Delegation of Timber Sale Contracting Officers by 6Y0V811


									United States       Forest         Pacific                              333 SW First Avenue (97204)
Department of       Service        Northwest                            PO Box 3623
Agriculture                        Region                               Portland, OR 97208-3623

 File Code: 2400/2450                                          Date:    April 11, 2011
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   Subject: Delegation of Timber Sale Contracting Officers

        To: Forest Supervisors

This letter is in regards to the Washington Office requirement, FSM 2404, that Timber Sale
Contracting Officers (CO) be designated and delegated authority by the Regional Forester,
(reference 2400/2450/6100 letter dated March 12, 2010). Following is the complete list of
Timber Sale Contracting Officers I have designated as of this date for the Pacific Northwest
Designated Contracting Officer:

Jana Carlson         Pam Freerksen             Bruce Huntley      Michael Mullen
Timothy Johnson      Susan Rinke               Robert Nowak       Dan Kinney
Edward Maffei        Carl Maass                Brian Watt         Roy Shelby
Steve Nelson (RO Level)                        Robert Thomas (RO Level)
Christine Anderson (RO Level)

Designated to serve during the absence of the designated official (CO):

Linda Fitzer        Kelvin Davis               Jeffery Trejo           Bob Gavenas
Lee Bowers          Ron Perozzi                Thomas Burry            Becky Zimmerman
Arnie Cole          Eric Stolsig               Howard Freerksen
Michael Daugherty (RO Level)

District Level CO authority (under 1,000 ccf):
Lee Bowers            Ron Perozzi

Designated specific limited CO authority:      Lauren Kuskie           Catherine Kleckner
Kerry Sherman         Shellie Jones            Carla Blanton           Melanie Meyer
Dana Croll            Nancy Richardson

Designated authority to sell seized materials:
Edward Maffei         Pam Freerksen            Lauren Kuskie           Robert Nowak
Timothy Johnson       Susan Rinke              Robert Thomas           Thomas Burry
Dan Kinney            Christine Anderson Catherine Kleckner            Bruce Huntley
Steve Nelson          Carla Blanton            Brian Watt              Michael Mullen
Carl Maass            Jana Carlson             Linda Fitzer            Eric Stolsig

                    America’s Working Forests – Caring Every Day in Every Way         Printed on Recycled Paper
Forest Supervisors                                                                          2

Forest Supervisors may delegate authority to qualified individuals, by name, to award and
administer timber sale contracts using only the FS-2400-4 Form, per FSM 2404.25.

All other designation and delegations of authority of Timber Sale Contracting Officer at all
levels are hereby terminated.

Contact Bob Thomas at 503-808-2933, Chris Anderson at 360-956-2352, or Steve Nelson 541-
957-3372, if you have any questions

/s/ J. Lenise Lago (for):
Acting Regional Forester, R6

cc: pdl r6 nr tm tsos
Robert W Thomas
Chris Anderson
Michael Daugherty

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