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									A few tips for a successful sales meeting
If you head the sales department of your organization, you probably are, one of the most
stressed out individuals on earth. But gives sales managers sleepless nights, is not the sky
high targets or impossible deadlines, but conducting sales meetings. Here are a few tips to
help you out!

Keep it simple!
Don’t try to cram your meeting with sales stats, instead pepper the meet with quotes,
interesting trivia and open the floor to questions. PowerPoints are so passé. Use more
interactive software, or ask your tech guys to come up with a custom built application
that can grab eyeballs and one again the rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Add just the
essential facts and engage rather than lecturing the gathering.

Communicate on a personal level!
Now this is one place where name dropping doesn’t hurt! When you address people by
their names you can expect far better responses rather than the obligatory “umms and
yeah’s”. It can not only liven up your meeting but also ensure those who were fiddling
with their blackberries pay close attention to what is being discussed at the meeting.

Get a transcript of your meeting
A transcript of your sales meeting would help the attendees of your meet go through
what was discussed in detail as more often than not the issues addressed and points
discussed can be forgotten by the time people reach the car park. Record, your sales
meeting, and call up a meeting transcription services provider (there are many out there)
and transcribe your sales meet. Mailing across a text version of your sales meeting to
your team can not only guarantee that you’ve not just made a point but pushed your
points across.

And choose a professional meetings transcription provider to avoid tripwires!
With several meeting transcription services firms dotting the market you are spoilt for
choice! But do a little bit of home work or ask your secretary to as transcribing meetings
is a task that takes a lot of skills and expertise. A little blooper, or a misspelt name, can
defeat the whole purpose as nobody wants to continue reading a document that has
spelling mistakes, especially in the midst of a busy working day.
Finally, ensure that the audio recording of your meeting is clear, as most meeting
transcription firms, charge depending on the quality of your recording. All said and done
it is the ability to think on your feet that is going to avoid any last minute pitfalls. Good
luck on that.

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