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									                         EBU Art’s Birthday 2008
                          Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening

                         17th of January 2008 (19:05 - 23:00 GMT)
                          Satellite-channels RAVEL and VERDI

                              By Erik Mikael Karlsson (SESR)

Content of this document;
   1. Background to Art’s Birthday 2008.
   2. Satellite schedules and its general ideas.
   3. Signatures and announcements – VERY IMPORTANT!
   4. RAVEL-channel; broadcasters and program contents.
   5. VERDI-channel; broadcasters and program contents.
   6. Additional contributions.
   7. Contact information to producers.

   1. Background to Art’s Birthday 2008.

“Art's Birthday Party is a celebration in memory of Robert Filliou who declared, on 17
January 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when someone dropped a
dry sponge into a pail of water. Ten years later he celebrated Art's 1,000,010th birthday at the
Neue Galerie, Aachen.

After Filliou's death in 1987, some artists began to celebrate Art's Birthday with mail art, fax
and slow scan TV events in the spirit of his concept of "The Eternal Network" or "La Fête
permanente". The birthday parties took place in different cities across the world and artists
were asked to bring birthday presents for Art - works that could be shared over the network.
Art's Birthday Party has never been a formal event but was always organized on an ad hoc
basis through the network. Every participating location (and they are different every year)
organizes its own party - from a few friends in a private studio to a performance evening in a
museum, gallery or radio station . The only condition is that each group be able to send and
receive birthday presents for Art. Since 1994 this has usually meant using the Internet in one
form or other. Filliou's invention of Art's Birthday is wonderfully absurd and humorous in the
typical Fluxus tradition of serious fun. So the global birthday party for art has always tried to
be fun while paying homage to Robert Filliou's dream of The Eternal Network.“

For this international event, the EBU Ars Acustica Group has designed a way to organize the
contents and contributions under the idea of sound "gifts". Two main points in Vienna
(ATORF) and Stockholm (SESR) will collect them on isdn-lines or via the internet and feed
the two EBU satellite channels: Ravel (R) and Verdi (V). Both satellite channels (R and V)
will offer “ready-to-broadcast” materials along with signature-tunes and broadcast-
identifications. Both channels can also be further mixed or remixed with other live-material if
wanted or – as an example – the R channel of the satellite can be mixed with the V channel.
Apart from that, on the Ars Acustica webpage at the EBU, everyone can find the web
addresses of independent international web projects also involved in the party. All this input
lets every station and producer offer their particular approach to this exciting event!

The theme for EBU Art’s Birthday 2008 is ”Forever Young” – musicians, sound-artists and
composers in Europe will this time get the chance to focus on visionary thoughts and ideas on
how pop-culture and pop-music can sound in the future. So, this time future and our pop-
culture will be the main topics creating a futuristic an inventive radio-event that involves
interactivity with the european listeners and with musicians and artists all over Europe. A tour
de force of sounds and music into the future.

2. Satellite schedules and its general ideas.

EBU Art’s Birthday 2008 will use both of the EBU-satellite channels; RAVEL and VERDI.
Both channels should be seen as equal and will offer “ready-to-broadcast”-material. However,
the material on both channels could also be mixed/remixed or even processed by each
broadcaster if wanted. The aim for this – in the general ideas and concept of Art’s Birthday –
is to have an as open attitude as possible in order to achieve this permanent – or even
continuous – creation making the whole broadcast unique in each country. The reason that we
stop broadcasting 22:55 GMT on VERDI-channel is due to the fact that the channel needs to
be free at 23:00 GMT for EBU Notturno from BBC London. The active participating
broadcasters send their contribution by isdn to either the Funkhaus in Vienna (for uplink to
RAVEL) or to the Broadcasting House in Stockholm (for uplink to VERDI). Each active
broadcaster is offered approx. 30 minutes of satellite time on either RAVEL or VERDI
according to the following schedule;


On both RAVEL and VERDI: all broadcasts should only contain radio-art, sounds and
music! No spoken presentations are allowed in between compositions etc!
RAVEL (ATORF Funkhaus, Vienna) Broadcasters transmitting live send isdn-line to
Vienna for uplink from Vienna to satellite-channel RAVEL.

Time-slots RAVEL (GMT)
19:05 - 19:30 - Radio Belgrade (Live from Belgrade)
19:30 - 20:00 - Radio Grenouille live from Marseille (by ORF, Vienna)
20:00 - 20:30 - Slovak Radio (Live from Bratislava)
20:30 - 21:00 – Ward Weis live from Antwerp (by ORF, Vienna)
21:00 - 21:30 - Czech Radio (Live from Prague)
21:30 - 22:00 - ORF (Live from Vienna)
22:00 - 22:30 - SWR (Live from Baden-Baden)
22:30 - 23:00 - Western Front, Vancouver (by ORF, Vienna)

VERDI (SESR Radiohuset, Stockholm) Broadcasters transmitting live send isdn-line to
Stockholm for uplink from Stockholm to satellite-channel VERDI.

Time-slots VERDI (GMT)
19:05 - 19:15 - YLE (Live from Helsinki)
19:15 - 19:45 - DeutschlandRadio Kultur (Live from Berlin)
19:45 - 20:15 - RNE (Live from Madrid)
20:15 - 20:35 - SR (Live from Stockholm)
20:35 - 21:00 - Radio Slovenia (Live from Ljubljana)
21:00 - 21:15 - RTBF (Live from Brussels)
21:15 - 21:45 - Croatian Radio (Live from Zagreb)
21:45 - 22.15 - VPRO (Live from Hilversum)
22:15 - 22:25 - SR (Live from Stockholm)
22:25 - 22:55 - RTE (Live from Dublin)

3. Announcements, jingles and signatures.


Each radio-organisation participating is responsible for putting the official EBU Ars
Acustica-signature as a beginning of their broadcast! The signature should then be
followed by the official “Forever Young”-jingle by Spiro Sakoufakis and a short
announcement saying:

“EBU Ars Acustica - Art’s Birthday 2008 - and now live from XXX”

on each countries official language!

The official EBU Ars Acustica-signature can be found below in different formats here;

or here as a wav.file;
and the official Forever Young-jingle can be found here as a wav-file:

4. RAVEL-channel; broadcasters and program contents.

19:05 – 19:30 GMT RAVEL – Radio Belgrade (Serbia)
Live from Belgrade

RTS - Public Broadcasting Service of Serbia,

Radio Belgrade, Drama department, Sound Workshop

Arsenije Jovanović

Forever Young - Gypsy party in a Turkish bath

Author and Director: Arsenije Jovanovic
Sound engeneers: Zoran Jerković, Ljubinko Gordić, Zoran Marić,
Euroradio contact engeneer: Dragan Šćepanović
Euroradio coordinator: Živan Mitrović
Assistent of the director: Maria Milovanović
Performers: Goran Grbić - trompet, Jacques Radinson - vocal, Maja Ivanović – vocal,
Ljubomir Dimitrijević – wind insrtruments, Nenad Racković – voice, Siniša Jović –
percusions, Miomir Ristić – fidel, Darko Karajić – lute, Childrens of Primery school
“Oslobodioci Beograda” and docunmentari sound material with gypsy performers.
Editor: Predrag D. Stamenković
Duration: 25.00

Arsenije JOVANOVIC, born 1932.
Theatre, radio and television director, writer and audio-art author and investigator of radio-
media continuously from the middle sixties.
University professor at Academy of Theatre Arts in Belgrade, retired.
Fulbright scholar and visiting professor at State University of New York at Albany.
Eleven years theatre director in The National Theatre, Belgrade and artistic director of The
Bitef Theatre.
With Ilinka Colic founder of the Adriatic Sound Factory, moving sound laboratory settled in
Rovinj, Istria, Croatia where he spends most of the time.

Prix Italia – twice („Tombstones along the Roadside“ and „Resava Cave“...
Premio Ondas – twice („Resava cave“ and „Along the Long Long Street“ with Neda
WDR Acustica International („Faunophonia Balcanica“)...
„Finalist award“ for „Homo Politikus Vulgaris“ („New York radio art festival“)...
First prize in Radio festival in Rust, Austria („Concerto Grosso Balcanico“)...
Grand prix Radio France International („La parata“, with Ilinka Colic)...
Author of the sound track „Prophecy from the Village Kremna“ in the film by Terrence
Malick „The Thin Red Line“...
Second prizes at Bienale Radio, Mexico City – twice („Four winds“ and
Nominated many times for Prix Italia presenting radio-art works and pieces of different
genres – Radio Belgrade, Radio educacion (Mexico City), Australian ABC and Deutschland
Radio (Berlin) productions...

Married with Ilinka Ćolić, they have 8 years old daugther Ana, they live in Belgrade, Serbia
and in Rovinj, Croatia ( & gliola@sezampro.yu – 381 11 303
4120, 385 52 830 274

Predrag D. Stamenkovic, MA, a composer and a conducter, since 2005 is a chief editor of
the Drama Program of Radio Belgrade. Since 2000 he is an editor of the radio serial
„Workshop of sound“. He used to be a musical editor of the Program 202 of the Radio
Belgrade. His solo, chamber, choral and orchestral compositions have been performed in
Serbia and abroad. Predrag is also a vocal and instrumental solo performer of the music group
„Musica antiqua“, which is specialized for Middle Age and Renaissance music. Together with
the group he performed on more then a hundred concerts all over Serbia and Europe. Many of
these concerts have been recorded either for radio or TV. He has also taken part in realization
more then 500 radio dramas, some of them have won on prestigious world festivals. The
artistic programs he had created represented Radio Belgrade on famous international contests
of radio and Tv programs. He has won many prizes in Serbia and abroad. Predrag is a
director of the annual Festival of speritual music „Dhorus among frescos“ in Belgrade. As a
conductor of women’s chorus from Sid, he won prizes in 2005 and 2006 on the conterst of
chorus in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

19:30 – 20:00 GMT RAVEL – Radio Grenouille (France)
Live from Marseille

Art's Birthday party at Radio Grenouille

Radio Grenouille is presenting a variety show for Art's Birthday. Lots of swinging artists,
sound pieces of cake, a karaoke party and an unstoppable futurist folk band will be riding the
During the EBU half hour, you may catch several sound attempts:
telepathic music by Samon Takahashi, Zol's close-loop mixer, spatial blues sung by DjpP,
microlandscape phoned by Jacques Foschia, stardust streamed by the Noiser and/or the
infinite rehearsal of the unstoppable band called Luxe total Luxe occidental.

Radio Grenouille, Marseille, January 17, 18:00-21:00 GMT on site and on air 19:30-20:00
GMT on EBU Ars Acustica's broadcast

Detailed programme will be put up at:

20:00 – 20:30 GMT RAVEL – Slovak Radio (Slovakia)
Live from Bratislava


Juraj Ďuriš and Gívan Belá

What is a birthday without a birthday song? Based on an original idea by the French artist
Robert Filliou, Slovak Radio contributes to this year's Art's Birthday with a radio opera,
connecting Bratislava, Brussels and Tokyo in a worldwide celebration.

The audience makes the Big Birthday Opera with

... live on stage
        robert rudolf
        blazej vidlicka
        marek piacek
        martina kedrova
        juraj duris
        gívan bela
        roman lasciak

... live on the internet:
        akihiro kubota (JP)
        Isjtar and Annemie Maes (BE)

Live satellite broadcast Time-slot RAVEL 21:00-21:30 CET
Live from Bratislava

Experimental Studio of the Slovak Radio
Slovenský Rozhlas/Slovak Radio
Slovak Radio Chamber Studio
Mytna 1 Bratislava
Entry 3
17 January 2008 - 20.30

20:30 – 21:00 GMT RAVEL – Ward Weis (Belgium)
Live from Antwerpen


“ Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing ? ” - Richard Hamilton

ART’S BIRTHDAY 2008 from Antwerp will be performed by the students “ sounddesign “
of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ART’S – Antwerp. Their project is coordinated and
supervised by Ward Weis.

We are inspired by the collage “ Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so
appealing ? ” of Richard Hamilton.

Our contribution for ART’S BIRTHDAY 2008 is a sound-collage with the element(s) the
students took out of a postcard they selected by their own choice. Those elements are the
basic material for the live performance / laptop concert as part of the ART’S BIRTHDAY
party we have in the WINTER GARDEN of the royal academy.

Each makes an acoustic version of their postcard.
Those soundcards are played as the main part in the jam-session.

The original sounds will be available for all the ART’S BIRTHDAY events on the website we
make that evening on-line at

The contributors are:

Domenico Alluigi
Muriel Claeys
Rob Kanters
Jonathan Karsilo
Iris Roevens
Koen Roggen
Dominique T’ Jolle
Piotr Talmachou
Sandra Van Der Jeught
Ward Weis

With the kind support of:

Johan De Handschutter
Klaas Janssens
Ronny Pringels
The Royal Academy of fine Arts / Antwerp ( KASKA – DKO )

21:00 – 21:30 GMT RAVEL – Czech Radio (Czech Republic)
Live from Prague

                        SIXTIES RELOADED

Art’s Birthday “Sixties Reloaded” will reconnect artists world-wide in a birthday party to
celebrate the 1,000,044th anniversary of art. On air on ČRo Vltava and EBU satellites, on-line
via Radio Lemurie.

Experiment is future mainstream. This sentence has echoed since the first days of modern art
and avant-garde as an inciting comment for progressive and innovative production. What
fortunes has the avant-garde vision been through, which originally considered itself the true
vanguard of artistic developments to come? Art’s Birthday 2008 will present the current
works of Czech and Slovak musicians, graphic artists, poets, and performers, who will reflect
the most fruitful period of artistic experiment in this country, the 1960s. The authors, who
themselves represent the contemporary Czech and Slovak artistic experiment, will present a
reflection on the widely known 1960s works, arrayed in contemporary musical language and
technology, under the codename Sixties Reloaded. The principles and techniques applied in
the original works will thus gain new realisations in the form of musical and audio-art

Dramaturgical concept: Martin Blažíček, Lukáš Jiřička
Collaboration: Experimental Space Roxy/NoD, Asociace Mlok, Radio Lemurie

Lloyd Dunn (cz/usa)
Micro sample re-interpretation of Jan Rychlík’s “African Cycle”, 1962
(12 min.)
Lloyd Dunn’s composition on the motifs of Rychlík’s African Cycle examines the latent
emotional content of the original sound via complex harmony shifts (sometimes discordant)
of the manipulated fragments of the original composition. This is done by means of micro
sampling and multiple layering over the original recording. The sound manipulation takes
place on an elementary basis – on shifts of the frequency and tempo; very little in digital
processing. This method of distillation results in a sound which has nothing to do with the
original recording, but amplifies its emotional qualities.

Lloyd Dunn
Born in Iowa in 1957, graduate in linguistics, photography and intermedia at the University of
Iowa. He has taken part in the activities of the Public Works Production art group since 1987,
including sound, image and performance activities with the exclusive use of found materials.
Under The Tape-Beatles (with John Heck), he has done projection performances and
multiple-screen shows with found 16mm films since 1991. Between 1983 and 1998, he was
editor of the Photostatic magazine, focusing on sound and typographic poetry, xerographics,
and texts on art in all its forms. In 2004-05, he was external lecturer on experimental radio
production at the Bauhaus in Weimar. He lives and works in Prague.

Michal Kindernay: trans*oph
An audio-visual rescript of the work of Alois Piňos, composer and theoretician, representative
of New Music, ca. 1970
(12 min.)

trans*oph is an audio-visual rescript of the work of Alois Piňos, a prominent musical
composer and theoretician, a representative of New Music. The composition is an analogy on
the original transference and transforming approaches applied in this case to connect image
and sound. The score for Piňos’ original composition was the starting point, serving as a
manual and map from which to examine the relations between sound (music) and video
image. By means of new technologies, the composition is transformed into imagery and
enhanced with additional elements: temporal and spatial interplay, an interview between
music and image, which are irreconcilable as media only seemingly. In the final video
composition with a new sound, the processes culminate in a feedback. The process is
reiterated and transforms Piňos’ original sound composition as another of the input motifs
used. The video component of the project live on

Michal Kindernay
Born 1978, graduated from FAVU Brno, studio of academic painter Peter Rónai. His
productions make use of interactive connections of sound, image, and other inputs. He works
in an environment of interactive computer applications designed for work with sound and
image, such as MAX and PureData. He uses them largely as open and interactive composition
systems, helping him define the form of his work using an algorithm affecting various
parameters of his audio-visual compositions in real time. His previous works include both
video performances and installations, and interactive Internet-based projects (It's fun to be
bohemian, 2007, with Lenka Dolanová); he frequently collaborates with the Belgian sound
artist Guy Van Belle.
21:30 – 22:00 GMT RAVEL – ORF (Austria)
Live from Vienna
1.000.045th Art's Birthday! Live from Vienna

on line: and
on air: 11 - 12pm CET Österreich 1 (FM, SW, MW and
on site: 8 - 12 pm CET at the Museumsquartier, q21, QDK

Kunstradio is going to celebrate the 1.000.045th Art's Birthday in the Museumsquartier
together with QDK (Quartier for Digital Culture) in Vienna with Volkmar Klien, Ingo
Leindecker, Matthias Markovsky, Musikarbeiterkapelle, Doris Prilic, Herbert Weixelbaum
and with artists from around the world like in Brussels, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver etc
(last update November 15th)

From 22:30 – 23:00 (GMT) "Out Of Demand" by Doris Prilic and Ingo Leindecker
( will be performed live on site and on the Ravel channel of the
EBU satellite.

Art's Birthday 2008 will be part again of the WIENCOUVER series.

Out of Demand by Doris Prilic and Ingo Leindecker (
The young Austrian artists Ingo Leindecker and Doris Prlic provide a thrilling hunt through
the worldwide Art's Birthday parties in a special version of their live on air - on line - on site
performance "Out Of Demand". They loop, sample, cut, distort and filter streams offered by
the different party locations of Art's Birthday.
The incoming streams are being processed, newly interpreted and acoustically merged partly
with the "sound presents for art", which can be uploaded at Noise becomes music,
music evolves to soundscapes and spoken word becomes noise again…
The listeners / the users can experience the worldwide Art's Birthday celebrations in a special

Ingo Leindecker
Born 1984, studied at the Art's University in Linz Visual Arts/Experimental Design and
2006/07 at Willem de Kooning Academie/Rotterdam. Works in the fields of Radio and
Internet, media art installations, performance. Audioproductions, Sounddesign, soundpieces,
Since 2000 he is involved in performances and installations such as the content-driven sound
performance "Out Of Demand" at Worm Rotterdam; Radiorevolten Halle/Saale 2006;
Kunsthalle Wien, Künstlerhaus Szbg. 2007)
Development of the Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA).

Doris Prlic
born in 1984 in Salzburg, Austria; since 2002 studies in Experimental Design at the
Kunstuniversität Linz, 2006/7 Fine Art at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdeam. Works
as an artist with sound, video and visuals, performance and media installation. Since 2004 she
runs the online exhibition platform Feedback&Disaster.

22:00 – 22:30 GMT RAVEL – SWR (Germany)
Live from Baden-Baden

1.000.045th Art's Birthday!

reDeSigning the future…forever young

SWR2 ars acustica will celebrate Art's Birthday 2008 in cooperation with the ZKM | Center
for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Five extraordinary composers/musicians with an aim to approach the molecules of acoustic
art in their different ways - communicating, discussing, celebrating pop.

Jaap Blonk (vocals):
born 1953, in Woerden (NL); is a self-taught composer, performer and poet. He went to
university for mathematics and musicology but did not finish those studies. In the late 1970s
he took up saxophone and started to compose music. A few years later he discovered his
potential as a vocal performer, at first in reciting poetry and later on in improvisations and his
own compositions. For almost two decades the voice was his main means for the discovery
and development of new sounds. From around the year 2000 on Blonk started work with
electronics, at first using samples of his own voice, then extending the field to include pure
sound synthesis as well. He took a year off of performing in 2006. As a result, his renewed
interest in mathematics made him start a research of the possibilities of algorithmic
composition for the creation of music, visual animation and poetry.
As a vocalist, Jaap Blonk is unique for his powerful stage presence and almost childlike
freedom in improvisation, combined with a keen grasp of structure. He performed in many
European countries, as well as in the U.S. and Canada, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa and
Latin America. With the use of live electronics the scope and range of his concerts has
acquired a considerable extension.
He was the founder and leader of the long-standing bands Splinks (modern jazz, 1983-1999)
and BRAAXTAAL (avant-rock, 1987-2005). He also has his own record label, Kontrans,
featuring a total of 15 releases so far. Other Blonk recordings appeared on Staalplaat, Basta
and VICTO.

Markus Popp / Oval (electronics):
born 1968, in Darmstadt (D); computer musician. Cofounder of the Laptop Scene founded in
the mid-1990s, and mastermind of the so-called Glitch Style. Since the formation Microstoria
(with Jan Werner from Mouse on Mars) and Oval (originally with Sebastian Oschatz, today
working solo) Pop concentrates on digital, clicking and humming sounds, characteristic
sounds the result of calculating mistakes or computer crashes, and he develops an original
processing style for handling them, whose repetitive patterns convey depictions of the internal
organizational mechanisms of digital systems. Pop sees concepts such as musical intuition and
creativity in the Age of System Theory and Digital Calculating as obsolete. He also sees the
musician as being the mediator of technological aesthetics; lives in Berlin.

Martin Brandlmayr (drums/electronics):
born 1971, in Bad Ischl (A); studies of classical percussion, University of Music and
performing Arts in Vienna bands and projects: radian, trapist, polwechsel, kapital band,
autistic daughters.
Collaborations with Siegrun Appelt, Burkhard Beins, Tony Buck, John Butcher, Peter
Brandlmayr, dieb 13, Axel Dörner, Christian Fennesz, Franz Hautzinger, Gina Hell, Florian
Kmet, Christof Kurzmann, Toshimaru Nakamura, Andrea Neumann, Rashim, Sachiko M,
Stefan Schneider, Burkhard Stangl, David Sylvian, John Tilbury, Otomo Yoshihide,...
It´s all about soundmolecules and their identity, movement, sequencing, sound and silence.

Werner Dafeldecker (double bass/electronics):
born 1964, in Vienna (A); Werner Dafeldecker studied double bass at the Konservatorium in
Vienna. He is a member of Ton.Art, Burkhard Stangl's Maxixe and works in a duo with Uli
Fussenegger. He has worked with Eugene Chadbourne, Gene Coleman, Ned Rothenberg,
Walter Malli, Tom Varner, Franz Kogelmann, Christoph Kurzmann, Christian Fennesz,
Wayne Horvitz, Tony Buck, Jim O«Rourke, Radu Malfatti, Kevin Drumm, Klangforum
Wien, Ensemble Maxixe, Ton.Art and others. He has composed for several different
ensembles, theatre and crossover: Klangforum Wien, European Tuba Quartet, Polwechsel,
Shabotinski and Ton.Art among others.
Werner Dafeldecker founded the avant-garde label Durian Records in 1995. His current
projects include Polwechsel - John Butcher, Burkhard Stangl, Michael Moser - with two
recordings on hat ART and Shabotinski. With Christian Mühlbacher he has created
Diphtongs: compositions of a virtual group created from pre-recorded solos from improvisors
that includes Radu Malfatti, Michael Moser and Burkhard Stangl.

Matthias Schubert (sax):
born 1960, in Kassel (D); he owns one of the most prominent voices of the european jazz a
tenorsaxophon of extreme expressivity. This distinctive voice set accents – with Albert
Mangelsdorff, Gunter Hampel, Manfred Bründl, Klaus König or the Jungle Pilots. Schubert
got his first awards in the early 80ies, 1995 he got the SWR jazz prize. His quartet with Simon
Nabatov, Lindsey Horner and Tom Rainey released three CDs in the 90ies.
Nothing is farther than the self-evident, the mainstream-convention, the ready-made. He is the
one who studies piano players in order to get rid of typical saxophone-patterns. The one who
asks himself how to accompany a bass-solo as good as possible as saxophone player. Or the
one who tries how it sounds to use a telephone card as saxophone reed.

Moderator: Andreas Hagelüken
Director of broadcast: Iris Drögekamp
Editor: Frank Halbig

pop represents popular and means today a musical synchronization of western society.
pop target at the youth and reach the masses.
pop was the precursor of an accelerated world, that lost its own shadow in the intoxication of
pop is history enough for its own.
sampling will sometimes help to remember the world – how it was, is and will be.
sampling is the circumvention of time.
sampling: that is the realization of your own existence with the means of electro acoustic.

On air: 10.05 – 12.00 pm CET             SWR2
On site: 8.00 – 12.00 pm CET             ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe


22:30 – 23:00 GMT RAVEL – Western Front (Canada)
Live from Vancouver

Western Front presents ATTIC .. drawing the sounds of the future from liminal spaces

..darkness .. feedback .. the creation of cake by sonic currents .. with Anna Friz, Eileen Kage,
Roberto Paci Dalò, Jean Routhier, Absolute Value of Noise, and E.D.R.
.. special live stream from Tokyo with Don Chow .. a variety of speakers and microphones are
used to turn an attic space into a giant feedback chamber
 .. an acoustical remixing device for remote sound streams .. live performance
Anna Friz is a sound and radio artist, writer and scholar who divides her time between
Toronto and Montréal. From the childhood fiction of "the little people in the radio" to
documentary remixes of live political events, she creates dynamic, atmospheric works equally
able to reflect upon public media culture or to reveal interior landscapes.

Friz became actively involved in Canadian independent community radio in 1993, and has
consistently programmed a weekly show at either CiTR (Vancouver), CKUT (Montréal), or
CKLN (Toronto) ever since, as well as initiating special programming events. She was
programme director at CiTR from 1997-2000 where she curated 24 Hours of Radio Art in
1999 and 2000.

Since 1998 Friz has predominantly created self-reflexive radio works for international
broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the
work. She creates full-length performances and installations utilizing up to four FM
transmitters and a multitude of radio receivers, and has presented these and other works at
festivals and venues across North America, and in Europe and Mexico: The Clandestine
Transmissions of Pirate Jenny (2003), Radio CRTX (2003), The Automated Prayer Machine
(with Annabelle Chvostek, 2004), La Vida Secreta de la Radio (2005), and You are far from
us (2006). Her radio works have been heard on licensed and unlicensed airwaves across
Canada and U.S.A., in Mexico and across Europe, and on national public radio in Canada,
Austria, Germany, Danmark and Mexico. She also intermittently hosts Radio Free Parkdale
from her house in Toronto.

Anna Friz is a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Programme in Communications and Culture at
York and Ryerson Universities in Toronto, and a free103point9 transmission artist.

EILEEN KAGE is primarily a performer and composer of Taiko. She has been active in
Vancouver's Taiko community for 17 years, initiating several groups including Uzume Taiko,
Sawagi Taiko and Reijingu Horumonzu. Recently Eileen has started to explore and
incorporate digital media in her work.

Roberto Paci Dalo
Italian artist Roberto Paci Dalò belongs to the innovative exponents of the European
contemporary arts scene with projects created in music, performing arts, visual arts and film.
He lives between Rimini and Berlin and has been recipient of the DAAD Fellowship.
Since 1985 founder and director of the performing arts and production house Giardini Pensili.
Since 2006 director of Velvet Factory - space for the arts (Rimini, Italy).
His work has won him international admiration from amongst others, John Cage and
Aleksandr Sokurov.

Jean Routhier has had audio leanings since his first contact with his family's tape recorder.
Routhier is an audio wrapper, his approach is similar to a store clerk, bagging everything into
the sonic essence. Interested in the gaps and gasps in sounds conducive to the transmission of
tales he sometimes hears in the ether, Routhier finds inspiration in everyday situations.

Born in Montréal, Québec, where he completed a BFA at Concordia University(1993), he is
presently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Absolute Value of Noise

Influenced by Merzbow, the Haters and other denizens of noise-art culture, absolute value of
noise takes sound to the extreme. Originating as a radio-art program on CiTR FM, Vancouver
(from 1988 to 1992), productions include radio-art, performance, installation, net-art and a
variety of collaborative projects. The artist works with feedback, distortion, mechanical
devices and hand-built instruments to create both intense collages and minimal sonic threads.

5. VERDI-channel; broadcasters and program contents.

19:05 – 19:15 GMT VERDI – YLE (Finland)
Live from Helsinki
Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE Ars Acustica group is celebrating
Arts Birthday 2008 with students of University Art and Design Helsinki,
Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia and sound art group ProTon in YLE
sound post-production studio 5 in Broadcasting House.


1. Ars Acustica-signature

2. Forever Young-jingle

3.Announcment text: "Euroopan Yleisradioliiton Taiteen syntymäpäivä 2008
nyt suorana lähetyksenä Helsingistä" (in Finnish)

4. Programme slot titled: "27 360 000"

a radioperformance based on Sound Art Master courses
by Agnieszka Waligórska and Pekka Sirén

Piece is composed by

- 4th year students of University of Art and Design Helsinki,
School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design,
and students of Media Lab:

Svante Colèrus, Taneli Bruun, Pinja Kuusela, Jussi Rantala,
Karri Niinivaara, Toni Teivaala
- Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Information Technology 4th year students
Otso Paasivirta, Jukka Hiltunen and Antti Paasonen

Soloists are Agnieszka Waligórska, Pekka Sirén and students.

ProTon Sonic Art Group c.v.

Agnieszka Waligórska and Pekka Sirén have created a number of sound art productions for
Finnish Radio and Tv YLE for music, theater and documentary group departments (Helsinki).
Outside Finland also for Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR Studio Akustische Kunst (Cologne),
Spanish Radio RNE-2 Ars Sonora (Madrid), ORF Kunstradio (Vienna) and RAI Audiobox
(Rome), DeutschlandRadio (Berlin) and Südwestrundfunk (Baden-Baden)

They have created their own acoustic story telling style, which often utilizes sound
choreographies and large scale inside / outside sound projections and installations as a part of
their radio performances. Lately their works have been performed in radios and in sound art
festivals in Matera, Rome and Rimini, Szczecin, Lublin, Cracow and Wroclaw Vienna,
Innsbruck, Salzburg and Linz, London, Madrid, Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia, Budapest,
Prague, Tsech Republic, Bratislava, Slovak Rep., Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin and Cork
Jerusalem, Paris, Amsterdam and Mexico City.


  a Mention donore at 1989 Macrophon Pro Arte Acustica festival, Poland
* 2 nd Prize in International Forum of Radio Art in Wroclaw, Poland in 1991
* in 1993 their ProTon group received the Cultural Reward of the Foundation for Radio and
TV Education as a special sound spectacle
and as the best radio programme of the year 1992
* in 1993 and 1995 they were candidates of the Polish State Cultural Reward

N.B. visual material as attachment of this message

YLE broadcastings of Arts Birthday 2008

YLE will be having two Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening as afterwards
broadcastings in YLE Channel One:

1) Sunday 20th of January 2008 at 20:05 - 21:05 (GMT)
in "Space Junk" programme with editor Jukka Mikkola

SPACE JUNK - Musical visions beyond time and space, exploring the the strange horizons of
music and sound. Space Junk (in Finnish it is Avaruusromua) is a weekly radio show
presenting electronic and experimental music from the early electronic heroes to ambient and
contemporary works.

2) Monday 4th of February 2008at 21:00 - 22.00 (GMT)
in "Sound Universe" programme with producer Heikki Valsta
"Sound Universe" programmes can be called radiophonic art, acoustic works or sound

Both broadcasting are kept in YLE Areena
for a one week time to be listened afterwards.


Director of the YLE broadcast: producer Hannu Karisto
Phone number:+ 358 400 860 189.

Broadcasting studio ALY 5
phone: + 358 9 1480 5545

Sound system designer Mikael Hartzell
phone: + 358 9 1480 5534

Switching center specialist (ISDN) Ann Wennstrom
phone + 358 9 1480 2767

19:15 – 19:45 GMT VERDI – DeutschlandRadio Kultur
(Germany) Live from Berlin

Art's Birthday 2008 : Forever Young

presented by the sound art department of Deutschlandradio Kultur, by Radialsystem V and by
the Festival UltraSchall

with: Endruh Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten), Rechenzentrum, Frieder Butzmann
Editor: Götz Naleppa
Coordinator: Marcus Gammel

Deutschlandradio Kultur will join Art’s Birthday with principal representatives of two
generations in German pop culture: Endruh Unruh is percussionist of the groundbreaking
German noise band “Einstürzende Neubauten”. The sound/video-trio Rechenzentrum is
known for successfully examining the border between audiovisuals in club culture and
contemporary art. Frieder Butzmann, master of ceremonies, has invited Unruh to bring his
drum karaoke “Gott sei’s getrommelt” to the Radialsystem V, a new space for the arts in
Berlin. 15 lay-drummers unleash an unprecedented rhythmical energy on Unruh’s home made
drum kits. Rechenzentrum in turn go back to the tonal energy brought to the stage in the
1980s by Die Einstürzende Neubauten and other cult bands. The composer Marc Weiser and
the video artist Lillevan take classics of the punk and new wave era as starting points for a
musical exploration of their own youth. The “genius amateur” Frieder Butzmann finally ties
up the generations with the unspent imaginativeness of his sound and noise experiments.

Satellite Schedule (approxiamte times!):
19.15 – 19.30: Endruh Unruh / Gott sei’s getrommelt
19.30 – 19.33: Frieder Butzmann
19.33 – 19.45: Rechenzentrum

19:45 – 20:15 GMT VERDI – RNE (Spain)
Live from Madrid

Antonio Agúndez (Cáceres, Spain, 1952)

I began to work in electroacoustic music at the end of the sixties, with only two tape
recorders, several oscillators, microphones and units of reverberation and echo, until there
came the first synthesizers of voltage controlled of EMS. Then already in 1970-1972, I
produced a series of improvisations with a synthesizer VCS-3 and a tape recorder REVOX in
feedback of echo with a few very interesting results.
On those recollections of when " I was very young " and with a been reborn spirit “forever
young " and with RNE's help, (Radio Nacional de España) and Jose Iges I work in this piece
on five basic tracks that are intermingling and happening, some tried with amplifier of voltage
controlled in the style of those years, as in others with a constant effect of reverberation and
The basic tracks are a low mantra and a trip in underground for Madrid, a conversation was
rolling to a friends' gathering that we met every week to eat and to play to the dominoes in a
restaurant in canon to three voices, one sequence of oscillators and amplifiers of voltage
controlled by the Beethoven’s concert for violin and orchestra, a track of engines of different
vehicles and an improvisation with a synthesizer. Definitively it is a question of a tour for the
sound and the idea of those years for which now we will be forever young.

Antonio Agúndez.

20:15 – 20:35 GMT VERDI – Swedish Radio (Sweden)
Live from Stockholm

Sten Hanson: Moosebranch (electronic composition)
Sten Hanson: Lecture on Poetry (live-performance, world premiere)
Biography – Sten Hanson.

Born in Klövsjö, Sweden on 15th April 1936, Sten Hanson made his appearance in the early
sixties as an experimental poet and composer. From an early stage he was aware of the
importance of tape-recording techniques in the renewal and development of poetry’s
resources. Text-sound-visual image, often combined with intensely personal 'live"
performances, are vital ingredients in Sten Hanson's artistic workmanship and he is ore of the
forerunners in the field of multi-media art. His works include electro-acoustic pieces as well
as instrumental and vocal compositions. From the end of the sixties up to 1979, he worked
essentially with electroacoustic music and created, with Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Åke Hodell,
Bengt Emil Johnson, the theory and the practice of a new aesthetic field: "The electronic text-
sound". Sten Hanson realized a large number of works in various styles : works for television,
ballet music, performances, audiovisual performances assisted by computer, pieces for
instruments and tape and/or electronics, works for orchestras and computer music. Hanson
was member of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) International. In
Sweden, he was Director (1968-1977) and then Chairman (1980-1984) of Fylkingen,
chairman of the ISCM (1975-1981), member of the Royal Academy of Music of Sweden and
President of the Swedish Composers' Union (1985-1994), chairman of the International
Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (ICEM) from 1997 to 2002.

20:35– 21:00 GMT VERDI – Radio Slovenia (Slovenia)
Live from Ljubljana


Sara's Dreams
for Voice and Recycled Tape Fragments

Sara is a 5.5 year old little girl who sings in a well-tempered perfect-tuned voice, plays piano
like Mozart at her age and writes and reads capitals. Because of her multi branched family
tree she always dreams vivid and tempestuous dreams, in which she often plays an important
role. The story begins in a travel-like repetitive mood. Then the athmospheres of spatial
wonder and haunting follow. Strange images, derived from everyday impressions and old
memories, bring past into the present. Cutting her way through the thickness of a piano
improvisation, Sara travels back in time, into her early youth, when she was 1. She plays
compositions of a 9 year young composer, and is confronted with chunks of old unpublished
electroacoustic fragments by three 29 year young composers. On her return she swims deep
into old radio and disco-music phantasmas. She summons the Sun and leaves the Little Fish

Authors: Bor Turel, Gregor Pirš
Production: Yellow Room
Broatcasting organization: Radio Slovenia
Duration: 25.00
Performer: Sara Ognjanovič
Recycled Tape Fragments:
    The Song of the First May, Song of Autumn, Polka, Repetition Music no. 1, Radio
      Waves Music, Musique de la porte (Bor Turel)
    Moy-ses (Mihael Paš, Gregor Pirš, Bojana Šaljič)
    Improvisation III (Gregor Pirš),
    Do-Not-Listen-If-You-Do-Not-Want-To Radio Programme (Jona Jan Javoršek, Gregor

21:00 – 21:15 GMT VERDI – RTBF (Belgium)
Live from Brussels

Live Performance by Els VIAENE (laptop)

"Forever Young"

Els Viaene began her career in documentary-making for national radio. This realistic
treatment of sound evolved into more abstract environments. Since the aural landscape has
always been her favorite habitat, she explores it through field recordings of all kinds in the
most different places.

For this performance she takes us into an imaginary journey of naturalistic and organic
environments with a little nostalgic flavour. An ever evolving landscape based on field
recordings and electronic designed sounds.

21:15– 21:45 GMT VERDI – Croatian Radio (Croatia)
Live from Zagreb


10:15 pm – 10:45 pm, live broadcasting from the &TD Theatre Semicircular Hall

Concept: Frano Đurović and Davorka Begović
Directing and dramaturgy: Frano Đurović
Dubrovnik Metropolis idea: Dalibor Davidović
Frano Đurović (composition, live electronic)
Jasen Chelfi (violoncello)
Production: Drama Department and Classical Music Department of Croatian Radio and the
Culture of Change, the Student Centre, Zagreb
Croatia is going to celebrate ART’s birthday by introducing several music artists of different
aesthetics dramaturgically united under the baton of Frano Đurović. The basic idea of the
project is to unite the aesthetic, formal and style differences, and to, by manipulation of
completed and recorded works, create new music ideas – sometimes proceeding from the
musical idea of audio recording, and sometimes using it “insensitively” as a neutral crude
The programme is generally divided into three units: Dubrovnik Metropolis, the 4th Fair of
Culture in Off and Undertaste. Đurović’s critical review of promotion of Dubrovnik as a
great metropolis, important Mediterranean centre and tourist centre of South Dalmatia is
expressed through recorded sounds of the city in winter. Void and occasional sounds of
Dubrovnik represent the city in a different context than the one forced in the media and
constantly stressed. The 4th Fair of Culture in Off takes as its starting point audio recordings
of the music, but not only that, programme of the 4th Fair of Culture, held in December 2007
in all the premises of the Student Centre. The theme of this year’s Festival is the future, and
this year as well, it has united all forms of artistic, but also theoretical forms of expression,
reflecting on and anticipating the future in the art, culture and society. In that way, Off audio
recordings contain interesting answers and anticipations of the future as well as musical
performances of the young artists dealing with exploration of sounds, recording sounds from
the nature and everything that surrounds them, who often use old tunes and audio recordings
as the material for realization of their ideas, or mobile telephones, mp3 players and remote
controls as instruments. SC Radio Big Band has also been recorder in Off, made of random
passers-by – potential musicians, and the sound was created using old synthesizers, damaged
instruments, strange objects, clappers… Undertaste for violoncello and electronic music
opposes the acoustic instrument and the computer, and questions the interrelationship between
them. Great and extremely talented violoncello player Jasen Chelfi, for whom the piece was
written, has only a partial text, while the rest of it he has to improvise himself, what makes the
relationship between live instrument and electro-mechanical device even more interesting and
unpredictable. Thanks to Đurović’s style and practicality, this combination only broadens the
specter and possibilities of violoncello, leaving enough freedom and space for improvisation
and “live” act in the first place.


Jasen Chelfi began his violoncello studies in the class of Prof. Nikola Ružević at the Music
Academy of Zagreb, and graduated in 2001 in the class of Prof. Andrej Petrač. Works in
Zagreb Philharmony since 2002. Won the third prize at the Alpe-Adria International
Competition, same as at the Antonio Janigro International Competition, both in 1996.
He has had a number of concerts by now, of which we would like to point out two solo ones
accompanied by the Zagreb Philharmony, and a concert tour with the international Mahler
Orchestra, under the baton of Claudio Abbado and Franz Westler – Most. Chelfi is the
principal of the Zagreb Philharmony, lately especially interested in electro-music, relationship
between electro-machines and acoustic instruments, and relation between music and dance, as
well as between music and other arts.

Frano Đurović (Dubrovnik, June 25, 1971) graduated Composition at the Music Academy of
Zagreb in the class of Prof. Frano Parać. After his studies, he perfected his skills in
Szombathely, Hungary (Michael Jarrell, Johanness Kretz) and Austria (Jan Jirásek).
Besides orchestral, chamber and instrumental compositions, he is the author of numerous
electronic and electroacoustic pieces, installations and multimedia projects in which he
successfully combines music with various forms of visual arts. He made electronics and
directing for the Streetcar Named Desire, ballet by Mladen Tarbuk at the Music biennale in
Zagreb in 2005, he is the author of orchestration and arrangement for Tamara Obrovac's
music in the film Što je muškarac bez brkova / What is a Man Without a Moustache by Hrvoje
Hribar, and the author of the music for the multiply awarded play Ana Karenina, as well as
for the play Galeb by the Zagreb Youth Theatre.
The prominent instrumentalists have played his compositions (Friedrich Gauwerky, among
others), as well as Zagreb Philharmony Ensemble, Croatian Army Symphonic Orchestra,
Dubrovnik Symphonic Orchestra, Cantus Ensemble, Berlin Philharmony Octet. His
compositions were performed in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia. Many of his pieces are represented on CDs of
prominent Croatian musicians.

21:45 – 22:15 GMT VERDI – VPRO (The Netherlands)
Live from Hilversum

Radboud Mens is a sound-artist from Amsterdam whose work is rooted in and
continues to develop within the broadest definition of contemporary music.
While his interest in the physical effects of sound on the body gave him a
preference for noise in his early work, his later music has contributed more
to the development of minimal electronic music, glitch and
minimal-dub-techno. Mens uses electronic technology to render audible
microscopic sound processes. His sound-world is in a constant state of
spatial and temporal flux, and incorporates electronic music, conceptual
music, found sound and influences from the media. Momentarily he is working
on new compositions that are in between ambient, drone-music, 60/70's
electronic music and electronic noise.

 For "Art's Birthday 2008" he is preparing a short composition based around
several historic recordings which are being processed and reprocessed live
during the broadcast. Different kinds of digital sound processing are being
used to enhance specific frequencies, colours and textures. This results in
a deep, cold and spheric music that constantly redefines itself and is
represented as a magnification of microscopic sonics.

22:15 – 22:25 GMT VERDI – Swedish Radio (Sweden)
Live from Stockholm

Dorit Chrysler: live performance for vocals, theremin and electronics at the Modern Art
Museum in Stockholm (the broadcast will only be an excerpt from her live-performance
in Stockholm)

Best known for her theremin style, composer/musician Dorit Chrysler also has a prolific
recording and performing career as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and engineer.
Making her professional vocal debut at Austria's Opera House Graz at the age of seven, Dorit
went on to form her first rock band at thirteen and began working towards her Master's
Degree in Music Science at eighteen. Moving to New York, she was fronting a number of
notable bands, including New York rock quartet Halcion. Dorit has shared live bills with acts
as diverse as Alex Hacke, Amon Toubin, Dinosaur Jr., Blonde Redhead, Marilyn Manson,
Mercury Rev, Oingo Boingo and Echo and the Bunnymen. She has also collaborated and
recorded with artists & producers such as Elliott Sharp, Matt Johnson (The The), Larry 7,
Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), Rodelius (Cluster), Toby Dammit, Foetus, Ultra Vivid Scene,
Martin Bisi & Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers). Click here to see her complete discography.
As a regular at Joe McGinty's notorious Loser's Lounge review in New York, Dorit performed
"Hey Cowboy" for her idol, the song's composer Lee Hazelwood. This highpoint of Dorit's
career was topped off by Hazelwood's compliment that she sang it "better than Nancy
Embarking upon a solo career in 2000, Dorit has since performed in American and European
venues ranging from notorious dives (CBGB) to concert halls (Disney Hall in LA & Vienna
Konzerthaus) to famed music festivals (Roskilde, Ottawa Bluesfest, Phonotaktik). A typical
concert features both popular and experimental compositions. Always showcasing her
trademark vocal and theremin styles, Dorit also sometimes plays harmonium, harmonica, air-
synth, and keyboard in her sets (Perhaps she will one day re-introduce the world to the guitar
style that was praised in Guitar magazine?). Since 2005 she has toured Japan & Australia &
played in Paris, London, Berlin, Belgrade, Stockholm, Prague, Bukarest, Vienna, Switzerland,
Italy & New York.
*THERMINI-ELECTROPOP* After an assortment of film & video game soundtracks,
compilations, and singles, Dorit released her first full-length SOLO recording featuring her
Theremin in 2004. Produced, recorded, engineered, and performed by the artist herself, Best
of Dorit Chrysler appeared earlier on Dorit's favorite label, Plag Dich Nicht Records. This
Europe-only release hit the stores in August of 2004 and sold out of it's first pressing by
October. In 2005 "TinyThrills" a special Collectors Edition, including VINYL, CD & MP3,
featuring a joint collaboration with Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), has been released. In 2006
Dorit appeared in a collaboration with ELECTRIC INDIGO on the Chickson Speed
"Girlmonster" Comp, on Monika Enterprise "4WomanNoCry" & composed scores for Jesper
Just's work "A Viscious Undertow" & "It will all end in Tears", to be seen in the permanent
collection of the Luisiana Museum in Copenhagen.
In addition to her solo career, Dorit has founded the New York Theremin Society and,
together with the Issue Project Room, is co-curating the NY EXPERIMENTAL THEREMIN
ORCHESTRA Series. She coproduced the"10-piece - THEREMIN ORCHESTRA" event,
together with Steve Martin, the FIRST THEREMIN ORCHESTRA OF THE 21st CENTURY
took the stage at Disney Hall in Los Angeles in front of a sold out house in May 2007,
performing an exquisitely arranged repertoire of 20 minutes, followed by standing ovations
from the audience. She recently completed five sound pieces for "1%", a permanent sound
installation at the French Cultural Ministry in Paris and performed at the 2005 World Fair in
Aichi, JAPAN.

22:25 – 22:55 GMT VERDI – RTE (Ireland)
Live from Dublin

RTÉ lyric fm Ireland - EBU Arts Birthday 2008

Artist: Boxcutter
Producer: Sarah Blake (
Production Co-ordinator: Eoin O’Kelly
Engineer: tbc
Location: Studio 8, RTE, Dublin

RTÉ lyric fm will join the Arts Birthday celebrations at 22.25 with a live studio set from
Boxcutter, one of Ireland’s leading electronic music producers. For the Arts Birthday,
Boxcutter will present brand new material, as well as elements of older tracks reworked
and recombined on the fly. His set will feature laptop-based playing as well as live
improvisation on guitars and basses, and some melodica and synth playing.


Barry Lynn (1980), aka Boxcutter, is a musician and producer from County Armagh in
Northern Ireland. He takes in a diverse range of influences to make a wide spectrum of
abstract, but also warm and organic, electronic music. His debut album, “Oneiric”, was
released in April 2006 on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu imprint, to widespread critical acclaim.
Its fractured take on the London-centric dubstep sound drew it many accolades, including
being named as one of the best Electronica albums of 2006 in the Wire's end of year review.
The follow-up album, titled "Glyphic", was released in October 2007, and a further album of
early material entitled "Balancing Lakes" is due in early 2008. He's also been called upon to
remix material by Amon Tobin, amongst others. Barry has performed in clubs and concert
halls all over the UK and Europe.

7. Contact information – EBU Art’s Birthday 2007.

EBU-coordinator and producer Swedish Radio (Stockholm): Mr Erik Mikael Karlsson tel +46 70 3266848 (mobile) or +46 40 666 55 32 (office) –
Phone number to Studio 4 (on the 17th of January): +46 8 784 11 24

Producer ORF (Vienna): Mrs Elisabeth Zimmermann +43
676 407 16 41

Producer Slovak Radio (Bratislava): Mr Juraj Duris

Producers Croatian Radio (Zagreb): Mrs Iva Lovrec and Mrs Adriana

Producer RTBF (Brussels): Mr André Defossez
Producer RTS Radio Belgrade (Belgrade): Mr Predrag Stamenkovic

Producer YLE (Helsinki): Mr Hannu Karisto Phone number +358 9
1480 5266 Mobile phone +358 400 860 189

Producer RNE Radio Clasica (Madrid): Mr José Iges or Tf.: (0034)-660734307

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