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					                                                      Agreement Form
 _____________________________ has registered with the office of Student Accommodations
 and Resources (StAR) at Joliet Junior College. Documentation has been provided by the student
 for a disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the
 Rehabilitation Act. It is appropriate and reasonable that accommodations be made which often
 include missing class due to the illness.

 It is the instructor’s purview to establish attendance requirements for this course in light of the
 established goals and objectives of the course. Regarding both the student’s illness and the
 goals and objectives of the class, it is the goal of this agreement to establish the maximum
 number of absences allowed in this course. It is understood that excused absences are
 explicitly for days on which the student is hospitalized or otherwise confined due to illness, or
 when it is necessary to meet with the physician or emergency room staff. In the case of
 hospitalization, doctor’s visits and visits to the emergency room the student will provide a note
 on letter head paper or prescription pad indicating dates of the absence due to illness (within 1
 week of last date of absence). In the event of an extended illness, the student is expected to
 have weekly contact with the instructor (by email or phone as agreed upon).

 The instructor has determined that the maximum number of absences allowed for this class in
 consideration of the disability is: ______. Late work will be turned in to the instructor according
 to the instructions of the instructor as shown below:




Student____________________________________ ID# ___________________________

Course_____________________________________ Instructor_______________________


___________________________________ ______________________________________
Student signature/date                                                   Instructor signature/date
                                                                                                     Student-Instructor Agreement for ADA
____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
Academic Department Chair signature/date                           Student Accommodations and Resources manager signature/date

                                                                                                        /504 extended illness/absence 2011
                         StAR will prepare copies for all persons signing this agreement and will forward to them.

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