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					                                Smoothie Bike Tutorial

They are fast becoming a regular at outdoor festivals and events both in the UK and the
US so we are going to learn all about the different names we've come across that
represent a pedal powered blender, the different varieties you will see at events and
finally we'll take a look at what it can actually do and what it can help illustrate.

The machines we are looking at today are comprised of bicycle parts and blender
components which have been fused together in a moment of sweet tenderness to produce
(probably the most accurate name for our friend) a blender bike. Essentially it is a bike
that also blends. Now the bike part (if it still has it's 2 wheels intact) can theoretically still
be ridden along, while you also blend up some lovely fruit and juice in your blender
attachment. This could be termed a smoothie bicycle as it still rides just like the
incredible invention - the bicycle.

However most of the juice bikes (probably the least accurate name) you will have seen
are stationary... meaning, less chance of spilling your hard earned beverage all over the
garden path. It also means they are great at events - you don't need a big space to have
one as an attraction on your stand, and people can gather round to watch their friends
have a go without a full stretch, warm up and 3 months of running training in the bank.
These stationary smoothie bikes typically come in two types; number one the normal
bicycle on a bicycle stand, but with a blender shoehorned onto one of the wheels. Now
this approach poses some problems - it doesn't look great... and stability along with riding
position can be compromised. Number two and our preferred approach, is the custom
made bike blender (slipped another one in there). These machines have been built with
the end goal in mind, meaning that riding position, aesthetics, and blending efficiency
have all been taken into careful consideration during construction. Of course there are
better and worse quality of design and manufacture between these types of machines, so
we recommend you go for the most pleasing to your eye and comfortable for your body.

So those are your main terms - Smoothie Bike, Blender Bike, Juice Bike, Smoothie
Bicycle, Bike Blender. They can all be used to describe the same thing.

So now we know what they are and what they are called, what do we use them for?

The first use is clear... you blend smoothies on them! It's a lot of fun, you don't need
electricity, you can galvanise people at events, they are a great visual attraction AND you
get a fruity reward for your hard slog behind the handlebars. All of this is true, but there
are also some great underlying messages being subliminally transmitted to the user.
Firstly sustainability - no electricity used here and we are creating some seriously high
rpms in that blender jug! A great way to communicate green energy, pedal power, what
we can do ourselves without electricity. Secondly exercise, you are singing for your
supper here, no pain no gain, you burn calories before you put some fresh ones in -
exercise helps make you fitter, faster and more productive. Finally healthy eating - the
double whammy, not only have you exercised but the blended drink you receive at the
end is made from pure unprocessed fruit - no additives, no preservatives, just all the good
natural stuff from mother nature.

This is why smoothie bikes are such good experiential tools for people in all walks of life
and all ages. They are a light hearted way of illustrating some key ideas that benefit
everybody, perfect for a big corporate wellbeing initiative just as well as a village school
summer fete.

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