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					Advice Partnership Meeting 02/12/2011

Local Authority Mapping of Advice Spend

The initial mapping of 'advice' spend will follow the definitions utilised by the
advice partnership in it's mapping of provision in November 2009.

The Council is planning to progress this initially through desktop research and
one to one interviews as appropriate (as opposed to the workshop that was
originally planned)

It is intended that this will help the Council (and the Partnership) plan the
commissioning of 'social welfare' advice post legal aid reform. These are initial
steps only and it is intended that consideration of broader 'advice' and
'financial inclusion' related issues will follow later in the year.

Pathfinder Projects

Funding arrangements are being put in place to ensure these projects can
commence from next month.

Advice Hub

Further to the vision statement presented to December's Advice Partnership
meeting, CAB, BHT and Community Base held an initial, informal, scoping
meeting in January. It was agreed that they will proceed to assess the viability
of CAB & BHT jointly occupying the space currently occupied by BHT Legal
Advice Centre.

EU funding via the Grunwig Programme

After careful consideration the Advice Strategy Project has decided not to
pursue a bid to this programme at this point.

The main factors influencing this decision were as follows:

a) Partnership

The programme does not support bids from UK partnerships. As the advice
strategy project is 'hosted' by BHT, BHT would be the only UK participant in
any bid the project led.

b) Timescale

Successful projects are scheduled to run from August 2012-August 2014. At
present BHT has funding for the Advice Strategy Project until October 2012
only. Given the current uncertainty around advice provision post April 2013 we
consider it unwise to commit to such a project at this point.
Agencies who are interested in submitting their own bids should note the 21st
February deadline and contact Paul Sweeting or Neil Clarke for further
information asap.

Toynbee Hall Financial Inclusion Wellbeing Tool

B&HCC library service and MACCS submitted expressions of interest in the
Toynbee Hall Pilots. The expressions of interest were accompanied by a
statement of support from the Advice Strategy Project

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