Laura Armstrong, Executive Senior Sales Director

Before I show you how you can look and feel terrific everyday with Mary Kay, it’s compliment time.
(Ask everyone at the table what she loved best about the appointment; encourage her friends to share about how
she looks).
At this point women usually want to know 3 things:
1. How much does it cost - and that usually depends on what you’re tempted to take home tonight.
2. How soon can I get it- I have everything on hand TONIGHT.
3. Do you really make money doing this? Share “I” story- Show Nationals checks in Applause magazine-
(this should only take 5 minutes) (call Director tomorrow with your pick to share the Mary Kay Business
with from class)
Before I show you the Mary Kay sets wouldn’t you love to learn how you could take them home tonight?
1. I take Visa, MasterCard and Discover card. I also accept checks and of course cash. I also have a
payment plan; if you buy at least 2 sets you can pay half tonight and postdate a check for the rest. All I
ask is that when you get paid, I get paid.
2. I also offer the “He’ll never know plan”. You can pay me tonight using cash, check and credit card
together. That way he can’t follow the paper trail.
Are you ready to see what you can’t live without? I brought something to tempt you all.
(Have them remove their menus from under the trays and review the 4 sets …really show the roll
up and romance it) After you share the sets say:
Who wants to know the best deal of all: (have them turn over the menu) for just the price of the Miracle set you
can start your own business with Mary Kay. For $100 plus tax you will receive not only the Miracle set but
another $200 in FREE PRODUCT and another $150 in sales aids. You will receive 50% buying power with the
company and a chance to work with the most successful, nurturing and promising company FOR WOMEN in
American history!!!! Our company is a life improvement program by with everyone in your corner cheering you
on… who could get excited about that!!!
(Raise your hand and who ever raises their hand set a time in the next 24 hours to share our business plan, call
your Director with her info ASAP)
Now turn your menus back over…. If you’re like me you night need some “rationalizing”! Think about a
favorite outfit you bought for a special occasion this last year. Remember the special shoes, jewelry, those
expensive panty hose that made you look 5 pounds thinner etc. (Stop-let them find their outfit)
Now, add up how much you spent on everything (Stop and let them add them up)
Now, ask yourself, HOW OFTEN do you wear that favorite outfit...once a week... once a month.... twice a year?
But, what do you wear every single day? YOUR FACE! Not only do you wear it, but also you can’t leave home
without it.

When I thought about it that way, it made sense to me to invest a little more TIME, MONEY and effort on the
ONE THING I was going to wear until “death do us part” don’t you agree? Also, we WILL feel better about
ourselves by looking better, younger and prettier, wouldn’t you agree!!!
Remember, before you go I will meet with you for a one on individual consultation. You can ask me any
questions you may have. Your opinion does matter to me so please fill out the other side of your “Skin Care
Profile” while you are waiting for your individual consultation. Also, I love referrals-List the names and #’s of
5 women who you feel would love the same pampering you got today and you will receive a FREE Glamour
Does anyone have to leave right away?
(Meet with them privately first). Great, please remember to ask me how to get A FREE GLAMOUR ITEM.

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