Personal Statement for Paul Gavaza by t69qWoW


									                      Personal Statement for Paul Gavaza

Graduate students at UT face many challenges including limited affordable
housing, tuition fees, low salaries among others. Many of these challenges can
be addressed if we as graduate students put our heads together and if we have
effective GSA leadership. I have a strong passion and desire to make a
difference in the quality of life graduate students. Specifically, I would like to see
more family housing, higher pay for teaching and research assistants, better
working conditions for TAs and RAs and increased funding for activities for
graduate students. I am confident of succeeding as a GSA vice president given
exceptional experience working with graduate students in various capacities.
Since joining UT Austin in 2005, I have served in various student leadership
positions, including serving as Vice-President of Pharmacy Graduate Students
Association (PGSA)2006-2008, College of Pharmacy Alternative Representative
to the Graduate Student Assembly (2007- 2008), GSA Membership and Student
Affairs Director (2008-2009). I have also served as a Member of the Tenant
Advisory Board (2008-present) in addition to being a Teaching Assistant (UT-
Austin) in the College of Pharmacy.

As a Membership and Student Affairs Director in the GSA, I worked closely with
most graduate coordinators, GSA representatives, and some university
administrators in recruiting GSA representatives from many departments across
campus. I gained invaluable experience in the way the university works, and this
experience has prepared me to take on bigger responsibilities as a GSA vice

I am PhD candidate in Pharmacy [Pharmacy Administration and
Pharmacoeconomics]. I hold a Master of Science (MS) in Pharmacy (UT), MSc in
Planning and Management, and BSc. in Economics. In 2008, I was awarded a
University Fellowship, and also got several awards for outstanding academic
progress during my four years at UT. Besides being smart, I am a keen listener,
a planner and above all I enjoy working with fellow students. I am innovative, and
have excellent critical thinking skills. I believe these are the skills needed in a
prospective GSA Vice President.

I am looking forward to applying my skills, experience, maturity and energy
towards uplifting the welfare of all graduate students. To do this, I need your
vote. Go Longhorns!

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