6th Grade Curriculum Guide in English by LindlAndrewCarcido


									Curriculum Guide in English
Sixth Grade
Subject Description: English 6
Course Code: BENG06
           Summer                               Fall                                             Winter                      Spring                            Remarks
      Lecture               Lab         Lecture       Lab                                Lecture        Lab          Lecture         Lab                       Requirement
I. Sentences and Journals         III, Vebs and Photo Essays    a. Presentation   VI.Sentences and Editorials   VIII. Verbs and Business        a. Essay   1. Digital Presentation
a. What are the kinds of          a. What is a Verb?                              a. Sentences with
sentences                                                                         Modifiers                     a. Reviewing Verbs and
                                  b. Transitive and                                                             Verb Phrases
b. Simple and Complete            Intansitive Verbs                               b. Preposition and
Subjects                                                                          Prepositional Phrases         b. Irregular Verbs
                                  c. Action or Linking Verb
c. Simple and Complete                                                            c. Combining Sentences        c. Principal Part of Irregulr
Predicates                        d. Verb Pharases                                with Prepositional Phrases    Verbs

d. Sepaated Parts of the          e. Simple Tenses                                d. Combining Sentences        d. Using Forms Of Be
Predicate                                                                         with Appositives
                                  f. Principal Parts of Verbs                                                   e. Using Forms of Do
e. Inverted Order in                                                              e. Combining Subjects and
Questions                         g. Progressive Tenses                           Predicates                    f. Using Forms of Have

f. Unusual Order in               h. Pefect Tenses                                f. Subject-Verb Agreement     g. Contractions
                                  i.Subject-verb Agreement                        g. Combining Sentences        h. Problem Verbs
g. Completing Sentence                                                            with Conjunctions
Fragments                         j. A Photo Essay                                                              i. Business Letters and
                                                                                  h. Using Commas in            Forms
h.A Journal Enty                  k. Listening: Directions                        Sentences
                                                                                                                j. Listening: Telephone
i. Listening: Sensory             l. Vocabulary: Synonyms                         i. An Editorial               Messages
                                  m. Sentences that Give                          j. Speaking Persuasion        k. Vocabulary: Career
j. Vocabulary: Sensory            Directions                                                                    Words
Words                                                    k. Vocabulary: Connotative
                             n. A How to Paragraph       and Denotative words         l. Appropriate Tones in
k. Sentenes with Figures                                                              Sentences
of Speech                    o. Keeping to the main      l. Writing Efficient
                             idea                        Sentences                    m. S Summary Paragraph
l. Writing a Descriptive
Poem                         IV. Pronouns and Friendly   m. A Persuasive Paragraph    IX. Adverbs and Research
                             Letters                                                  Reports
m. Main Idea in a                                        VII. Nouns, Pronouns, and
Paragraph                    a. What is a Pronoun?       Book Report                  a. What is an Adverb?

II. Nouns and Story          b. Subject and Pronouns     a. Reviewing Nouns and       b. Kinds of Adverbs
Writing                                                  Pronouns
                             c. Object Pronouns                                       c. Adverbs and Prepositions
a. What is a Noun?                                       b. Direct Objects and
                             d. Possesive Pronouns       Subject Complements          d. Using Adverbs to
b. Common and Proper                                                                  Compare
Nouns                        e. Pronouns and             c. Indirect Objects
                             Antecedents                                              e. Using Negatives
c. Commas with Nouns of                                  d. Interrogative and
Address                      f. Commas with              Relative Pronouns            f. Using Well and Badly
                             Introductory words
d. Compound Nouns                                        e. Indefinite Pronouns       g. Inrjections
                             g. Commas in Series
e. Singular and Plural                                   f. Using Who and Whom        h. A Research Report
Nouns                        h. A Friendly Letter
                                                         g. Confusing Pronouns and    i. Finding Subject
f. Other Plural Nouns        i. Listening: Options       Contractions
                                                                                      j. Using the Library
g. Possesive Nouns           j. Vocabulary: Using        h. Abbreviations
                             Idioms                                                   k. Taking Notes
h. Confusion of Plural and                               i. A Book Report
Possesives                   k. Sentence Expansion                                    l. Making an Outline
                                                         j.Speaking: Oral Book
i. Collectives Nouns         l. A Narrative Paragraph    Report                       m. Connecting Paragraph

j. Stories for Younger       m. Dictionary               k. Vocabulary: Antonyms      n. Listing Sources
Children                     Hyphenation
                                                         l. Sentence Variety          o. Speaking: Oral Report
k. Describing the Setting    V. Adjectives and Plays
                                                         m. Run-on Sentences
l. Developing Characters     a. What is an Adjective?
                                                         n. A Descriptive Paragraph
m. Writing Conversion        b. Predicate Adjectives

n. building the Plot         c. Proper Adjectives

o. Vocabulary: Word for      d. articles
Your Audience
                           e.Using This, That, These
p. Presenting Your Story   and Those

                           f. Using Adjectives to

                           g. Irregular Comparative

                           h. A Play

                           i. Listening: Natural

                           j. Homophones

                           k. Spatial Order in

                           l. Form of a Play

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