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An Introduction to the
 Webfacing Wizard
    Presented by: Raymond Everhart
•   What Is WebSphere?
•   What Is WebFacing?
•   What Is View / Controller / Model?
•   What Tools Do I Use To WebFace?
•   How is a WebFaced Application Deployed?
•   What Does Webfacing Do For Me?
•   How Much Does Webfacing Cost?
        What Is WebSphere?
• IBM’s Infrastructure Software Solution
• Core Operating Environment:
  – WebSphere Application Server
• Application Development:
  – WebSphere Studio
• Add On Products
  – WebSphere Portal
  – WebSphere Commerce
  – Many More
        What Is WebFacing?
• Delivered as a component of the iSeries
• Converts DDS to Java Server Pages And
  Java Beans.
• Allows Existing RPG/Cobol applications to
  be deployed on an application server.
• Conversion occurs during development not
  at run-time.
• Allows customization in DDS.
            What is
   View / Controller / Model ?
• An Application Design Methodology
• Logic is separated by function
  – View - Display Functions (Browser)
  – Controller - Screen Handling (Application
  – Model - Business Logic and File I/O (Host)
• WebFacing partially simulates VCM
      What Tools Do I Use To
• First Webfacing tools were delivered as a
  part of the WebSphere Development
  Toolkit v5.1. (WDT 5.1)
• Most recent version supplied as part of
  WebSphere Development Studio Client
  v4.0 (WDSc v4.0) Service Pack 3
• Next version WDSc v5.0 available
  April 25, 2003
        How is a WebFaced
       Application Deployed?
• DDS is Converted to Java Server Pages and
  Java Beans
• All of the required objects are placed in a
  WAR file.(Web Application Archive)
• The WAR File is deployed/installed onto
  the Application Server.(WebSphere,
  Tomcat….on a xSeries, iSeries, zSeries…)
       What Does Webfacing
           Do For Me?
• Allows me to add a browser based interface
  to an existing application in minutes.
• Allows one program to support browser
  based clients and green-screen clients.
• Allows existing staff to develop browser
  based applications in RPG/Cobol while
  learning Java.
   How Much Does Webfacing
• User Time - WebFaced/Java applications
  are slower than Green-Screen applications
• Interactive CPU - WebFaced applications
  run as interactive jobs. (300 CPW min)
• Requires an Application Server
  – Tomcat - “Free” (You get what you pay for)
  – WAS Express as low as $500.00 for 20 users
• IBM wants you to use WebSphere. Over the
  next year, IBM will be spending $500
  million dollars to put WebSphere based
  solutions in front of Small/Medium sized
• IBM provides tools to iSeries users that cost
  thousands on other platforms.
• WebFacing is an ideal entry method into the
  WebSphere environment.
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 Raymond Everhart

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