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Islam is Already on the American Far Before the arrival of Columbus

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Islam is Already on the American Far Before the arrival of Columbus. If you visit Washington DC, came to the Library of Congress (Library of Congress). Then, ask the United States government archives agreement with the Cherokee tribe, one of the Indians, 1787. There will be found the signatures at that time Chief of the Cherokee tribe, named AbdeKhak and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.

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									If you visit Washington DC, came to the Library of Congress (Library of Congress). Then,
ask the United States government archives agreement with the Cherokee tribe, one of the
Indians, 1787. There will be found the signatures at that time Chief of the Cherokee tribe,
named AbdeKhak and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.

The contents of the agreement include the right of the Cherokee tribe to establish a presence
in trade, shipping, and the Cherokee tribal form of government which was based on Islamic
law. Furthermore, to be found dressed in the habit of covering aurat Cherokee tribe, while the
male wearing a turban (turban) and the canal up to the knees.
This dress code can be found in photographs or paintings Cherokee tribe who were
photographed prior to 1832. Cherokee chiefs last before finally completely extinct from
mainland America was a Muslim named Ramadan ibn wati.

Speaking about the Cherokee tribe, can not escape from Sequoyah. He is a native Cherokee
tribe who are educated and revive their interest Syllabary in 1821. Syllabary is a kind of
script. If we now know the alphabet A through Z, then the Cherokee tribe has its own
What makes it remarkable is the script that was revived by Sequoyah is very similar to Arabic
script. In fact, some Cherokee people writing the 7th century which was found engraved on
rocks in Nevada are very similar to the word "Muhammad" in Arabic.

The names of Indian tribes and tribal chief from the Arabic language is not only found in the
Cherokee tribe (Shar-kee), but also the Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin Cree,
Makkah, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Mahigan, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni. In fact, some
Indian chiefs also wore a distinctive head tutp Muslims. They are Chief Chippewa, Creek,
Iowa, Kansas, Miami, Potawatomi, Sauk, Fox, Seminole, Shawnee, Sioux, Winnebago, and
Yuchi. This is shown in the photographs in 1835 and 1870.
In general, Indian tribes in America also believe the Lord of the universe. God is not palpable
by the five senses. They also believe, the main task of human beings created by God is to
adore and worship Him. As the narrative of a Chieftains Ohiyesa: "In the life of the Indians,
there was only Inevitable duty-the duty of prayer, the daily recognition of the Unseen and the
Eternal". Is not the Qur'an also reported that the purpose of creation of man and jinn to
worship solely on God (*)
How can Head Cheeroke Indian tribes are Muslim?

Long history,

The spirit of the people of Islam and China at that time to see more of the planet (certainly at
that time the name of the planet have not heard) his residence in addition to expanding the
influence, seek new trade routes and of course expand the message of Islam encourage some
brave of them to traverse the area still considered to be dark in the maps they were then.
Some famous names remain so to this day almost everyone had heard him call it Tjeng Ho
and Ibn Batutta, but a few more barely audible and recorded only in academic books.

Geographers and intellectuals from among the Muslims who recorded the journey to the
Americas was Abul-Hassan Ali Ibn Al Hussain Al Masudi (died 957), Al-Idrisi (died 1166),
Chihab Addin Abul Abbas Ahmad ibn Fadl al Umari (1300 - 1384) and Ibn Battuta (died

According to the historian and geographer al-Masudi Muslims (871-957), Ibn Saeed Ibn
Aswad Khashkhash a Muslim navigator of Cordoba in Andalusia, had reached the Americas
in the year 889 AD. In his book, 'Muruj Adh-dhahab Maadin wa al-Jawhar' (The Meadows of
Gold and quarries of jewels), Al Masudi reported that during the reigns of the Spanish Caliph
Abdullah Ibn Mohammed (888-912), Ibn Saeed Ibn Aswad Khashkhash sailed from Delba
(Palos) in 889, crossed the Atlantic, reaching into uncharted territory which he called Ard
Majhoola, and then returned with an amazing variety of treasures.

After that many cruises are done visiting the mainland across the Atlantic, a dark and foggy.
Al Masudi also wrote the book 'Akhbar Az-Zaman' which includes historical material from
wandering traders to Africa and Asia.
Dr. Mroueh Youssef also writes that during the reign of the caliph Abd al-Rahman III (929-
961 years) of the Umayyad dynasty, recorded the existence of Muslims from Africa who also
sailed from the port Delba (Palos) in Spain to the west toward the open sea, dark and foggy ,
Atlantic Ocean. They had returned with a value goods it received from a foreign land.

He also wrote notes historian Abu Bakr Ibn Umar Al-Gutiyya that during the reign of Caliph
of Spain, Hisham II (976-1009) a navigator Ibn Farrukh of Granada called Kadesh was
recorded leaving the port in February of 999 across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Gando
(Canary Islands).

Visit to King Ibn Farrukh Guanariga and then proceed to the west to see two islands and
named Capraria and Pluitana. Ibn Farrukh returned to Spain in May 999.
Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco noted also by Shaikh Zayn-sea explorers
Eddin Ali bin Fadhel Al-Mazandarani. His ship was innocent of Tarfay in Morocco at the
time of Sultan Abu-Yacoub Sidi Youssef (1286 - 1307) The sixth king in the dynasty
Marinid. His ship landed on Green Island in the Caribbean Sea in the year 1291. According to
Drs. Morueh, travel records to be referenced by many Islamic scholars.

Sultans of the empire of Mali in western Africa capital in Timbuktu, was also traveling alone
to the American continent. Chihab historian Abul-Abbas Ahmad Addin ibn Fadl al Umari
(1300 - 1384) detailed exploration of the geography of this carefully. Timbuktu is now
forgotten, was once a center of civilization, libraries and scientific progress in Africa. Land
and sea travel expedition done a lot of people into or originated from Timbuktu Timbuktu.

Sultan recorded wandered up to the new continent at the time was Sultan Abu Bakari I (1285
- 1312), brother of the Sultan Mansa Kankan Musa (1312 - 1337), who has made two
expeditions across the Atlantic to the Americas and even down the river Mississippi.

Sultan Abu Bakari I do exploration in Central America and north along the Mississippi River
with between the years 1309-1312. The explorer is in Arabic. Two centuries later, the
discovery of America enshrined in the color map Piri Re'isi created in 1513, and presented to
the king of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I in 1517. This map shows the western hemisphere,
South America and even Antarctica, with a depiction of coastal Brazil are quite accurate.

Sequoyah, also known as George GIST Other evidence is that Columbus himself knew that
the people Carib (Caribbean) are followers of the Prophet Muhammad. He ideology that
Muslims have been there, especially those from the West Coast of Africa. They inhabit the
Caribbean, North and South America. But unlike Columbus who wanted to dominate and
enslave the American people. The Muslims came to trade and even some married native

Columbus further admitted on October 21, 1492 in a voyage between Gibara Coast and Cuba
saw a mosque (standing on a hill with a beautifully written by other sources). Until now, the
remains of the ruins of mosques have been found in Cuba, Mexico, Texas and Nevada.

And did you know? 2 person boat captain who led by Columbus captain Pinta and Nina are
the Muslim people of the two brothers Martin Alonso Pinzon and Vicente Pinzon Yanex are
still a family from Morocco Abuzayan Sultan Muhammad III (1362). [THACHER, John
Boyd: Christopher Columbus, New York 1950]

And why only Columbus who until recently known as the inventor of the American
continent? Since the time of the expulsion of Jews from Spain of 300,000 Jews by King
Ferdinand of Christians, Jews and raising money for the voyage of Columbus and news
'discovery of America' was first posted by Christopher Columbus to his friends of the Jews in

Columbus's voyage seems hungry for publicity and is required to create a legend in
accordance with the 'sponsored links' Jews of the funders. The rest of us know that the mass
media and publications controlled by the Jews who even hated by people like Henry Ford's
king of American car.

Thus there appears to be dishonesty in writing historical facts about the discovery of
America. Misappropriation of history by the Jews that occurred since the first time they were
together the Europeans set foot into the Americas.

And did you know? admiral Zheng He in fact or in Indonesia is better known as Admiral
Cheng Ho is the inventor of the first American continent, about 70 years before Columbus.

About 70 years before Columbus stick its flag on the U.S. mainland, Admiral Zheng He had
first come there. Participants in a seminar organized by the Royal Geographical Society in
London some time ago made flabbergasted. Is an expert on submarines and historian named
Gavin Menzies in his presentation and then received great attention.

Perform confidently, Menzies explained his theory about the famous voyages of sailors
mahsyur from China, Admiral Zheng He (we know him Ceng Ho-ed). Together with the
evidence found from the historical record, he then concluded that the sailors and master
navigator of the Ming dynasty was the initial discoverer of the Americas, and instead of
Even thought, Zheng He 'beat' Columbus with a span of about 70 years. Menzies stated what
would make the furor over this world because people know that Columbus was the discoverer
of the Americas at about the 15th century. Menzies' statement was corroborated by a number
of historical evidence.

Is a map made in the days before Columbus started his expedition complete with images of
America as well as an astronomical map of Zheng He's dosodorkannya as the evidence.
Menzies became so convinced after examining the accuracy of historic objects.

Cherokee syllabary "is what should Laksana awarded the title as the first discoverer of the
Americas," he said. Menzies made a study for over 14 years. This includes the study of
ancient maps, artifacts and evidence of the technological development of modern astronomy
through a software program such as Starry Night.

Of the key evidence that could change the flow of history, Menzies says that most of the
navigation maps and written sources on the ancient Chinese Admiral Zheng He's voyages.
Exploration to reach the American continent took the time between the years 1421 and 1423.
Previous fleet of Zheng He sailed along the south path through Africa and to South America.
Description astronomical voyage of Zheng He roughly call, late at night when the stars look
south around 18 March 1421, the location at the southern tip of South America. It is then
reconstructed using Starry Night software by comparing a map of Zheng He's voyages.

"I am programmed to time in Starry Night in 1421 as well as parts of the world are estimated
to have navigable expedition," said Menzies who is also the navigation expert and former
submarine commander British navy. From here, he finally found two different locations
thanks to the record of this voyage astronomy (star) Zheng He's expeditions.

Then there is movement in these stars, as well as the orientation of Earth's rotation in space.
Due to the rotation of the earth is less than perfect to make the axis of the earth as if carved
out a circle in the sky every 26 thousand years. This phenomenon, called precision, then each
point of the polar targeting different stars during run time. Menzies uses software to
reconstruct the position of the stars like in the year 1421.

"We already have a star map of the ancient Chinese calendar, but still need the map," said
Menzies. As I was puzzling over this problem, suddenly discovered the solution. "With
incredible luck, one of the goals they've been through, ie, between Sumatra and Dondra
Head, Sri Lanka, heading west."

Part of the voyage was apparently very close to the equator in the Indian Ocean. As for the
Polaris, the north star, and the southern star Canopus, which is close to the southern polar
latitudes, on the map. "From there, we succeeded in determining the direction and location of
Polaris. So then we can ensure the future of the map was the year of 1421, plus and minus 30
years. "

Sequoyah Upper findings, Phillip Sadler, navigation experts from the Harvard-Smithsonian
Center for Astrophysics, said the estimates by using old maps based on star positions is very
possible. He also agreed that the estimated time of 30 years, as in the view of Menzies, also
makes sense.
During this time, the world community knows gait explorer Zheng He as accomplished. He
was born in Kunyang, a city located in southwest Yunnan Province, in the year 1371. His
family named Ma, were part of a minority Semur. They came from Central Asia and
embraced Islam.

Zheng He's father and grandfather had been known to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of
Mecca. While Zheng He himself grew up with a lot of trips to a number of areas. He is a
devout Muslim.

Yunnan is one of the last defense of the Mongols, which existed long before the Ming
Dynasty. At the troop master Sun Yunan year 1382, Zheng He also captured and brought to
Nanjing. When he was 11 years old.

Zheng He was used as a waitress crown prince who later became emperor named Yong Le.
Now this emperor who gave the name of Zheng He until he finally became one of the most
famous sea captains in the world.

By Mahir Abdal Razzaq El

My name is Mahir Abdal Razzaq El and I am a Cherokee Blackfoot American Indian who is Muslim. I
am known as Eagle Sun Walker. I serve as a Pipe Carrier Warrior for the North Eastern Band of
Cherokee Indians in New York City. There are other Muslims in our group. For the most part, not
many people are aware of the Native American contact with Islam that began over a thousand years
ago by some of the early Muslim travelers who visited us. Some of these Muslim travelers ended up
living up among our people.

For most Muslims and non-Muslims of today , this type of information is unknown and has never
been mentioned in any of the the history books. There are many documents, treaties, legislation and
resolutions that were passed between 1600s and 1800s that show that Muslims were in fact here
and were very active in the communities in which they lived. Treaties such as Peace and Friendship
that was signed on the Delaware River in the year 1787 bear the signatures of Abdel-Khak and
Muhammed Ibn Abdullah. This treaty details our continued right to exist as a community in the areas
of commerce, maritime, shipping, current form of government at that time which was i accordance
with Islam. According to a federal court case from the Continental Congress, we help put the breath
of life into the newly framed constitution. All of the documents are presently in the National
Archives as well as the Library of Congress.

If you have access to records in the state of South Carolina , read the Moors sundry Act of 1790. In a
future article, Inshallah, i will go into more details about the various tribes , their languages; in which
some are influenced by Arabic, Persian, Hebrew words. almost all of the tribes vocabulary include
the word "Allah" The traditional dress code for Indian women includes the kimah and long dresses.
For men , standard fare is turbans and long tops that come down to the knees. If you were to look at
any of the old books on Cherokee clothing up until the time of 1832, you will see the men wearing
turbans and the women wearing long head coverings. The last Cherokee chief who had a Muslim
name was Ramadhan Ibn Wati of the Cherokees in 1866.

Cities across the United States and Canada bear names that are of Indian and Islamic derivation.
Have you ever wondered what the name Tallahassee means? It means that He Allah will deliver you
sometime in the future.


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