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					Workshop Rotation Model
      FunDay School
  Reinventing Sunday School
Why Change from Traditional Sunday School?
 •   Traditional Sunday School has remained pretty much unchanged
     for generations. Learn a bible story, talk about it, do an activity,
     go home and soon forget what you learned that day. The next week
     you go back and hear a totally different story and so on.

 •   FunDay School is following a movement in education that stresses
     that all children learn differently and we can’t just teach
     something one way.

 •   Retention is the key to learning.

 •   We remember:
     10% of what we READ
     20% of what we HEAR
     30% of what we SEE
     50% of what we SEE and HEAR
     70% of what we SAY
     90% of what we SAY an DO
     100% of what we EXPERIENCE
    FunDay School in a Nutshell:
• Teach major Bible stories and concepts through
  kid-friendly multimedia workshops:
   Music -Opening
   Art - How Great Thou ART
   Drama - ACTS of Faith
   Games - Gospel Games
   Audio Visual - Prince of Peace Productions Puppets

• The same Bible story is used in all of the
  workshops for four weeks--rotating the kids to a
  different workshop each week.
           Benefits of FunDay School

•   Not a “fixed” curriculum-lessons are chosen by the church.
    Twelve concepts and stories will be taught for the year.

•   Teachers only have to commit for a 4 week period and they get to
    teach to their talent by choosing the workshop that fits them

•   Shepherds, while committed for the full year, do not have to prep
    lessons. Instead, they are the go-to adult for the kids and get to
    form relationships with them on their spiritual journey.

•   Rooms are decorated in themes that reflect the workshops using
    that space and give the WOW effect for those spatial children &
    adults and make it a fun place to visit.
       Rotation Schedule
              Daniel & the Lion’s Den

               Grades 1-2           Grades 3-4           Grades 5-6

November 2     ACTS of Faith        Gospel Games         How Great Thou ART
               Heather Gardener     Tim Church           Rita Roberts

November 9     Gospel Games         How Great Thou ART   ACTS of Faith
               Tim Church           Rita Roberts         Heather Gardener

November 16    How Great Thou ART   ACTS of Faith        Gospel Games
               Rita Roberts         Heather Gardener     Tim Church

November 23    Prince of Peace      Prince of Peace      Prince of Peace
                    Productions          Productions          Productions
               ALL                  ALL                  ALL
                                        Weekly Format
Music 9:45 – 10:00
•  Gathering music & praise
•  Opening--memory verse for the lesson; short intro to the months lesson; prayer
   *would like to add in offering

Workshops 10:00 – 10:45

•   Introduction/memory verse/Opening Prayer

•   Scripture/Bible Story Bible story is told appropriately for each age group.

•   Application -- The students will be given an opportunity to explore the Bible story in a
    different way each week of the rotation. This may be an art project, a game, drama
    or a movie.

•   Wrap-up/Prayer connections between the completed activity and the Bible story are
    made. Students recite the Bible memory verse. Opportunity for questions.

•   Tidy and Dismissal
    *if there is extra time we use Journals for reflection

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