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									                Avon Schools’
             Badminton Association
           (The Junior Section of the Avon Badminton Association)                A.S.      B.A.

     Minutes from the 2006 Avon School Badminton Association AGM
                                 held at
                   St Katherines, Pill on May 26th 2006
             Present: Approx 80 member/parents attended.

1.           Apologies for Absence:
                   Nigel Birkett from Beaufort Badminton Club
                   Paul Tomlinson – Head Badminton Coach David Lloyd
                   Bob Todd - Parent
2.           Chairman’s Report – Mark Marsh – See attached

3.           Team Managers Reports. Hard copies will be available at the AGM
             U17 – Lesley Sanders
             U15 – James Hollis
             U13 – Steve Marsh
                    Steve also paid farewell to Douglas Todd who is leaving the County to go
                    to a new school and wished him and his family all our best wishes.
             U11 – Nigel Gibbons
                    Nigel also did a report on the Talent Identification scheme run by
                    Badminton England of which Nigel is Avon’s Representative.

             Colour Awards – The colours were handed out by the Team Managers for each
             squad for players who had represented the County at each age group.
             Ella Clarke          Rob Armstrong                Ben Sanders
             Charlotte            Sam Crossley
             Day                  Stephen Goodchild
             Emma Laws            Owen Grant
             Emily White          Nick Joslyn
             Katie White          Jonhathan Kittos
             Kritika Mohan        Jo Parsons

             Charlotte De Burge   Alistair Bryne               James Lee
             Ellen Marsh          Chris Coles                  Dan Parsons
             Gabby Smith          Simon Cox                    Stephen Van De Park
             Emily White          Andrew Craig

             Emma Bailey          Frankie McDowell             Michael Armstrong
             Hannah Chatterton    Olivia Smith                 Andrew Cox
             Rebecca Cox          Sophie Viner                 Kieran Gibbons
             Rebecca Ewing        Emily Look                   Mitchell Tarling
             Glenys Marsh         Ross Miller
          Team Managers awards –
          U17 – Emma Laws
          U15 – Dan Parsons.
          U13 – Douglas Todd
          U11 – Dominic Aitken

          Wendy Phelps Award – Awarded by the team members of the Nottingham
               Squad. Winners are Kim McCabe and Emily Hollis

          Shires League Trophies
          U15 – The U15 Shire Team won the league and were invited to the National
                 Finals whey they finished in 4th position. – Trophies presented: –

4,        The Golding Trophy – Committee choice. The recipient this year of this
                prestigious award was Emily White.

          At this point Vivien Hollis and Sue Marsh informed all present of our intention to
          run a Fund-raising event to raise money for a medical kit for each squad. The
          event would be a BBQ and games afternoon to be held on July 2nd. A stand had
          been set up for people to purchase tickets during the interval.


     5.      Minutes of last meeting. These were circulated at the meeting. Proposed as
             a true record by Steve Marsh and seconded by James Hollis
     6.      Matters arising. Nil Matters arising.
     7.      Proposals:
             The 4 proposals involved the amendment to the current Constitution covering
             the current name of our National Governing Body and changes to the Child
             Protection Policy and Equity Policy.
             1. The Association shall be the Junior Section of the Avon Badminton
             Association (ABA) and be known as the ‘Avon Schools’ Badminton
             Association’ (ASBA) and shall be affiliated to BADMINTON ENGLAND

             10. Age limits for all Tournaments will be decided by the age of the
                 competitor as required by BE regulations.

             12. ASBA shall abide by the Child Protection Policy of the ABA.

             13. ASBA shall abide by the Equity Policy of the ABA.

            Sections 1 and 10 are a straightforward correction to the current name and abbreviation
            of the Governing Body. Sections 12 and 13 are to keep in line with a single set of
            policies maintained by Avon BA which are currently changing in line with the latest
            from BADMINTON England. These basically call on all members, partners and other
            organisations to adopt the BADMINTON England Child Protection Policy and
            Implementation Procedures and abide by the Policy and Code of Ethics and Conduct.
            This is a welcome improvement on all clubs having to create their own policies. Avon
            BA are appointing Brenda Bird as the Child Welfare Officer who will be the key
            contact with BADMINTON England.

            All 4 proposals were unanimously voted in favour of by a show of hands.
8.    Hon Treasurer’s Report (David Mortimer). David presented the accounts
      from 1/4/05 – 21/3/06. Dave also reported that the cost of the court hire at
      St Ursula’s had gone up by 3% but in comparison to other halls it was still
      tremendous value for money.
      David proposed to increase the Subscriptions by £5 to £75 per term and the
      match fees to £7.00 per match. Proposed by D Mortimer. Seconded by S

      With regard to coaching, the committee wanted to continue with Pete and
      Anthony Bush. They currently charge £25 per hour but Pete is a World Class
      Coach and Anthony is a top County Coach and excellent value for money.

      A question was raised as to why no affiliation fees were shown on the
      accounts. Janet Stables from Highbury BC explained that all affiliation fees
      were paid to BE and then paid back to ASBA via the Avon Senior County. At
      the time of presenting the accounts these monies had not been transferred into
      the Junior account.

      As David had decided to step down this year Mark thanked him for all the
      time and effort he had put in during his time in office as Treasurer.

9.    Election of Officers. Show of hands. All for. None against.
      Chairman. Mark Marsh
      Secretary. Jane Coles
      Treasurer. Nobody wished to stand at the present time. To be elected
      Coaching Co-ordinator. Not fulfilled.
      Publicity Officer. Nigel Gibbons
      Talent Identification Officer. Nigel Gibbons
      U17 Team Manager. Lesley Sanders
      U17 Assistant Team Manager. Keith Goodchild
      U15 Team Manager. James Hollis
      U15 Assistant Team Manager. Jane Coles
      U13 Team Manager. Steve Coles
      U13 Assistant Team Manager. Rachel Smith
      U11 Team Manager. Nigel Gibbons
      U11 Assistant Team Manager. Jayne Hopton

10.   AOB
      Bob Todd thanked the committee for all the hard work that they had put in
      during the year.

      Janet Staples requested that full names to be filled in on the South West Score

      Mark reminded everybody present about the ASBA summer club. Jane to
      send out letters.

      Mark thanked everyone for attending.

      The meeting closed at 9.40pm

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