TC-557 Utah State Cigarette and Tobacco PACT Act Monthly Report

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					                                   Template Instructions
Use this template to report each tobacco type you sold in Utah this month. You must complete the
entire report and schedule. Keep all backup documentation.

— Check the form revision date to be sure you have the newest form.
— Save the template to your computer before using.
— Save the template as an .xls file before uploading.

Complete the schedule before completing the return.
Enter amounts in the blue boxes. White boxes are populated for you. Yellow boxes are calculated for

Main Return
You must fill out Contact/Return information to complete your return.

If this is an amended return, choose "X" from the dropdown menu.

Start entering your data on line 19. Do not leave blank lines in the schedule. Data entered below a
blank line will not import.

Line-by-Line Instructions
Click here for line-by-line return and schedule instructions.
Contact/Report Info                Business Name:                                                Contact E-mail:
                                        Address 1:                                              Contact Phone #:
                                        Address 2:                                                 Prepared By:
                                              City:                                                 Contact Title
                                             State:                                                   Account #:
                                                                                                                                                   Utah State Tax Commission        TOB
                                               Zip:                                                         FEIN:                                       P
                                                                                                                                                Cigarette and Tobacco PACT         TC-557
                                         Country:                                                  Filing Period:                                                              Rev. 11/11
                                    Web Address:                                                       Amended
Sales into Utah

                                       Click here to list all of your company's sales into Utah

                      Under penalties of falsification, by marking this box and typing my name I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, all of the

                      information contained in this report and any attached documentation is true and accurate.

                                              Name:                                                                                    Title:
                      Check Box Declaration
                                              Phone:                                                                                  Date:
                                   Business Name:

Sales into Utah
                                     Filing Period:
                                                      Utah State Tax Commission                                  TOB
                                                            Sales into Utah                                     TC-557
                                                                                                                Rev. 11/11

 Click here to return to the report tab

 (1)               (2)               (3)                (4)                       (5)    (6)       (7)         (8)           (9)

 Invoice           Invoice                                                               Account   Product                   Quantity
 Date              Number            Name               Address                   FEIN   Number    Type Sold   Brand         Sold

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