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					                  The Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital
                    Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarship Fund
                                Application Form

To be eligible for a GSCNC Gold Award Scholarship an applicant must:
 Be a currently registered Girl Scout in GSCNC
 Be a senior in high school
 Be continuing her education following high school graduation
 Have earned her Gold Award

Applications must be:
 Complete, typed, and clear enough to be duplicated easily. (Applicants may attach extra
 sheets if necessary.)
 Accompanied by:
      o A letter of recommendation, written by a non-family member, addressing your
           achievements in the areas of leadership and service
      o Written verification of receipt of the Gold Award from the granting council. (If
           application and GSCNC Gold Award Final Report are submitted at the same time to
           meet the March 15 deadline, GSCNC will provide the Gold Award Scholarship
           Committee with the required documentation.)
 Received at the GSCNC office at the address below by 5:00 pm on March 15th.

Original application must be sent or delivered to:
GSCNC, attn: Gold Award Scholarship Committee
4301 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite M-2, Washington, DC 20008

Name                                                 SSN


City                                        State                  Zip Code

Phone                                       Email

Assn #                 SU #                 Troop #            # of years in Girl
Year Gold Award Earned                      Council where Gold Award was earned

Signature of applicant                                                    Date
Gold Award Scholarship Application

1. List your Girl Scout experience, extra-curricular activities, and other related
community service. Include leadership positions that you have held. You may attach a

2. Briefly describe your Girl Scout Gold Award project. Describe the steps you took to
accomplish it. Discuss the need your project was designed to address and what
difference your project made to the community. What were some challenges you faced
and how did you address them?

3. Describe the most significant community service you provided through Girl Scouting
other than your Gold Award project.

4. Describe the most challenging situation you faced while in a leadership role and what
you learned from that experience.

5. Explain how the principles and ideals of Girl Scouting have influenced your life.

6. What do you enjoy most about Girl Scouting?

7. What schools have you applied to/been accepted to? What are your educational

8. How would this scholarship enhance your ability to achieve your educational goals?
9. Is there anything else you would like the Scholarship Committee to know when
considering your application?

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