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									Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet
Android 10 inch with a digital pen
As a manufacturer of PC and laptop world number one, Lenovo also equip their products
with a tablet Thinkpad series for business professionals. To provide maximum support to
its users, Lenovo also sells complementary accessories that you can buy separately. By
Os android honeycomb, Thinkpad comes with connection facilities and applications that
are very dear to miss, especially for those who use the tablet to support your work.

Design and Hardware
Dimensions: (WxDxH): 260.4 x 181.7 x 14 mm
Weight: 740G
Processor: NVIDIA Tegra dual core ARM Processor 1 GHz, RAM 1 GB
Storage: 32 GB (available user: 26.61 GB)

With body laminated plastic of doff with black colour, thinkpad comes with a fairly
thick. Thinkpad is also equiped with button control physical of below like Home button,
back, browser shortcut and rotation lock.
USB port there is on the left while in right side there is button power/ lock, while to
arrange volume there is on the top tablet.
The bottom, there are various ports from audio jack, HDMI port, mini USB, and dock
connector. Dock connector to connect thinkpad with accessory thinkpad tablet dock
which can be bought separate. Besides also there are card slot SD and card SIM under the
cover. Overall, thinkpad body of course seen solid though from portability side of course
unfavourable because the wight which too heavy namely 740 g

Interface and OS
Android 3.1 Honeycomb, 5 Homescreen, Notification Area, 10,1 “ IPS 1280 x 800 piksel
(149 ppi) Corning Gorilla Glass
Thinkpad applies layer technology IPS capable to present picture with high sharpness and
visual angle until 178 degrees. While with OS Android Honeycomb, Thinkpad gives 5
homescreen with four shortcuts to email, gallery, zinio reader, email and music player.
Lenovo also provides carousel equiped by access to various the application of preloaded,
while menu page comes up standard honeycomb with all and MyApps is containing all
applications and additional applications from play store.

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz / 2100 MHz HSDPA

In the communications sector, thinkpad only able to send sms, without being able to
handle calls despite there are SIM card slot.
Contact list of the pad thinkpad same as other honeycomb tablet is panel right to contact
and left panel for detail contact. To send sms, the display same as ponsel with mode
threaded view looking like modus chatting.

Camera and Video
2 MP, 5 MP autofocus, LED flash

For photograph, Lenovo provides two main camera and secondary, each in part of
backside and front. For camera backside equal to 5 MP complete with autofocus feature
although there is noflash.

Thinkpad have been equiped setting like white balance, color effect, scene mode, mode
focus, exposure, etc. For result of the picture not too sharply although has had high
resolution. But with 2 MP camera, this tablet according to supporting facilities for
chatting via video chatting.

For video is equiped HD 720p ( 1280x720 pixels).

Internet and connectivity

GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA HSDPA 850/900/1800/1900/2100. WiFi 802.11
b / g, WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth A2DP and SDcard reader

With 3G HSDPA connection and wifi, you can explore internet with smoothly even can
open 16 tabs at the same time. While to access social networking, Social Tough capable
fulfills requirement of you to always connected with friend. Whereas to transferring data
can use SD card, Bluetooth and flash disc. But you cannot insert memory card to add
data capacities because there is no micro SD slot.
The conclusions, with carrying dual core processor, 1 GHZ and TFT LCD screen with
IPS tech, Thinkpad comes up with diverse application is can supports your work.
You are which need a tablet with the completeness of connectivity such as HDMI and
USB port seems to be in accordance with this tablet.

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