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									Workbench Kits - Make Your project Easier With one of these

You could definitely go to a store and pick up a workbench or go online and order one. Today there
are endless options available when it comes to styles, size, construction material, etc. You are sure
to find something that works for you. But if you are looking for something that is specific to your
needs and you want to save some money you have the option of building one yourself.

It is not that difficult these days as you can find very specific plans that come with detailed
instructions, photos and lists of materials needed. One way to make this project easier on you is to
buy a workbench kit. These kits include the basic hardware like vises, clamps, etc. This saves you the
hassle of going out to look for the correct ones and buying all that you need individually.

Some workbench kits that you can buy:

6 Ft Solid Birch Top, Maple Base and Workbench Combo by Rockler - In this kit you will get solid
hardwood components. You can buy the combo which includes:

6 Ft Solid Birch Workbench Top - This 24" W x72" L x 1 3/4" thickness will give you a sturdy and
spacious work surface. You will just have to drill some bench dog holes, add some quick release vises
and build your own base. A free plan is included.

Maple Base Kit - It features 1 ¾" thick construction that will withstand heavy pounding and racking
forces. The metal cross dowels provide joints that knock down easily. It is pre-drilled for quick

All the wood components are lightly oiled.

You can purchase the above mentioned parts individually also. 12" quick release end vise is sold

Finley Products Workbench Kit, Black - You can create a workbench, worktable or power tool stand
with this kit. You would have to add 2x4" plywood or particleboard to the legs to make one of the
above mentioned products of any length and width up to 8"L X4"W X 3"H. The assembly is simple
and all that you would need is powered screwdriver and a saw.
Only 90 degree straight cuts are required, there are no angles or miter. Constructed out of structural
resin, each shelf will hold up to 1000 pounds. This kit includes 4 legs, 4 multi function hooks, 6 shelf
links, 2 multi position work clamps and hardware and instructions. The lumber is not included.

There are various different kits available. You can check online or visit a woodworking or home
improvement store to find the one of your choice. Make sure you know exactly what is included in it
and what else you will need to buy.

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