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					    Saturday Science & Math Academy
                                                                                                               Fall 2010

Fall 2010 Proposed                                               Program Expectations
Activities                                                       Changing to meet today’s demands!
So much to do and so little time!                                By now we are all aware that we are facing a serious
This year our focus will be on math. Current statistics          budget crunch. Money is tight, but we are committed
warn that our students are not mastering math skills at          to fulfilling our program goal: To actively encourage
the desired level. Through multiple intervention                 and enable under-represented students in grades K-12,
strategies we will help strengthen computation skills            teaching them to be proficient in mathematics and
and reinforce problem-solving, applying mathematics,             science, and preparing them to enroll in and complete
and making real world connections.                               college with a science, math, engineering, or teaching
                                                                 degree and career.
We will also be preparing to compete in the many local,
regional and national competitions this program is               Making this happen in our current financial condition
known for. Whether working individually or on a team,            means strictly enforcing the program’s expectations. In
students learn the importance of math, science, and              the past we have been flexible with our guidelines and
technology in solving the problems of today and                  accepting of exceptions, but this year we cannot afford
tomorrow. Look out world… here we come!                          to sponsor students who do not meet all requirements.

                                                                     Please be aware that students who
Scheduled Programs and                                               do not meet these expectations will
Competitions                                                         NOT be considered to participate in
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Pre-                       competition or for any traveling.
College Initiative

The Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Program is designed to
stimulate an interest in science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics fields, or STEM.
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                                                                      1. Student Registration
                                                                 Student registration must be completed by September
      Fall 2010 Proposed Activities Information                  10 . Please use the form on page 4 to identify 2
                                                                 activities of interest. Students wanting to compete and
1     Program Expectations                                       travel must successfully complete at least 2 activities.
3     Calendar of Events                                         Those students interested in tutoring need to reserve
                                                                 their place in the afternoon session. For information or
3     ACT Prep Classes                                           help completing registration contact Cornelia Platero

4                                                       277-5062.
      Proposed Activities by Grade Level

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                                           Saturday Science & Math Academy      1
                     Proposed Activities continued from page 1

The goal is to encourage students in grades K–12 to              then in large, three-dimensional models — their visions
attend college and pursue technical degrees. The PCI             of the city of tomorrow. For more information:
program provides activities to help students discover  
first and how engineering and technology relate to the
world around them and discover the excitement of
academic excellence, leadership, technical                       To secure America's global competitiveness,
development and teamwork. We plan to enter the                   MATHCOUNTS inspires excellence, confidence and
NSBE Science Fair (K-12), the Kid Zone math                      curiosity in U.S. middle school students through fun
competition (3-5), both the High School and Middle               and challenging math programs. With the generous
School Team Engineering Design Competition (6-12),               support of all MATHCOUNTS sponsors and
and the Try-Math-A-Lon (9-12). For more information:             volunteers, and leadership of the National Society of                                                     Professional Engineers at the local and state levels,
                                                                 MATHCOUNTS is providing today’s students with the
La Luz Academy – Kirtland Air Force Base
                                                                 foundation for success in science, technology,
La Luz Academy is an Air Force Research Laboratory               engineering and mathematics careers. For more
education outreach program at Kirtland Air Force                 information:
Base, in collaboration with New Mexico Tech. The
                                                                 Project GUTS
academy targets fifth through twelfth grade students
from throughout New Mexico. The academy's goal is                Project GUTS -- Growing Up Thinking Scientifically --
to inspire future scientists and engineers by providing          is a summer and after-school science, technology,
hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math              engineering and math (STEM) program for middle
activities, mapped to New Mexico content standards               school students serving New Mexico. Growing up
and benchmarks. These activities are organized by                thinking scientifically means learning to look at the
grade level into flights. For more information:                  world and ask questions, develop answers to the                                         questions through scientific inquiry, and design
                                                                 solutions to their problems. For more information:
FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a global program
                                                                 Fractal Challenge
created to get children excited about science and
technology. A hands-on program for ages 9 to 14, FLL             The Fractal Foundation’s mission is to use the beauty
uses challenges based on real world scientific                   of fractals to inspire interest in Science, Math and Art.
problems to engage children in research, problem                 Their vision is for a world of wonder and curiosity, a
solving, and engineering. The cornerstone of the                 culture of scientific inquiry, an appreciation of the
program is its core values, which emphasize friendly             interconnections of natural systems and an
sportsmanship, learning, and community involvement.              understanding of their essential nonlinearity. For more
For more information:                    information:

National Engineers Week Future City Competition                  Professor B’s Math

The National Engineers Week Future City Competition              Professor B’s Math is an interactive online math
is an example of problem based learning with                     support program that structures the content of
computer simulation. It is an integrated,                        arithmetic and helps unleash the power of children’s
multidisciplinary, holistic approach to relevant issues          mental computers. For more information:
and is a strong example of STEM (Science,              
Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) education                ALL PROPOSED ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMS
that addresses national and state academic content               ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
standards. The program asks 7th and 8th grade
students from around the nation to team with engineer-
volunteer mentors to create — first on computer and

                                         Saturday Science & Math Academy        2
                                                                                     Program Expectations continued from page 1

ACT PREPARATION CLASSES                                               2. Student Participation
                            th                                                                     th
Beginning September 12 we will be offering ACT                    Fall classes start September 18 and end October
Preparation Classes every Sunday leading up to the test on        30 . Competition teams will continue to meet in
October 23 . Please contact Corneila Platero at                   November to prepare for regional events. or 277-5062 if you are interested.
                                                                  Completing at least 2 program activities is a
                                                                  requirement for students interested in traveling to
CALENDAR               OF        EVENTS
                                                                  compete in regional events.
                                                                   Attendance is vitally important and any unexcused
                                                                  absences will result in disqualification from competition
Adults interested in volunteering for the fall semester are
asked to attend.                                                  Behavior is equally important, and students who
                                                                  cannot be respectful and cooperative will be
REGISTRATION DEADLINE                                             dismissed.
Contact Cornelia Platero at or 277-5062               3. Active NSBEjr Membership
to confirm registration status. Students must indicate interest   Please go to for information on joining
in a minimum of 2 activities.                                     or updating membership. Student membership is only
SATURDAY MATH & SCIENCE ACADEMY CLASSES BEGIN                     $5 a year.

                                                                      4. ACT/SAT WORKSHOPS
CLASSES 9:00AM – 12:30PM
                                                                      th   th
TUTORING: 1:00PM – 3:00PM                                         All 7 -12 grade students are required to attend 80%
                                                                  of these classes unless you have passed your ACT
COMPETITION TEAMS FORM                                            with at least a score of 20.
Competitive teams for regional competition will officially form       5. Parent Participation
to ensure eligibility for participation. Remember students        Parent participation is a leading factor in determining a
interested in competition and travel must participate and         program’s success and individual student
complete at least two activities.                                 achievement. We know that you lead busy lives, but
FALL BREAK – UNIVERSITY CLOSED                                    this year we are strictly enforcing our parent support
                                    TH   TH                       policy. All parents are being asked to sign up to
                                                                  support staff and volunteer a minimum of 2 Saturdays
Competition teams will continue meeting until regional

Save your place in our spring program. Contact Cornelia
Platero at or 277-5062 to confirm spring
registration status.

                                                                  Please be aware that students who do
                                              Saturday Science & Math Academy3
                                                                  not meet these expectations will NOT be
                                                                  considered to participate in competition
                                       Proposed Activities
Grades K-2                                              Grades 3-5

All Students will participate in:                       All Students will participate in:
    o   Professor B’s Math                                  o   Professor B’s Math

    o   Computer Literacy Class                             o   Computer Literacy Class

    o   APS – RDA Math Performance Tasks                    o   APS – RDA Math Performance Tasks
    o   FIRST LEGO League                               Choose 2 additional activities to participate in:

    o   NSBE Science Fair                                   o   FIRST LEGO League

                                                            o   NSBE Science Fair
                                                            o   NSBE Kid Zone

Grades 6-8                                              Grades 9-12

All Students will participate in:                       All Students will participate in:
    o   Professor B’s Math                                  o   Professor B’s Math Mentor
    o   Computer Literacy Class                             o   Computer Literacy Class

    o   APS – RDA Math Performance Tasks                    o   APS – RDA Math Performance Tasks

Choose 2 additional activities to participate in:       Choose 2 additional activities to participate in:
    o   FIRST LEGO League                                   o   NSBE Science Fair

    o   NSBE Science Fair                                   o   La Luz Academy – Kirtland Air Force Base

    o   La Luz Academy – Kirtland Air Force Base            o   NSBE High School Engineering Design
    o   National Engineers Week Future City
        Competition                                         o   Fractal Challenge

    o   NSBE Middle School Engineering Design               o   NSBE Try-Math-A-Lon
                                                          Any student CAN participate in more than 2
    o   Project GUTS                                       activities, but be aware that a significant
    o   MATHCOUNTS                                        amount of work will need to be completed at
                                                         home outside of regularly expected class time.
    o   Fractal Challenge

                                        Saturday Math & Science Academy 4

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