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									St Martin-in-the-Fields
St Martin-in-the-Fields is one of the best known churches in the world. It is an open
and inclusive church with an international reputation for worship, care for vulnerable
people, music and broadcasting. Location and history have made St. Martin’s an
important “shop window” for the Church of England and Diocese of London. Each
year 700,000 people visit some aspect of St. Martin’s.

Like its patron saint, St. Martin’s holds paradox creatively. It is known as the Royal
Parish Church and the church of those who are homeless. It is associated with the
Peace Movement and is the parish church of the Admiralty. It has a thriving and
growing membership with an Electoral Roll of 380 and congregations include an
enormous number of visitors. Known for charity, it is supported by a vibrant
commercial business.

St Martin-in-the-Fields is a complex federal organisation in which the Vicar and PCC
exercise a controlling interest. The constituent parts are St. Martin-in the-Fields
Limited (SMITFL), The Connection at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the Bishop Ho Ming
Wah Chinese People’s Day Centre, as well as the church, including the Chinese
Church Council. We seek to create internal coherence and have shared ‘Ethos and
Values’ (enclosed).

The church’s Mission Statement states that “St. Martin-in-the-Fields exists to honour
God and to enable questioning open-minded people to discover for themselves the
significance of Jesus Christ”. The Ten Point Charter which can be found on our
sets out a distinctive theological approach. Both of these inform our Mission Action
Plan (MAP – included in our application pack) in which we set out strategic
objectives to enable us to live out our mission more effectively.

St Martin’s is emerging from a major £36 million buildings renewal. As well as
restoring the heritage fabric, new facilities and inspirational spaces have been created
to equip St. Martin’s for the twenty first century. This is therefore a unique and
exciting time as we begin to develop the opportunities provided by the new and
renewed spaces.

Clergy and ministers
The Vicar has oversight of the whole St Martin’s community. He chairs the PCC and
is a member of all the other Boards. He leads the clergy team which comprises:
Vicar                                 Revd Nicholas Holtam
Associate Vicar (Chinese congregations)       Revd Paul Lau
Assistant Priest                      Revd Richard Carter (with particular
                                      responsibility for Education and International
Assistant Priest                      Vacant
Non-Stipendiary Priests               Revds Clare Herbert, Rosy Fairhurst, David
Readers                               Jeff Claxton and Roger Shaljean.
Office church staff
PCC Chief Executive (and Chief Executive of SMITFL)         Hugh Player
Parish Secretary    Sheilah Fletcher (Mon – Thurs)
Vergers:            Ralph Smith (Head Verger)
                    Jim Foley
                    Tony Cox (part/time)
Director of Music   Andrew Earis

Terms of Appointment
      The stipend is according to the London Diocesan Scale for Assistant Curates.
       The scale, effective from 1 July 2008, ranges from £20,040 in the third year
       after ordination to £20,139 in the fourth and subsequent years after
      This appointment is initially for up to 3 years, extendable thereafter.
      The Assistant Priest will live free of rent and Council Tax in a two bedroom
       second floor apartment at 6 St Martin’s Place. There is a lift. A phone is
       provided free of line rental so that the priest can be contacted at home in
      Office accommodation is in the clergy office, 5 St Martin’s Place.
      All reasonable working expenses will be reimbursed.
      Holiday entitlement is four weeks per year plus a week after Christmas and
      Clergy at St Martin’s work flexibly with regard to the needs of the job as well
       as each other’s needs and domestic circumstances. They are available on 6
       days p.w. Once a month they may take an additional day off to provide two
       consecutive days off.
      Because the PCC recognise that this is a demanding place to live, and that it
       can be difficult to get time off, the PCC pay an additional ‘day off allowance’
       of £16 per week in order to assist clergy to go away.

Applicants are asked to complete:

      Our application form
      Give the names and contact details of three referees, one of whom must have
       had recent supervisory responsibility for their work and one of whom must be
       a lay person.

The closing date for applications is 10am on Monday 26th January 2009.
Applications can be sent by post to Julia Porter, Human Resources Manager, St.
Martin-in the-Fields, 6 St. Martin’s Place, London WC2N 4JJ or by e-mail to
Interviews will take place on Wednesday 11th February 2009. Candidates will be
asked to be available from 9am and will be free to leave after their individual
interview in the afternoon, i.e. no later than 5pm.
Reasonable travel expenses will be paid and we may be able to help with
accommodation the night before if it is needed.

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