; “Good to Great”
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“Good to Great”


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									The Few Keys in Review

Becoming the Best Person I can Be
The Few Keys Paradigm
There are a few universal keys to success in everything
  we do. Each specific thing we do has its own set of
  keys (reading, study, writing, etc.). To be successful
  we must master both sets of keys.
Seek the obvious
Don’t miss the obvious
  The unlocked jail cell

Don’t forget the obvious
  Practice – Repetition

Don’t avoid the obvious
  The story of Jed – its too hard!
Key 1 – Discernment
Judge the seed by the harvest.

What is it in my life that I would like to change?

We are where we are in life because of the way we
 think! Our thoughts are the seeds of our lives.

The four influences on our thinking.
Key 2 – Optimism
Be realistic, see what can be.
“Confidence is knowing that we will succeed if we do
    the right things and knowing that we are capable of
    doing the right things”
3 Types of Confidence
A. Faith – confidence in God
B. Self-confidence – I can do it because I’ve done it in
    the past
C. Optimism – confidence in our potential to discover
    and grow
Growth is not just a key, it is the door!
Key 3 – Responsibility
Think results, not reasons.

“I can’t usually means I don’t want to try”

Obstacles vs Roadblocks

“If the source of the problems is within us, that is good
    news! That means we can immediately go to work
    solving them”.
Key 4 – Initiative
Favor action over endless contemplation.

The real dangers in life lie within our comfort zone.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear but the conquering of
  fear. Nelson Mandela
Key 5 – Perseverance
Be persistent, not stubborn.

Write your goals in concrete, but your plans in sand.
Key 6 – Purpose
Be unique, not average.

“Anytime we do something big it is difficult. At some
  point it stops making sense. At that point we have to
  go with our heart, not our head.”
Key 7 - Sacrifice
Seek Wealth, not riches

Wealth is having what we need to accomplish our

Success has its rewards. How do I achieve them?

“I do so by fulfilling my unique purpose in life. I do that
   by becoming the best person that I can become.
   There are things I can’t do. That’s OK. I can be
   successful anyway. I simply figure out what I can do
   and I do it. I don’t need to become someone else to
   be successful. I just need to be constantly becoming
   a better version of MYSELF.
The Relationships We Build
 Key Idea-Who attracts the most interesting people
  into their lives? It’s the people who do the most
  interesting things.
The Growth We Experience
Key Idea-Few of us feel the need to change. Hopefully
  we will find something we want that will make us
  grow to get it.
The Fulfillment We Find
Key Idea-Death is not a Tragedy. It is a certainty. The
  real tragedy is never to live.
Becoming My Best

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