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Computer as one of the most sophisticated electronic media and the increasingly widely used by the public during this period, be it at home, at
school, in offices, in the place of business, in print, in laboratories, in libraries, in factories , and in all sectors whether industrial sectors,
agriculture, commerce, health services sector, the entertainment industry, and so forth. The presence of computers is necessary because it is
very helpful in computer performance and activities of daily human effort. In the process, the computer varies from the type and form design,
the type of hardware and chipset that supports it, and also varies from the type of software is in it. Several variations of the development of
computers that exist today are the kind of computer netbook, desktop computer or a CPU and monitor, notebook or laptop, tablet computer or
tablet PC, and all in a desktop . Of all types of computers is, of course there are many different brands of different computers with computer
hardware spesiifikasi different too, as well as computer operating systems that are embedded in it or the software installed in it will vary as well.
From these differences , there are some things that we can look at and should we have to do against any type and brand of computers we
have, namely the use of computers and computer maintenance . Effective use of computers is the proper handling of the computer according
to our needs, either for work, to learn, to businesses, as well as for entertainment. Then, computer maintenance needs to be done in order to
keep the computer so durable, more stable computer performance and speed.

Computer performance will decrease over time or use a computer from time to time, as more commonly used in long-term and the more the
program or software that is installed on the computer. In addition, the factors of the condition of the existing hardware on the computer also
affects the speed of the computer's performance. Finding ways to speed up computer performance is the most important thing we can do as
well as computer users and computer owners. Probably most of us still "limited" as the user's computer, especially if it's because of its affairs
office computer will become the responsibility of IT staff. But if you have your own computer, do also have to always give it all to a computer
repair shop or a computer handyman service ? At the very least, if we can prevent it from damage or caring for a computer yourself with how to
care for a computer that we can do, there's no harm in it?
If you have a slow computer performance and computer is not fast as usual, this happens because you do not care computer properly. It is
your responsibility to speed up computer performance and make it run at optimal performance of your computer.

bellow Here are tips to speed up computer performance we need to do:

1. Delete the files on the PC that is not useful:
- waste and delete files on computers that are not useful So, you can delete the files that you created that is not used again, such as file type,
image files or files of songs and movies which are not favored and is not used anymore. This course will also save more computer hard drive

2. Eliminate hidden files or Hidden Files and Temporary Files on your computer:
- each of us to run the computer as internet browsing, run the program office, installation software, install the games, play games, and so on,
then there are temporary files made and left in a specific folder on the computer. This is certainly a long semain will accumulate and will hamper
the performance of the computer.
For users of Windows 7, we can do the cleaning temporary files in a way: Click Start > type " % tmp% "(without quotes) in the box Search , and
press Enter. Then delete all files and folders that appear. Tips : Your first close all programs before you do the cleaning of temporary files are.

3. Remove or uninstall unused programs
- For the program, for example, you're done playing the game and will not play it anymore, then you should uninstall the game. This of course
will also save your computer hard drive capacity. For program or software, too, such as your computer is plugged in Video Editing program ,
but you do not need it at all, then you should just uninstall the program via the Control Panel . If you lack understanding of the programs
installed on your PC, ask your friends that you are not wrong in throwing program.

4. Defrag computer systems periodically and regularly
eg once a month to defragment tool. You can do the defragment tool with built-in PC, as well as the defragmenter software such as disk
defragmenter tool .

5. Disk CleanUp :
 Windows default is a useful tool to find junk files and temporary internet, tumbnails, error reports, and others in the computer system. With
Disk CleanUp, you can delete useless files, so it will mengehmat disk space on the PC. How to use Disk CleanUp is: click Start> All Programs>
Accessories> System Tools> Disk CleanUp , then select the location of the drive of your Windows system , then the menu Disk CleanUp to do
the selection / tick and press OK, or the menu options More could be done Clean up .

6. If the operating system used on the PC is Windows,
 then install antivirus on your computer , and update antivirus on a regular basis, either update the antivirus engine and antivirus database
updates . Just plug one antivirus on your computer. Perform a computer with antivirus scanning on a regular basis and periodically.

7. When using a computer, do not be too many programs running simultaneously and with the weight. For example, you play the game by
listening to music or video, while you're downloading the file from the internet, on the other hand you are also doing video rendering for example
.. Another example, say you're browsing the internet, by opening a browser tab for more than 15 tabs, along with playing games online and
chat or video chat, then you also while doing the download .

8. Make a back up of data files or your computer on an external storage media such as CD / DVD, USB flash and external hard drive.

9. In hardware, tips or how to speed up computer performance is the most convenient way is to upgrade the memory / RAM computer .

10. Attach tool or software to speed up computer performance , such as TuneUp Utilities or PC Tools .

11. For Windows OS users,
we can to disable startup programs that Windows startup process faster.
How to disable startup programs in Windows 7 is: click Start, then on the search box type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and press Enter .
When the show window of System Configuration , please click on the Startup tab , then remove the check mark that is below the Startup Items
tab , and make sure the option to throw a check mark that location (tab command) in C: \ Program Files , and reserving only for antivirus only.
Then by pressing OK, and restart your computer.

12. Turn off the menu or facilities automatic update to the operating system used, also on some software that you install, make sure the
features automatic update is only applicable to the antivirus.

13. Update is computer software that it needs to be updated, for example software flashplayer, java runtime, and others.

Those are some things we need to do as a way or tips speed up computer performance . May be useful.

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