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									Rare Earth Silver
The last years of mining silver could well be compared to studies that indicate the world is approaching
the last years of pumping oil.

While the earth’s stores of silver may not actually run out anytime soon, increasing demand and
increasingly difficult mining opportunities for silver tends to put upward pressure on the cost of
extracting what silver is left from the planet.

Those mining costs are also getting more and more complex as new processes and resource scouting
techniques are required.

Energy prices ultimately will go up. If not because of dwindling supply, then they will very likely rise due
to inflation. The same is true of precious metal prices.

The Silver Mining Industry

The silver mining industry, much like the agricultural industry, is aging. It will take a substantial capital
investment to train new people and bring in new innovation to meet growing industrial and investor
demand for silver.

Furthermore, silver mining is machine and labor intensive. This makes it more difficult to factor in
abstract costs and risks like political or regulatory challenges, or the constant threat of nationalization of
personal silver stashes….

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