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					Even More SQA:
 Work Procedures
Pop Quiz

 What is the difference in
 "Software Testing" and
 "Software Quality Assurance"?
Which Philosophy is correct?

   True greatness is measured by how much
    freedom you give to others, not by how much
    you can coerce others to do what you want.
                                                  March 1999
                                                Larry Wall
                                            Creator of Perl

   Standardization is the key.
                                  paraphrase of ISO 9000-3

   procedure - general methodology

   work instructions - details of how to
    implement those procedures for this project
example types of work instructions

   audit process for subcontractors
   design documentation templates
   C++ programming instructions
   coordination and cooperation with the customer
   follow-up of beta site reporting
   monthly progress reporting

                                        SQA by Galin, page 316
Example Procedure:

          How to Conduct a Design Review
1. Preparation of Design Documents
2. DR Meeting
   –   concise presentation
   –   DR team discussion
   –   definition of action items
   –   action items timetable and responsible person
   –   person responsible for follow-up

3. DR Report

                                                       Galin pp 322-324
What should go in
work instructions for coding?

   adherence to coding standards
    –   comments
    –   variable names
    –   error checking
    –   etc
   design change request procedure
   version control
   backup procedure
Other Example Work Instructions

See course web site for:

   National Weather Service
    –   coding standards

   NASA
    –   code development procedures
Short related topics

Since a good set of work procedures in useless
unless people can see them and people know
how to use them, our next brief topics are:
   Documenting SQA Procedures
   Training
And since we need reporting to be standardized
   Templates and Checklists

   template - a standard Table of Contents
           Peer Review Report Form
           Bug Report Form
           Software Test Report

   checklist - list of items that are part of an
What is the value of
templates and checklists?

   Templates
    –   documents are more complete
    –   easier to review documents that are standardized
    –   easier to find information

   Checklists
    –   helps with self-checks
    –   more efficient and effective reviews
Documenting your
SQA Procedures
                                                  Really Dry
                                                  Topic Alert

   The collection of SQA procedures is usually
    called the "SQA Procedure Manual"

   A good reference for how to build a
    SQA Manual for software companies is
    ISO 9000-3

                                        SQA by Galin - section 14.2
Items your Quality Manual should cover
   4.1 Management responsibilities
                                                  according to ISO 9001
   4.2 Quality system requirements
   4.3 Contract review requirements
   4.4 Product design requirements
   4.5 Document and data control
   4.6 Purchasing requirements
   4.7 Customer-supplied products
   4.8 Product identification and tracing
   4.9 Process control requirements
   4.10 Product inspection and testing
   4.11 Control of inspection equipment
   4.12 Inspection and test status of products
   4.13 Control of nonconforming products
   4.14 Corrective and preventive action
   4.15 Handling, packaging, and delivery
   4.16 Control of quality records
   4.17 Internal quality audit requirements
   4.18 Training requirements
   4.19 Servicing requirements
   4.20 Statistical techniques

    Why have a Training Program?
   teach skills and knowledge needed by new staff
   update skills of old staff
   teach the proper use of SQA procedures and
    the uniform interpretation of standards
   because ISO and CMM say so

                                         blatant steal from Galin

   Who does the training?
    • your SQA group, if you have one
    • your staff who developed the standard/procedure/…
    • commercial training companies, tool vendors, etc.

   What do the training sessions look
    • anywhere from 30 minutes in your conference room
      to one week at a resort hotel
    SQA Topics covered in this course
   Managing SQA Costs
   Contract Review
   Formal Reviews
   Peer Reviews
   Work Instructions
   Templates and Checklists
   Contents of the Quality Manual
   SQA Training                                    You are here
   Corrective and Preventive Actions
   Industry Quality Standards (e.g. CMM and ISO9000)

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