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					Latest Website Design Trends For 2010
Well, 2010 has finally arrived, and with it are new, innovative Website designs that will usher in the
brave, new look of tomorrow's online marketplace. There will be Web design trends that people will
love and some they hate, and what is hot at the beginning of the year may be cold by year's end.
Additionally, the trend doesn't begin and end on January 1st; there is a definite shift in ideas and
trends as the year progresses, albeit a subtle one, as new ideas emerge and become more
The trends that evolve help Web designers evolve as well, allowing them to master and refine their
skills and to reach new heights of creativity and discovery. The team of Web designers at Active Web
Group have identified the Website designs that we feel will be the hottest trends for 2010.
The Web design trends Active Web Group outline below mark a different trend view from 2009, but
not a drastic one. Contact Active Web Group to incorporate any of these new and latest design trends
into your custom designed Website.
Oversized Logos/Headers
Oversized logos with an oversized header are one trend that is already growing in popularity, and will
likely populate many newly designed or redesigned websites in 2010. The main objective behind a
huge header is to increase brand recognition and leave a lasting impression. They are intended to
take over a significant portion of the splash page, enticing visitors to scroll down.
Sketches/Hand-drawn Designs
Sketching or Hand-drawn designs in 2010 will become not so much the main focus of a Web design,
but rather a method used to personalize standard web copy and thus become an elemental part of
corporate design. The sketch will help distinguish between a cold Web site and personal interaction.
Slab Typefaces
While slab typefaces have been around for quite some time, they are just now gaining important
significance in Website design. Slab typefaces are usually all capital letters and are bold and
imposing. They go hand in hand with large headers and can help express who you are as a company.
Typography was a big trend in 2009 and will quite possibly remain so in 2010. Websites utilizing
Typography as their main design element may be more interesting to a reader than the same site with
a large amount of images.
One Page Layouts
The development of one page layouts in 2010 will focus on personal profiles with a reduced corporate
influence. Think online business cards. This Web design will focus on the individual, their blog, social
media hangouts, etc.
Huge Images
A huge image is about creating a visual impact that the visitor will not forget, similar to the oversized
logo/header. They are designed to draw the visitor further into the Website
Change of Perspective
The change in perspective to a more realistic view will mark a definitive trend in 2010. Playing around
with different perspectives, such as a side-shot aerial, may be a particular element that finds its way
into the web design mix.
Interactive/Intuitive Design
The development of Websites with Flash has come a long way, with the advent of swfobject2.2, sIFR
and other Flash technologies that enable it to be more accessible to major search engines. 2010 will
see Web designers move towards some of the more redeeming elements of Flash. Since the average
visitor is now more Web savvy than in previous years, designers will begin to create sites that are
more intuitive and interactive.
Modal Boxes
In 2010, modal boxes are picking up steam. They are similar to a popup but much more engaging
and less intrusive. Modal boxes are easy to design and use, making them a great solution for
designers due to their ease of usability.
One of the trends Active Web Group sees coming in 2010 are Websites featuring loads of white
space, bold typology and different color schemes. Minimalism will showcase some fresh colors that
bring forth warmth and websites that are primarily focused in their delivery on information.
Oversized Footers
While we have seen only a small amount of Websites with oversized footers thus far, we believe 2010
will see this web design feature become an integral part of the overall design of the Website. Footers
will highlight such features as: feed updates from social media outlets, photo and video feeds and
In an attempt to honor vintage art, 2010 will find Web designers turning to retro design. While a site
that is done in retro might seem incomplete, the key to a successful retro design should be a focus on
an inspirational tone and 'playfulness'.
Intro Boxes
The attraction towards the development of an intro box on a Website in 2010 is the simplicity of
introducing yourself to the visitor instead of struggling with the development of a creative 'About Us'
Magazine Layouts
The magazine layout in 2010 has come in part due to the migration from the traditional press to online
infotainment. The development of a magazine layout gives the visitor all of the information they are
seeking on one home page; this gives the visitor the opportunity to view everything quickly and at
their convenience.
These are just a few of the most important Web designs Active Web Group believes will be the major
trends in Website design for 2010. For more information contact Active Web Group today and let us
design a custom Website for your online presence.
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Description: will highlight such features as: feed updates from social media outlets, photo and video feeds and