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					                                  In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

                “AL-FURQAN”                                                              (THE DISTINCTION)
Tableegh Sub-Committee, KSIMC of Peterborough

Edition Number: Five                                                               Friday 14th January 2000 / 7th Shawwal 1420


Holy Qur’an:                          Key Points:                                      Explanation:

“And pray in the small                We have just completed the                       Namaz-e-Shab is extremely
hours of the morning an               Namaz-e-Shab can be prayed                       recommended by our
additional prayer (of                 anytime after midnight (the                      Masoomeen and has numerous
spiritual profit) for you.            exact half between sunset                        benefits such as improving
Soon will your Lord raise             and sunrise) or during the day                   morals, increasing livelihood,
you to a station of praise            with the niyyat of qadha.                        clearing debts and restoring
and glory.”                                                                            health as well as being an
                       (17:79)        However, the best time to                        excellent companion in the
                                      pray it is during the last hours                 grave. According to ahadith,
Ahadith:                              of the night and just before                     Hazrat Isa AS asked his
                                      dawn so you can stay awake                       mother Bibi Maryam AS after
“(The faces of those who              for Fajr prayers.                                she had died if she wished to
rise for Namaz-e-Shab                                                                  return to the world. She
are graceful and elegant)             Namaz-e-Shab consists of                         answered: “Yes, in order that
because they seek privacy             eleven rakaat; eight (in two’s                   I may rise to pray in the cold,
with their Lord, Whose                like Fajr) with the niyyat of                    wintry nights, and fast during
light is focused on their             Namaz-e-Shab, a further two                      the hot days of summer. My
faces.”                               rakaat namaz of Shafa, and                       son, this is indeed a
                                      finally one rakaat of Namaz-                     frightening path.”
(Imam Zainul Abideen AS)              e-Witr.

                                             TODAY’S MASAE’L                                      Question
                                    328. Wudhu is Mustahab for the                                 Time!
        Did You                     following purposes:
                                    * Namaz-e-Mayyit.
                                    * Visiting the graves.
                                    * Entering a mosque.
                                                                                            Q. After which important
                                    * Entering the Shrines of the Holy
                                                                                           event in the life of the Holy
  The only mustahab                 Prophets SWT and Imams AS
                                    * For reading, writing, or touching the               Prophet did the daily prayers
  prayers which can
                                    margin or border of the holy Qur'an,                          become wajib?
    have Namaz-e-                   or for keeping it with oneself.
 Jama’at are Namaz                  * Before going to bed for sleep.
of Istisqa (invocation              It is also Mustahab that a person                        A. The event of Me’raj.
 for rain) and Namaz                already in Wudhu, should perform a                     Wajib namaaz was just one
                                    fresh Wudhu for every namaz.
 of Eid (mustahab in                                                                      of the things revealed to the
                                        (Taudhihul Masae’l, Ayatullah Seestani)
  the Ghaibat of the                                                                       Prophet during his visit to
      12th Imam)                                                                                  the heavens.
                                 Please recite Suratul Fateha for all the Marhumeen

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