; Tips For A Safe Fireplace
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Tips For A Safe Fireplace


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									Tips For A Safe Fireplace
Keeping your fireplace safe is very important. It entails the safety not only of your house but also the
lives of the people living there. Notwithstanding the fact that your fireplace has already been safe for
years, it is always safer to visit some useful tips that may be followed to keep your fireplace a safer
place to enjoy your house.
• To start, always make sure that you are using a chimney cap. This will keep your place form
  accidental ignition of your fireplace.
• Although lighter fluid is a good starter of fire, however, it is not safe to use in starting your fireplace
  because of its high combustibility. Remember that it's always better to use long matches. Using
  matches will give more control in starting the fireplace.
• To light gas fireplaces, make sure to light it as soon as the gas is turned on. This is to eliminate the
  unintentional dispersal of gas in the air which can be a source of fire.
• Remember that is it important that you have your fireplace checked annually. By doing this, you can
  be at least assured that the needed repair will be done before using the fireplace.
• Most houses usually decorate their homes. And in doing so, it is unavoidable that flammable
  materials are used. However, in order to keep you home safe from fire, make sure that the
  decorations, specially the flammable ones, are placed away from the place.
• After using the fireplace, always make sure that no wood were left burning. Do not leave the place
  while it is still on fire. Even a very small fire left unattended may cause a big one.
• Another useful tip is using mesh screen, and always have your glass doors always open.
• Trashes are not meant to be burned in fireplaces, hence, do not burn them there.
• Always clean the top of the chimney and keep it free form debris such as low hanging branches of
  trees and pine needles.
• Remember that artificial logs and real wood are never alike, hence, read the instruction carefully
  before using it. If a wood fire is already burning, avoid adding new one to keep the fire under control.
• Charcoals are not intended for fireplace. Using charcoal might expose you to risk of poisoning from
  carbon monoxide.
• For those who have children, do not leave them alone in the place. Aside from accidental burning,
  they might also get burned by the metal doors and glasses near the fire.
• For those using gas fireplace, have at least two locations from where you can turn it off. This is to
  ensure that there is a fall back in case the other one failed to function properly.
• Be cautious once you smell the gas or flames. This might be an indication that it is not working
  properly. Remember that gas in the air easily explodes.
Do not forget that keeping your fireplace safe is of utmost importance. Make the necessary
prevention by following the aforementioned tips. This is to keep your home and the lives not only of
your family but also the lives in your neighborhood safe.
Certainly, it is always sensible to clean your fireplace.
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