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									                  Format for Senior Project Letter of Intent

123 Main St.
Hilo, HI 96720
1 August 2009

Senior Project Committee
Hilo High School
556 Waianuenue
Hilo, HI 96720

Dear Senior Project Committee:

Paragraph 1: In this paragraph, describe the general area of interest, i.e., history, art, law,
social service, etc., why you chose this area, and why this project is a learning stretch for
you. Make sure you explain what you already know, experienced, or have accomplished
in this area.

Paragraph 2: In this second paragraph, include the specific research your paper will focus
on, some of the ideas you hope to include, and what possible sources you might use.
“How to do” papers are not recommended because they are weak examples of research
papers. It is also very difficult to write a good, arguable thesis statement for this type of

Begin your 3rd paragraph with a transitional sentence showing the relationship between
your paper and your culminating activity. Then describe your project, what it will be,
who’s involved, your potential cost, potential time spent, and possible resources (note
these sources may or may not be the same for both paper and project).

Finally, explain your understanding of plagiarism and the penalties of such an act.


Student Signature

Student’s Name Typed

Parent Signature

___________________________________                         _________________________________
Capstone Teacher/School Mentor Signature                    Senior Project Committee Approval

Note: Your letter should be well written, thoughtful, properly formatted, and interesting to read.
Remember, although certain content is required, the key to a good letter is personal voice, insight, and
organization. Your letter should reflect YOU.

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