Fanno Creek Greenway Trail Extension Project by 6Y0V811


									Fanno Creek Greenway
Trail Extension Project

    Bonita Rd. to Tigard Library
Fanno Creek Trail Extension Site Plan

       Red - Existing Fanno Creek Trail
         Brown - Old Abandoned Trail
 Blue - Proposed Fanno Creek Trail Extension
         Tan - Possible Creek Crossing
             Green - New Signage
Old Abandon Trails Present Condition
               Trail Design Materials
6 inch Compacted Sub-Grade Layer over Existing Grade.
   3 inch Recycled A.C.
With 5% Slope For Drainage
  Proposed Bridge Crossing
Two Abandon 30 feet long W10x26.
     Creek width is 26 feet.
         Bridge Schematic
Recycle Existing steel in Bridge Design

Trail map Signage
     Presently no signs exist
      in the area.
     Placement of four signs
      indicating route and
      destinations are needed.
     Sign locations are give
      on site plan.

   Upgrade existing abandoned trail to connect
    with Fanno Creek Trail. There by connecting
    Tigard Library to Bonita Rd.
   Use bridge site and steel for creek crossing.
   Add signage to provide direction to trail users.

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