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                                                  Job Description

 Job Title:                          Learning Support Assistant

 Salary Range:                        Grade C

 Reporting to:                       Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

 Responsible for:                    N/A

 Principal work base:                HMYOI Huntercombe, HMP Cookham Wood, HMP Downview
                                     (JBU), Education Dept.

 Job Purpose

 To support students in overcoming barriers to learning they may have, and in particular to
 support students in the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills.


 1.         Work in planned support of young people, across all educational areas, in both groups
            and on a 1:1 basis according to their individual learning needs so that any barriers to
            learning are overcome and, in particular, their literacy and numeracy skills are enhanced.
            Support specific reading scheme implementation.

 2.         Provide constructive assistance to the lecturer / tutor in the learning environment
            including classrooms, workshops, library etc, so those sessions are planned for,
            supported, managed and delivered efficiently and effectively.

 3.         To work under the guidance of the classroom teacher to support the literacy and
            numeracy needs to young people.

 4.         Contribute to establishing and maintaining high standards of student behaviour so that
            an orderly learning environment is achieved.

 5.         Ensure that bullying is confronted so that vulnerable young people are safeguarded in
            their learning.

 6.         Contribute to records of attendance, behaviour, and learning in support of lecturing staff
            to a high standard so that individual and group performance can be assessed.

 7.         Contribute to assessment, planning and review in order that learning and skills
            development is integrated within the sentence planning process. Act as personal tutor to
            designated young people.

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 8.         To maintain appropriate records such as the LSA log and including prison

 9.         Maintain and/or contribute towards young peoples ILPs.

 10.        To provide generic or specialist administrative support as required during non-contract
            hours by senior managers.

 11.        To contribute to sentence plan reviews as appropriate.

 12.        To spend a minimum of 30 hours per week supporting learners as directed by SENCO.

 Person Specification



           Minimum Level 2 in Literacy and Numeracy or GCSE (Maths and English); with the
            commitment to work towards achieving L3 and above.


           Possession of a relevant qualification such as certificates relating to adult learning and
            support, ESOL.



           Committed to enhancing literacy and numeracy skills of young people.

           Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, both with young people and a wide range
            of professionals, both within the establishment and the community.

           Excellent organisational and administrative skills



           Prepared to undertake relevant Learning Support Assistant training, including accredited

           Understanding of, and the ability to use, strategies to promote positive behaviour.

           Awareness of curricula and pedagogical issues relating to literacy and numeracy.



           Experience of young people and related issues.

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           Awareness of, and a commitment to, the promotion of equal opportunities and the
            recognition of diversity.


           Experience of engaging young people in learning who have been disconnected from

 Additional Notes

 The post holder will be required to comply with a number of policies and procedures including
 Health and Safety legislation in connection with the work and to be aware of any special
 requirements associated with the role (e.g. security and confidentiality issues) and current child
 protection, diversity and other appropriate policies and procedures.

 On a day-to-day basis the Learning Support Assistant (LSA) will work under the guidance of a
 lecturer or tutor or other designated staff.

                                                                                          June 2009

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