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Dear Dr., Mr., Ms. Jane Doe;

I am pleased to offer you an appointment as a Limited Term Librarian, Archivist, Lab instructor, Lecturer, Senior
Lecturer, Assistant Professor, (or?) in the Department/School of X, in the Faculty of X for the period x 1, 2008 to
X 31, 2009. Your salary will be (% of) Step x of the Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Instructor, Assistant Professor,
Associate Professor or Professor Scale: $000 annually (not needed if under a year); $00 biweekly. (Date of scale
i.e. July 2008- found in A20.02) (Note if not a PhD cannot be hired as an Assistant Professor)

This appointment is only for the period specified above and does not imply any renewal, extension or conversion to
continuing status.

You will be advised by your Chair/Director of the specific nature of your responsibilities. (Specific duties can be set

If necessary insert an immigration paragraph as follows;

Your offer of employment is conditional on your provision to us of a Canadian work permit. We must receive
this work permit on or prior to your start date in order to place you on our payroll system so that you will be
paid. Please also refer to the following Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site regarding "Working Temporarily
in Canada" We can also provide you with further information on this
process at your request.

If necessary insert a paragraph about moving allowance reimbursements and mention the policy in the
paragraph below.

Enclosed are copies of University policies relevant to your appointment. They can be viewed along with other relevant
University policies on the SFU web site as follows;

       A12.01 para 3.7 Limited Term Teaching appointments or A12.05 Limited Term Research Appointments
       A21.01–Benefits for SFUFA members.
       A20.01- Faculty Salaries and Salary Review
       A20.02- Academic Salary scales

Also enclosed are forms required by payroll that you must complete and return to me along with your signed
appointment letter.

It is a condition of your employment that you join the Simon Fraser Faculty Association (SFUFA) and pay dues to the
Association or affirm a conscientious objection and pay the equivalent of dues to an agreed upon third party. Please
complete and return the attached form to me when you return the signed appointment and payroll forms.

If the terms of this appointment are acceptable to you and you agree to abide by the applicable University policies,
please sign and date both copies of this letter, retain one for yourself and return the other to my office (to me, my
assistant X) by X, 12 , 20--- along with the payroll and SFUFA forms; if not we cannot process your payroll and you
will not be paid.

Congratulations on your appointment!. We look forward to working with you.


Dean of the Faculty of XXX

Acceptance of Offer

I accept the above offer and agree that the terms of my employment are subject to the policies and procedures
established by the University and as amended from time to time.

Jane Doe                                          Date

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