team members, contributing to the team effort.
                                   Balances own needs and those of the team with a willingness to learn from others.
                                   Brings others together to resolve differences, handles conflicts maturely by exercising “give and
                                    take” to achieve positive outcome.

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