Retail Storefront Guidelines

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					Retail Storefront Guidelines
A lot of businesses spend so much time getting the inside of their store looking just right that they
neglect to give as much attention to their storefront as they need to. The outside of the store is your
first chance to make an impression on potential customers and it is something that you must get right
if you want to maximize the amount of sales that you make. What exactly do you need to give
consideration to? Signage and presentation. You should display a large, clear professionally made
sign outside of your store. It should be large enough and clear enough to be easily read from the
opposite side of the road to where your store is located. If your business name does not make it
obvious what your store sells then you should also include a tagline on your sign which says what
type of products or services you offer. Signs inevitably start to become dirty over time so you need to
be sure to clean yours every month or so, as a dirty looking sign gives a bad impression to
Whatever you place in your windows will tell customers more about what is inside your store. You
want to use your windows to give customers a peek at what is inside your store. Do not forget to pay
attention to the space around and on top of your store windows too. Victorian awnings are a great
addition, and can really make your storefront stand out from the rest of the ones on the street.
Products displayed in your store window should be your best sellers and those which are uniquely
different from people can find elsewhere. Go for products from a range of different price points, so as
to appeal to as many people as possible. How many items to display will, of course, depend on how
large your window space is and how large or small the items that you stock are. To get ideas you
should visit various stores in your town and nearby towns and make some notes. Remember that
getting your storefront looking great is not a one-off job - you need to change things around regularly
to keep people interested. How often do you need to make changes? Maybe make minor changes
every week or two and big changes every month or two. It will take some time and effort but if you
pay close attention to it then you will really notice the difference in the amount of money that you

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Description: be sure to clean yours every month or so, as a dirty looking sign gives a bad impression to