What role do you normally take when you are assigned to a group or by dffhrtcv3



What role do you normally take when you are assigned to
                   a group or team?

                                         I tend to permit others to direct and
14                                       manage the w ork
     20                                  I simply do my part of the w ork

                                         I try to help others do their part
                                   94    I like to do as much as possible
                                         because I don’t rely on others
                                         I try to understand the distribution
                                         of w ork before I begin
                                         I like to be the coordinator/leader of
                                         every team
       Which activities at AUBG have helped you the most to
           develop and enhance your teamwork skills?

                                            Membership in the Student
                                            Ambassadors’ club

                                            Membership in a university committee

                                            Membership in the RA team

                                            Participation in the Student Government
11                                          Theatre courses/ plays
    23                                      Work for the student media (e.g. AURA,
      30                                    Flashnew s, DeFacto)
   20                                       Voluntary w ork for projects organized
       35                                   by AUBG clubs (e.g. BCC, PTPI.)
                                            Sports clubs membership and sports

                                            The projects/ simulations/ debates
                                            assigned for courses
    The overall AUBG experience has helped me to develop teamwork
                              skills to:


1                                                           does not apply
                                                            not at all
    6                                                       a low level
                                                            a medium level
                                       68                   a high level

   Describe one experience that has been most important in
              developing your teamwork skills.

• In class group projects, presentations, group studies,
  simulations, marketing research, tutoring etc. 55.4%

• Co-curricular activities, student government, student clubs, RA
  team, student media, plays and musicals, sports etc. 31.8%

• none or n/a 7.0%

• Other 5.7%
         Describe one experience that has been most important in
                    developing your teamwork skills.
•  Basically all university projects helped me develop my team skills. Every time I had to deal with
   different issues which helped me become more prepared of what I can expect when working in a team.
•  Being the president of More-honors for 2 years, Program Director of AURA for a year, Music Director of
   AURA for half a year.
•  For the presentation of one of my projects one of the team members has not come (without giving any
   notice in advance).I believe this case helped us be better prepared for future unexpected situations
   that arise constantly in the real business world.
•  I signed-up for the Renault-Nissan competition and I had to form a team. Therefore, I tried to find the
   appropriate persons for that and also to manage the whole process. By working with fellow students for
   an outside the university project made me understand the values of a team.
•  The RA team taught me how to take responsibility of my actions as well as others actions. It also
   taught me that I could rely on the person next to me for help and advice in a difficult situation
•   Well, this is mostly available for all group presentations or group project, where you have been
   assigned to work with people you have never worked with before - in this case, everybody is supposed
   to take his/her role seriously and manifest his/her true team work skills.
•   I had to work in a group where we had a problem with one of the members and we had to find a way
   to get the job done.
•   Mostly course team projects, especially in the COS courses, due to the very practical nature of the
•  Presentations and group projects are very helpful because they build team responsibility, give
   experience, and develop skills for presentations
  PART 2

     What is your definition of leadership?
                                      Organizing others, getting resources,
                                      and being responsible for the result

                                      Taking a risk and saying or doing w hat
                                      others are reluctant to do

                                      Show ing initiative and bringing new
                                      ideas to others
       42                             Seeing w hat needs to be done and
                                      influencing others to see it as w ell
                            73        Taking responsibility for creating
                                      meaningful experiences for myself and
                           71         others
                      65              Providing encouragement and support to
                                      others as they pursue their goals
29                                    Using my interpersonal skills to
                                      understand w hat is important to the
                                      Having the opportunity to promote my
                                      ow n ideas
Which activities/opportunities did AUBG provide you with
that helped you the most to develop your leadership skills?

                                          Participating in an internship

                                          Serving as a research assistant/
                                          course tutor/ peer advisor

                   45                     Attending conferences/ study abroad
          32                              programs/ international competitions
                                          aw ay from campus
                        53                Competing in debates/case
                                 68       competitions/ simulations on campus
    21                                    Representing the student body
    21                                    (through Student Government, a
                  43                      committee, etc.)
                                          Serving as editor of a student media
                                          or captain of a team

                                          Forming a club or initiating a new
                                          student activity
    How important was AUBG for developing your leadership skills?


3                                                       does not apply
                                                        not important at all
                        36                              somew hat important
                                                        relatively important

                                                 73     extremely important

    Give one example of a situation at AUBG when you took an active
                            role as a leader.

• In class group projects, presentations, group studies, simulations,
  marketing research etc. 41.4%

• Co-curricular activities, student government, student clubs, conferences,
  RA team, student media, plays and musicals etc. 38.9%

• none or n/a 15.3%

• Other 4.5%
         Give one example of a situation at AUBG when you took an active role as
                                   a leader. (continued)
•  Always during team work I ended up organizing my group, distributing tasks, multitasking, doing reality
   checks,assigning deadlines etc.
•  I gave tutorials in mathematics to more than 200 students in 4 semesters.
•  I organized a tutoring team of 15 students in Accounting.
•  The Faculty search committee gave me the opportunity to take an active role in the choosing of new
•  The role as a team leader in all cases and projects in Corporate Finance II, where I had to coordinate all
   the work our team did.
•  Being an editor in chief for Verve this academic year was quite the active role as a leader. I initiated the
   creation of the website and introduced many new ideas that other media don't have.
•  For the past year I voluntarily created and instructed Pilates classes for the students of the AUBG. I
   consider that physical well-being is an important factor in learning abilities. In this sense, I wanted to add
   value to my peers’ learning experience. I initiated the classes, ordered the necessary equipment and hold
   classes at convenient hours so that the majority of interested parties could join.
•  I was chosen the team leader for one of my courses' group cases. In this respect, I had to coordinate all
   the other members of the team, to stimulate them to work hard and to submit the work on time, and also to
   solve some conflicts between members of the team.
•  The most common situations were when team members of a project were not performing satisfactory and
   were reluctant to do their part. This often required me to take more active role for control of the entire team
   and the way they done their responsibilities.
•  There were a number of cases throughout the four years in the university when I was the leader in our
   group projects and simulations. I believe, this was quite useful case and I have substantially improved my
   interpersonal and organizational skills.
   PART 3

In what ways do you think individuals should demonstrate
                their civic responsibility?

                                         Treat members of the community

                                         Get to know individuals in the community
                                         and understand their interests and
                                         Attend the local theater, opera, and
                               86        museums.

                  59                     Work to improve the natural
                                         Take an active part in supporting
                                         Blagoevgrad community activities.
                                         Find out w here and how to help better
                                    93   the society.

                         72              Understand how the immediate social
                                         environment is organized and w here I fit
          What activities were you involved in while you were
                              at AUBG?

                                                Worked w ith the Red Cross, Rotary,
                                                or other international organization.

                                                Hosted potential students.

    12                                          Participated in trainings in the local
                                                schools w ith the Diversity Team.
9                                               Took part in activities of international
                      41                        significance (e.g. People to People
                        44                      Took part in clubs that interact w ith
         18                                     the larger community (e.g., the Better
                        45                      Community Club).
                                                Identified needs in the community and
                                      70        contributed money to the cause.
                                                Encouraged others to recycle and
                                                dispose of rubbish in separate w aste
                                                Helped clean up the park or river bed.

                                                Assisted at the local orphanage.
      To what degree does AUBG provide encouragement and
    opportunities for students to understand and help in the wider

                                                 I lack fluency in Bulgarian so it is
                                                 difficult to participate locally.
4                                                This is a non-issue for AUBG.

                                                 Not very much.
                                                 Somew hat but you need to take
                                     81          initiative.
                                                 A great deal starting w ith volunteer
                                                 activities during student orientation.
Name one thing that AUBG can do to further promote an awareness
of the wider community/environment issues among AUBG students.

  Most of the graduates feel that the communication between AUBG
  and the Blagoevgrad community needs to be improved by joint
  events or projects. Another significant number of graduates
  believe that topics like "Environmentalism", "Recycling", "Civic
  Responsibility" etc. need to be incorporated in the academic
  program and be required for graduation. There are respondents
  who advise AUBG and its students to concentrate only on the
  Scaptopara region, by cleaning, recycling, and declaring it
  environment friendly. Some students think AUBG does enough to
  encourage Civic responsibility, others believe it is an "individual"
  thing and there are several graduates who do not have an opinion
  on the subject or consider it irrelevant.
       Name one thing that AUBG can do to further promote an awareness
       of the wider community/environment issues among AUBG students.
•   Advertise AUBG's carbon footprint and how to reduce it (save energy, stop using plastic bags and
•  AUBG needs to be somewhat more dedicated in inspiring students to take action on
   environmental/community issues.
•  Emphasize the impact the AUBGers have if involved. take a proactive approach and encourage
   students to take part and make a difference.
•  Encourage cooperation with and participation of AUBG students in non-AUBG organizations as well
   such as regional NGOs and NGOs operating on a national basis; example: AIESEC, "Student Initiatives
   for European Development", etc.
•  Get the university involved more in the Blagoevgrad environment. Make more business projects directly
   related to the local business culture.
•  I think AUBG does a fairly good job at this. If you would just continue in the same spirit, you'll be fine.
   However, if you could organize some kind of event, like the Olympics, when the students are obliged to
   help clean some area of the city, it could help educate civil responsibility in students more than by just
   creating clubs and letting the joining of the club to the students' discretion.
•  Include environmental issues in the handbook, set rules about recycling, place separate trash and
   recycling bins in the rooms, because you cant expect someone to walk to the end of the hallway to
   dispose of each plastic bottle, for example. They need to be collected somewhere first.
•  Make community service as part of the curriculum.
•  Keep at least the area around Skapto clean -it's a step; alert people to turn off the light when they are
   not in the rooms or not leave the water on if not needed; organize fundraising campaigns
•  Organize and inspire students to get involved in the community's well being - regular trips to the
   orphanage, maintaining a clean environment around Scapto to provide an example worth to be followed
   to the Blagoevgrad community.
•  Organize appealing volunteer work, through the university and try to balance opportunities for
   Bulgarians and internationals. Also, make it part of class work.

           How would you define integrity?

                                       Fitting in to the value system of the
                                       larger environment.
                                       Doing w hat seems best for others
23                                     even if it is not w hat I w ant to do.
          49                           Alw ays being fully truthful even if it
                                       has negative consequences.
                                       Respecting the rights and property
          48                           of others.
                            98         Know ing w hat is the right thing to
                                       do not just the expedient thing to do.
                                       Having a strong set of personal
                                       values that guide me.
     Which of the following behaviors have you engaged in
                        while at AUBG?
                                        Accurately represented my
                                        achievements on my c.v.

                                        Treated others as I would expect to be

                                        Took responsibility for my role in group
                                        projects even when pressed for time.
                            104         Avoided gossip or harmful criticism of
                                  115   others.
                                  114   Completed all assignment on my own
             58                         even if I knew it would affect my grade.
                                        Respected copyright regulations for
        47                              images, music, movies, and TV
                             109        programs.
                                        Provided full citations for all information
15                                      used in my papers.
                                        Kept my exam paper covered so it was
                                        not tempting to others.

                                        Given help but not the answers on
                                        homework assignments.
        To what degree has the overall AUBG experience refined your
                       personal values and integrity?

                                                Not applicable, integrity should not
                                                be a University issue but only a
6                                               personal issue
                                                Not at all, AUBG has less impact
                                                than the overall environment in this
                                                Very little, integrity is not
                26                              consistently valued at AUBG

                                                Moderately, there has been only
                                        66      moderate discussion of matters of
                                   59           A great deal, expectations w ere
                                                clearly modeled by faculty and
      In what way has your experience at AUBG strengthened or weakened
                   your understanding of personal integrity?

Almost 60% of the graduates who filled out the survey state that AUBG had
strengthened their understanding of personal integrity in various ways, such as
courses in the program, academic policy, plagiarism and personal integrity
lectures by professors. Only 15 students said that AUBG had not helped them
at all in this matter, another 14 are neutral. 7 graduates have stated, that they
had witnessed cheating go unpunished on several occasions during their study
at AUBG and see it as a problem.
           In what way has your experience at AUBG strengthened or weakened your
                             understanding of personal integrity?
•  Academic integrity standards at AUBG, as presented by Dean Sullivan during the orientation week, struck me as
   harsh in the beginning. But that was the attitude of a student coming from the former USSR. Later, I thought these
   guidelines are not harsh enough. Interesting...
•  I believe that AUBG is one the the very few universities in Bulgaria that truthfully promotes integrity. I believe that
   strict rules for plagiarism have definitely enhanced students integrity.
•  I have learned to rely only on myself and my personal abilities which helped me consolidate and further develop those
   abilities and skills so I can have more self-confidence and achieve more.
•  I have much higher awareness of this issue and my behavior has been modified.
•  In the way that I understand how important is the work of everyone by giving full credit to all sources I use in
   defending my point.
•  My integrity has strengthened seeing how students from disadvantaged economic backgrounds force themselves to
   get excellent results without resorting to anything unethical.
•  AUBG has helped me strengthen my understanding of personal integrity by the expectations set by the faculty, by
   courses such as Business Ethics, and by making us understand that everything should be our own work even if it is
   not the best one.
•  AUBG has taught me, most of all, to respect other people’s work. This has proven to be of much help not in AUBG
   specifically, but in the outside world (after AUBG).
•  I saw many students cheating in various ways. I did not weaken my understanding of integrity, but made me hope
   that the university will address the issue.
•  I would say that spending two years here has neither strengthened nor weakened my personal integrity, but rather
   given me a certain moral flexibility that I did not possess before.
•  It helped me understand how important it is to treat everyone with respect and advance on the base of my knowledge
   and skills,not through cheating and fraud
•  I've noticed that a lot of people choose saving time over integrity, I've done that myself too, and I'm not proud of it.
•  The anti-plagiarism policy and the constant interaction with people with different backgrounds made me realize the
   importance of having a constant set of moral values that would guide me in any situation.
  PART 5

What is your definition of a vibrant intellectual community?

                                            Feeling that there are many
                                            smart and engaging faculty and
                                            students to interact with.
                                            Being challenged to express my
                                            own ideas.

                            84              Discussing new ideas with
                                            faculty members as friends and
                        82                  Having guest speakers and
                                            presentations from outstanding
                                      103   individuals regularly available.
                       78                   Learning from faculty who are
                                            interested in developing in their
                                 95         fields.
                                            Participating in classroom
                            87              discussions and sharing
                                            different perspectives.
                                            Having an opportunity to study
                                            many different disciplines.
Which of the following activities have you engaged in
                  while at AUBG?

                                           Attended plays, concerts, and
                                           other cultural events.

                                           Sought out faculty to discuss
                                           non-course related issues and
                                           Kept up with international news
                                           via the Internet.
                                           Read well beyond the
        50                                 requirements for class.
                                           Attended lectures and events
                                           sponsored by my department.
                          95               Attended lectures and
                                           presentations outside my field or
                  75                       major.
                                     113   Regularly discussed world

                                           Debated with other students
                                           topics from class.
    What credit would you give to AUBG for your own level of
                      intellectual vitality?

                                              None, I just w anted to get through
                                              my courses as best I could.
4                                             Very little, I did not find the courses
                                              and activities interesting.
                                              A moderate amount, I chose to do
                                     87       w hat w as interesting to me.
                                              A great deal, I w as often
                                              challenged in my thinking.
Describe one experience that you found particularly intellectually

Almost all respondents have given an in-class
example for a particularly intellectually stimulating
experience. Senior thesis, class projects, in-class
debates, presentations, lectures, final papers etc.
dominate the responses. Some students have been
impressed by outside lecturers and guests. A few
graduates have described their student club or other
extracurricular activities and even fewer have
described conference or workshop participation.
        Describe one experience that you found particularly intellectually
                            stimulating. (continued)
• All the activities mentioned above such as debates and discussions with classmates and
   professors as well as attending different cultural events has really contributed to the creation of an
   environment that stimulates individuals intellectually.
• In a group of three we had to improve the current FASB statement No. 52 regarding the treatment
   of financial translation that our professor found inadequate. The challenging part was not the
   fulfillment of this objective, but the fact that the members of my group had three different opinions. I
   handled the situation so these disagreements would be healthy, would not disrupt our
   communication and would contribute to a better decision making process.
• The class projects were mostly related to current topics which made it stimulating and challenging
   knowing we are dealing with an actual real-time case.
• The senior thesis experience was the most valuable one academically, because it shows students
   that everything they have done up to then is tiny and insignificant compared with the workload of
   producing an academic research paper which can turn out to be the foundation of your career.
• Working with a professor on a research project outside of class.
• Interaction with professors was certainly the primary reason for increased interest in subjects that
   were outside of my major field of study. Certain faculty members can very effectively encourage
   more involvement from students. However, AUBG did not have a lot of them during the years of my
• My introduction to the world of literary criticism in Dr. Coleman's class. That was very stimulating. I
   had never approached literary works with such a wide range of tools for analysis, as well as
   theoretical perspectives.
• Seeing representatives from the real business world. There nothing like first hand experience with
• The long coffee talk with professors in the cafes of Blagoevgrad. Over there we were stripped off
   the boundaries student-professor and were talking freely not only about world-issues but even
   personal ones.
   PART 6

What is the value of going to school with a diverse group of students
                            and faculty?

                                                  Helps you understand yourself.

                     74                           Makes you aw are of other life and
                                                  career choices.

                          84                      Gives you a global perspective on
                                                  issues and ideas.
                                                  Helps reduce stereotyping and
                               103                assumptions about others.
                                                  Prepares you for w orking in a
                                     114          multicultural w ork place.
                                                  Introduces you to other cultures
                                                  and w ays of thinking.
Which of the following activities have you engaged in
                  while at AUBG?
                                     Took an active part in international
                                     week activities.

                                     Participated in diversity training.

                                     Was invited into and visited homes of
                                     faculty and friends.
                                     Studied abroad and/or participated in
                   59                work and travel program.
                                91   Visited other countries that I was
                                     curious about.
             50                      Traveled in Bulgaria to get a better
                                     understanding of the country and its
                                90   Sometimes socialized with friends of a
                                     different nationality or ethnic
                                     background from myself.
                                     Regularly socialized with friends of a
                                     different nationality or ethnic
                                     background than myself.
    To what extent do you feel you understand others from different

                                                 Not at all, I prefer to spend time w ith
1                                                others w ho are more like me.

                                                 A little, I am cautious in new and
2                                                different situations.

                                                 A moderate amount, I seek out
                45                               different experiences carefully.

                                                 A great deal, I am comfortable
                                          109    interacting w ith those w ho are
                                                 different from me.
To what extent has AUBG achieved a culturally sensitive community?

  A little over a third of the respondents think that AUBG has done a
  great job in achieving a culturally sensitive and diverse community.
  These graduates, during their education at AUBG, had interacted a lot
  in and out of class with colleagues from different nationalities, races,
  and ethnic backgrounds. Around 27% of the graduates think AUBG
  has done a moderate job and say there is room for improvement. As
  described in these responses, students are still divided into groups
  from different nationalities and interact too seldom with people from
  other groups. Also, some international students feel there is too much
  Bulgarian language spoken and feel isolated. Close to 14% of the
  respondents think that AUBG has achieved nothing in promoting
  diversity and cultural sensitivity. These students describe different
  issues for the university regarding the matter, the strongest again being
  the division of the student body into different "closed groups" or
     To what extent has AUBG achieved a culturally sensitive community?
•  AUBG is culturally sensitive in some areas, like ethnicities, religions, but not in others. However, AUBG
   does practically nothing to make LGBQ (gay) students feel comfortable and want to come out. Aside of
   diversity training, the issue is never mentioned, there are no periodical subscriptions in the library, and
   the Balkan attitudes of students regarding the subject are allowed to prevail. That is why I have known
   of maybe 2-3 gay students, which is not normal for a student body of over 1000.
•  AUBG still has to work on achieving a culturally sensitive community. The different ethnic groups often
   keep separate from the community and interact more with its members rather than other ethnic groups.
   The Bulgarian majority is often intimidating for the international students. There is often a feeling of
   being an outsider. Even with grants and scholarships, the great majority offered are for Bulgarian
   students specifically, which is a bit discriminating.
•  AUBG succeeded to attract students with diverse cultural backgrounds. In this sense, it had to ensure
   a healthy interaction among its students. AUBG managed to create an inclusive culture through its
   diversity training, promoting working in teams, offering opportunities for socializing etc. These efforts
   ensured the creation of a healthy community where there is no place for prejudices or disrespect.
•  Bravo, AUBG taught me that it is the person that matters and not the nationality. I can say that I am a
   citizen of the world. I would never ever think of fighting for a national cause, only human cause.
•  I can gladly say that AUBG has achieved this to a great extent, because it is an amazing community
   where many different cultures are brought together, which really fulfills the purpose.
•  It's location in the first place. AUBG mostly targets students from the Balkan, who had to face prejudice
   and discrimination up to an extent many times. Having in mind, that at AUBG, such problems do not
   manifest themselves to that extent, I think AUBG achieved to make a culturally sensitive community.
•  To the extent that when I saw one day whom I was having dinner with, I noticed a Serbian, a
   Moldovan, a German, another Bulgarian, and an Albanian. And it was fun. HOWEVER, not everyone at
   AUBG would do that. There is still a lot to be done. A huge problem is that nationalities still stick
   together too much.
•  There's a lot to be done, especially on behalf of Bulgarian students, faculty and staff, as most of the
   time they neglect the fact, that they are not just at home, in Bulgaria, but are a part of an
   INTERNATIONAL university, where there are many non-Bulgarians.
    PART 7

What attributes are important for career success?

                                        The ability to accept criticism in
                                        order to improve performance.

                                        A good understanding of w hat is
                                        expected of you w hen you start
                                        w orking (e.g. the norms of the
                                        w orkplace).
                  92                    Self confidence that one can meet
                                        the standards.
                          113           Persistence, hard w ork , and ability
                                        to handle w orkload.
                                  131   Mastery of good communication
             73                         Specific practical skills in a field.

                                        A broad education in many fields.
Which of the following AUBG activities will help you most in your

                                                   Career Center guidance
                                                   Netw orking
                                                   Team projects
                                                   Multicultural environment
                                                   Extracurricular activities (e.g.
                      72                           Student Clubs)
                                                   Work Study

            46                                     Internship(s)

                                  99               Demanding courses
    To what extent do you feel prepared for work when you graduate?

3                                                     Not applicable, I am going to
                                                      graduate school first

3                                                     Not at all prepared

                                                      Somew hat prepared

                                                      Moderately prepared

                                                      Very w ell prepared
What changes should AUBG make in order to improve the career
                preparation of the students?

Many of the graduates feel that their education at AUBG lacked
practice and give several types of suggestions to solve this problem -
mandatory internships in each major, more practice oriented courses,
guest lecturers from companies, more class projects and case studies
etc. Another significant number of graduates are not satisfied with the
"lack of variety in the courses offered in their majors" on the benefit of
"too many Gen Ed courses." Hiring of more and practice oriented
faculty is another suggestion that appears often in the responses. As
seen in the second question of this section, students need more
interaction with the Career Center and many of the respondents have
given their suggestions here - better presence and interaction of the
center with the students starting in their freshman year, bigger variety
of companies at the Job Fair, more frequent Job Fairs, more job
opportunities at the Job Fair for graduates with other than BUS and
JMC majors, etc.
          What changes should AUBG make in order to improve the career
                    preparation of the students? (continued)
• Students should start learning about career options from Freshman year on. There should be a
   whole campaign targeted toward freshmen/sophomores/juniors.
• AUBG should do more in clarifying the career prospects of each major.
• AUBG should organize courses so that they are more practically oriented.
• Every major should have a required internship.
• Facilitate job placement and internship placement for international students as well. The
   majority of companies invited at job fairs and career events are interested to hire locals for
   Bulgaria. Internationals are left out on their own.
• Force courses to be more career-wise and be aware with modern trends and career
• Give students a better understanding from the beginning. From orientation week and keep
   reminding them of why they're learning. maybe even start before student come to AUBG, so
   they can have a better preparation of their own.
• Improve the job fair event, so that it is not only booths with employers, but also presentations,
   more employers interested not only in Bulgarian students.
• Invite alumni students to share their individual and work experience after graduation.
• Pay more attention to and concentrate on the practical exercises in class in order to prepare
   students for real life after AUBG and not only for theoretical issues.
• The relationship between the professor and the student should be closer when it comes to
   career. The students should feel comfortable to go to their professors for advice regarding their
   future career.
• Update students constantly and help them choose their majors in the first place. Also ask
   professors to discuss such topics with their students while in class, or outside of class.
Taken altogether, what is the main competitive advantage of AUBG?

•   Multicultural environment and diversity       30.7%
•   Quality of the education, faculty, students   36.1%
•   Style of education 28.9%
•   Other         4.2%

Note: Students who left this question without an answer are not
  included. Some students gave more than one answer.
        Taken altogether, what is the main competitive advantage of AUBG?

•   A diverse student body, rich in ambitious and intellectually curios students and also a very
    active extracurricular life.
•   AUBG gives the opportunity to develop knowledge in more than just one field. Having the option
    to do a double major is a great advantage.
•   AUBG is a multicultural institution, which promotes honesty and creates the necessary
    environment for personal development of its students.
•   International students, liberal education (you can choose what to study), it's all about choice (life
    is about choice), student has the responsibility of all his actions, world class professors.
•   It definitely opens up your mind and way of thinking. You don't just learn new material; you
    create a framework of analyzing and doing things that goes beyond mere content.
•   Liberal arts education that provides students with transferable skills and encourages active
•   Multicultural environment Diversity of courses (liberal arts curriculum) Visibility in the region --
    attracts prominent guest speakers Great opportunities to network/opportunities for personal
    development Lively out-of-class environment Nice geographic location (not too far from other
    countries and other parts of Bulgaria)
•   The community spirit and the motivation to advance and strive to achieve excellence
•   The main advantage of AUBG is that it makes you become an open-minded and "out-of-the-
    box" person, to use a cliché. I believe that what is important for the success of a person is not
    the ability to do something well, but the confidence that he can do anything he sets his mind on.
    This attitude comes naturally at AUBG.
Taken altogether, what is the main competitive advantage of AUBG?


•   The Credibility that this university has among the people in the region. Good
    Faculty, multi- ethnic community, wide network of activities that happen in order
    to promote its graduates as people ready to take responsibility in the work force
•   Unique for the region education and experience
•   The career realization of AUBG alumni is its best advantage
•   AUBG is a multicultural institution, which promotes honesty and creates the
    necessary environment for personal development of its students.
•   Great education in a friendly and at the same time competitive environment
    great lecturers, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, demanding curriculum,
    multicultural environment having the opportunity to interact with a great number
    of professors not necessarily in one's field of study.
•   Its campus orientation and vibrancy of extra-curricular activities, together with
    the U.S. diploma and the good reputation. The alumni network!!
•   Its culture sits in between eastern and western, especially American. AUBG
    provides American style education, with a more relaxed, European atmosphere.
•   The fact that it provides a unique set of resources, be it people, clubs, classes,
    all at the same place, all helping an individual find his way.

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