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									                               Student Government Association
                          SGA Minutes from Sunday, November 7, 2010
I. Meeting called to order at 08:22 pm

II. Attendance
Executive Board: Carleigh Baldwin, President; John Guinan, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Michael
Swanson, Vice President for Financial Affairs
Senate: Alyssa Belschner, Robert Benoit, Jon Bishop, Laura Brannon, Matthew Brennan, Julia Brough,
Jacqueline Carlson, Michael Carpentier, Emily Carr, Jordan Dembishack, Jen DiMilla, Brian Dixon, Megan
Evangelista, J. Paul Gardella, Nicole Graham, Nicolas Guerra, Leslie Higgins, Devon Holmes, Caroline
Knowles, Julie Malinowski, Alex Mascaro, Joe McElroy, Andrea Nault, Allie Orlando, Molly Pietrantonio,
Patrick Ritter, Joelle Santiago, Kristin Schultz, Daisy Sinchi, Dan Thaller, Courtney Trahan, Ethan Ward,
Molly Wiley, Jay Williams, Jackie Zaremba
Absent: Jonny Grenier, Vice President for Student Affairs; Dexter Viator, Senate Speaker; Ethan Ward
Guests: Bob Ravenelle, Dean of Students; Eric Swindle, Director of Student Activities; James Rizza, Director
Campus Ministry

III. Invocation: James Rizza, Director of Campus Ministry

IV. Approval of the Minutes
First motion: Molly Wiley Second Motion: Jay Williams
Decision: Motion PASSED

V. Campus Update: Brittany Kindberg, Campus Activities Board Liaison

Nude Figure drawing session
11/11/2010 6:30 PM
Laska Studio 204

The Emmanuel d'Alzon Lecture
11/11/2010 7:00 PM Salon
La Maison Française

Consortium Has Talent
11/12/2010 7:00 PM
Hanover Theater

Movies with a Message- John Wayne in "The Searchers"
11/12/2010 8:00 PM Kennedy 112
Movies with a Message Presents:

Late Night @ Charlie's
Dan the Magic Man
11/12/2010 9:00 PM
Winter Ball Ticket Sales
11/16/2010 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Laska Lobby
Seniors ONLY

Psi Chi Induction Ceremony
11/16/2010 7:00 PM
Hagan Hall

Winter Ball Ticket Sales
11/17/2010 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Laska Lobby
Juniors ONLY

Career Fair 2010
11/18/2010 6:00 PM
Plourde Recreation Center

START 2 Retreat
11/19/2010 4:00 PM
St. Benedict Abbey, Still River, MA

Late Night @ Charlie's
AC Idol
11/19/2010 9:00 PM

Ultimate Game Zone Tournament
11/20/2010 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Hagan Campus Center Hall

VI. Reports from Executive Committee

       Vice President for Financial Affairs Report- Michael Swanson ‘11
The Finance Committee met on Tuesday to discuss two groups. The first group was the Theology Club who
asked for funding to bring a speaker on campus. Their proposal has been put on hold though until the club
speaks with the Theology Department. The second group the committee met with was RHA (Resident Hall
Association). The club was asking funding to put on more events in residence halls. Their proposal has been put
on hold as well until a final list of Events is put together.

        Vice President for Academic Affairs- John Guinan ‘11
I have been asked to clarify the process for students to get into full classes. The department chair will approve
overloads during the registration period. The registrar’s office does not overload courses on its own, but instead
works with the appropriate academic personnel to try to accommodate students.

Academic Affairs Committee Chairman and Senator Matthew Brennan appointed Committee Members and
Senators Brian Dixon and Devon Holmes to conduct the Arabic language course survey. I met with both
senators and they informed me that they plan to work this week on constructing the survey and that the survey
will be conducted before Thanksgiving break. I would like to thank the Committee on Academic Affairs, and
Senators Dixon and Holmes in particular in advance for their efforts.
The Executive Committee has concluded that the establishment of an ad hoc committee is not the most effectual
means by which a discussion could be facilitated concerning the College’s educational philosophy and how it
would best be translated in the areas for which the Division of Student Affairs is responsible. Bearing in mind
my responsibilities as an elected representative, taken with the concerns brought to me by my constituents and
their subsequent support for the facilitation of this conversation, the Office of the Student Government
Association Vice President for Academic Affairs will explore ways to facilitate constructive discussion on the
partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs in fostering the educational philosophy of the
College. The outcome of these discussions will be made available to the campus community by means yet to be
determined. I invite people who have questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to this ongoing initiative
to contact me.

       Vice President for Student Affairs- Jonny Grenier ‘11
No report this week.

       President’s Report- Carleigh Baldwin ‘11
The Electronic Harassment Education Committee met this week to discuss and decide upon a campaign for the
upcoming months. The committee decided on the campaign titled “Support, Report, Defend: Stand Against
Electronic Harassment.” The campaign will be multifaceted and hopes to educate students about the resources
available, what constitutes electronic harassment and also how to defend themselves against electronic
harassment of any kind.

I will be attending the College’s Budget Planning and Priorities Committee to communicate the priorities of the
student body for the coming year.

The executive board met and discussed the ad-hoc committee that would be concerning the college’s
Department of Student Affairs and its relationship to the educational mission of the college. We have come to a
decision that this committee is not the way we will be proceeding at this time and therefore I will not be calling
the ad-hoc committee together, as was previously mentioned in Vice President Guinan’s Report.

Any questions or comments please email

VII. Committee Updates

       Academics – Matthew Brennan ‘12
The Committee on Academic Affairs will offer two presentations. First, our notes from the 1 November 2010
meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs; as a committee, we:
     Were led in a discussion by the Senators Concerned with Academic Opportunities and Academic
       Programs on promotion of their respective academic areas of concern.
           o The Senator Concerned with Academic Opportunities discussed promotional opportunities for
               Post-Baccalaureate Scholarships
           o The Senator Concerned with Academic Programs discussed promotional opportunities for the
               Fortin and Gonthier Foundations of Western Civilization Program
     Discussed the “We Paid For This Education, Let’s Own It!” Initiative as an avenue for mission
       implementation in collaboration with the introduction of legislation pertaining to academic affairs
Secondly, our agenda for the 8 November 2010 meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs; tomorrow, we
     Receive updates from The Senator Concerned with Academic Opportunities, The Senator Concerned
       with Academic Programs, The Senator Concerned with Academic Resources, and The Senators without
       Academic Portfolios
Thank you very much for your time and continued commitment to academics here at Assumption College.
       Athletics – Molly Pietrantonio ‘12
Ice Hockey won the Becker Ice Breaker Tournament Championship 4-3
Men’s Basketball won their exhibition game against the University of Quebec-Montreal 82-69
Volleyball lost both of their matches, Friday against UMASS Lowell 3-0, and Saturday against Merrimack 3-0
concluding their Fall season
Swimming came 2nd out of 6 at the Keene State Invitational
Football lost against Stonehill 18-0
Men’s Cross Country came in 13th out of 14 teams at the Northeast-10 Conference Championship
Field Hockey lost against Merrimack 3-1

This Week’s Games:

Monday -Men’s Basketball plays at Holy Cross at 7
Tuesday- Ice Hockey plays at Salem State at 7
Wednesday- Field Hockey is home against Stonehill at 4
Friday- Ice Hockey plays away against Wentworth
Saturday- Football is home against American International at 1
           Men’s Basketball plays way at Bridgeport for the Purple Knights Classic
           Swimming is away for the Pace University Tri-Match
Sunday -Men’s Basketball is away at Chestnut Hill

**SRC put on a great late night at Charlie’s event on Friday, The Price is Right, it was well attended for their
first event, and a lot of fun!

       Events – Joelle Santiago ‘13
No report this week.

   Food and Auxiliary – Jacki Carlson ‘12
No report this week.

      Policy Review – Patrick Ritter ‘11
No Report this week.

        Student Affairs – Dan Thaller ‘12
In our committee meeting tomorrow night we will be discussing the Club and Organization registration process
and how we can improve it.

VIII. Class President’s Report

       Senior Class – Julie Malinowski ’11
      November 15th is the Third of the Senior Programming Series Events, What To Do At A Career Fair.
          o 7pm-8pm in La Maison Auditorium
          o Every Senior that attends will be entered into a Free Senior Week!
      Looking forward to seeing all of the Seniors there!
      We’re still working on planning Senior Week, and looking forward to finalizing plans.

       Junior Class – Molly Wiley ’12
Hey Everybody! I hope you had a great weekend; we're currently still working on our Holiday Bazaar and our
Junior Class New York Trip. Mark your calendars for November 30th from 10 am - 5 pm for the Holiday
Bazaar and the location along with other details will be available soon. The New York Trip is in the works and
we should have finalized itineraries by the end of this week, and you will be getting more updates about that by
next Sunday. Thanks and have a great week!

       Sophomore Class – Jay Williams ’13
Hey guys, this past month we had two very successful events, Pumpkin-Palooza and our Late Night @
Charlie’s. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us! Right now we are working on our
fundraiser for this semester and the winter 'event'. Thanks guys!

        Freshman Class – Nicolas Guerra ’14
The freshman class would like to report the following:
- Give thanks to the Sophomore Class for their mentoring in the Pumpkin Palooza. It really helped in seeing
how an event is ran and gave us ideas for next year when it is our turn in running it.
- Also we are in the middle of planning our first Late Night; we are hosting "Dan the Magic Man" and also
providing free food and drinks. We will also being doing a raffle for 2 pairs of movie tickets. A total of 4. We
hope that everyone will show up and support our first Late Night

IX. Open Discussion
       Jacki Carlson ’12 led an open discussion: To require committee chairpersons to keep & maintain a blog
with SGA updates.

X. Calendar

       Senate # 13: An act to approve the following clubs and organizations constitutions for the 2010-2011
       Academic year; Assumption College Dance Team, Assumption College Women’s Club Volleyball,
       Latin Dance Club, Assumption Ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, Men’s Volleyball, Outdoors Club,
       Equestrian Club
       Reason Behind this Proposal: To be in accordance with the SGA Constitution.
       -Sponsored by: Robert Benoit
       -Cosponsored by: Laura Brannon, Jacquilyn Zaremba, Jordan Dembishack, Dan Thaller, Courtney
Decision: Withdrawn

XI. New Business

       Senate # 14: To amend Article IX, Section 1, Subsection E to read: “All clubs will be required to submit
       a constitution by the end of the spring semester to be approved by the Senate for continuation in the
       following Academic year.”
       Reasoning Behind this Proposal: To keep better record of current clubs and organizations
       -Sponsored by: Daniel Thaller
       -Cosponsored by: Molly Wiley, Robert Benoit, Megan Evangelista, Jeff P. Gardella, Jr., Joe McElroy,
       Nicole Graham
                                     This proposal has been withdrawn.

       Senate # 15: To amend Article IX, Section 1, Subsection H (new) of the SGA Constitution to read: “All
       new clubs are required to send at least one representative to come speak to the Senate about the nature of
       their organization.”

       Reasoning Behind this Proposal: The 2009-2010 Senate passed a proposal stating this, but, it was not
       added to the constitution.
       -Sponsored by: Daniel Thaller
       -Cosponsored by: Molly Wiley, Robert Benoit, Megan Evangelista, Jeff P. Gardella, Jr., Joe McElroy,
       Nicole Graham
XII. Announcements
       No announcements this week.

XIII. Adjournment
       Motion: Matt Brennan          Second: Jordan Dembishack
Decision: Motion PASSED

                                Respectfully submitted by Dexter Viator ‘11
                              Senate Speaker, Student Government Association

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