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It is planning, organizing, directing and
controlling of procurement,
development, compensation,
integration, maintenance and
separation of human resources to the
end that individual, organizational and
social objectives are accomplished
 According to Edwin Flippo, "Personnel
Management is the planning, organising,
     directing and controlling of the
      procurement, development,
     compensation, integration and
maintenance of people for the purpose of
contributing to organizational, individual
            and social goals".
HRM is the set of functions and activities
that are designed to bring the employees and
organizations together , so that goals of both
are met. “HRM is the field of management
which has to do with planning, organising,
directing and controlling the functions of
procuring, developing, maintaining and
utilising employees together.
           Functions of HRM
1) Managerial functions
2) Operative functions
3) Advisory functions
         Managerial functions
1. Planning:- forecasting, inventorying,
   anticipating and planning
2. Organizing:- grouping, assigning, delegating
   and co-ordinating.
3. Directing:-guide and motivate
4. Controlling
            Operative functions
1.   Employment
2.   training and development
3.   Remuneration
4.   Working conditions
5.   Motivation
6.   Personnel records
7.   Industrial relations
8.   separation
          Advisory functions
1. Advise to top management
2. Advise to departmental heads
Role of human resource manager in an
  organization (Significance of HRM)
I. Policy formulation
II. Advisory role
III. Linking pin role
IV. Representative role
V. Decision-making role
VI. Mediator role
VII. Leadership role
VIII.Welfare role
IX. Research role
  Qualities of a personnel/HR manager
i.     Physical
ii.    Mental
iii.   Morale
iv.    Educational
v.     Technical
vi.    experience
• He should have human approach to human
• He should be alert mentally
• He should be competent to take quick decisions
• He should be honest in dealing with the
• He should have patience
• He should not depend upon his formal authority
  too much
• He should be good leader
• He should have a sense of social responsibility
• He should be a good communicator

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