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					SAP Education

In the knowledge-based economy, education is not an expensive luxury. It is the key that unlocks your
organization’s potential and opens the door to growth – especially when times are tough. And when it comes
to your business solutions, SAP is uniquely equipped to educate and inspire your employees to strive for
ongoing improvement. SAP Education helps you build the skills that build your business.

SAP ® Education helps you to maximize and accelerate the        A DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR INDUSTRY
return on your investment in SAP solutions – across the         SAP Education is a unique range of services designed to put
board. Effective training ensures your IT professionals, your   your company firmly – and fully – in control of your SAP
end users, and your decision makers have the knowledge they     solutions. Because when it comes to getting the best out of
need to drive your enterprise forward. It helps you to imple-   SAP, we are the experts. Put simply, the quality, consistency,
ment the right solutions in the right way, to identify weak-    and breadth of SAP’s education services is unparalleled. SAP
nesses and strengths in your IT environment, and to optimize    Education offers high-quality education services in multiple
your systems to meet new challenges and incorporate new         languages the world over. SAP is a complete, one-stop answer
technologies. And when it comes to tackling challenging         to your needs; SAP provides the infrastructure, content, and
projects, SAP Education will ensure that you succeed where      the training itself, as well as certification for consultants and
others may fail.                                                users.

SAP Education means productivity, flexibility, and
SAP Education is not just about training during and immedi-      ORGANIZATION
ately after implementation – it goes far beyond that. Educa-     SAP’s end-to-end approach involves every level of your orga-
tion is most effective when it is not a one-time event, but a    nization – from senior executives and IT professionals to end
continuous lifelong process of learning. SAP solutions have a    users. SAP Education provides training tailored to your indi-
clearly defined life cycle composed of three phases: discovery   vidual requirements, including classroom and consultant
and evaluation, implementation, and continuous business          training, e-learning, on-site training, or fully customized
improvement. SAP Education mirrors these phases, providing       programs. And it focuses on the needs of each group, helping
services that accompany you every step of the way – choosing     decision makers identify what strategic measures to take,
and implementing the right solutions, keeping you up to          teaching IT experts how to implement new software and
date with the latest technologies, and ensuring your company     create documentation, and providing introductory courses
derives maximum benefit from SAP software, today and             for new users. This ensures not only that every employee is
tomorrow.                                                        equipped to evaluate and work with SAP software, it actively
                                                                 encourages open communication and knowledge sharing
                                                                 among all parties. You benefit from closer links with SAP
                                                                 itself and from a better understanding of your IT environ-
                                                                 ment throughout your organization. That results in better       SAP Education offers a wide variety of options:
                                                                 cooperation, improved responsiveness, and increased pro-        • Classroom training
                                                                 ductivity.                                                      • The Solution Academy for consultants and partners
                                                                                                                                 • Fully customized training programs
                                                                 SAP Education spans your entire organization:                   • On-site training
                                                                 • IT professionals and project teams                            • E-learning
                                                                 • Consultants                                                   • Training content tailored to your industry and your
                                                                 • SAP users                                                       company
                                                                 • Senior executives                                             • A fully functional SAP training system
                                                                                                                                   (simulated SAP environment)
                                                                                                                                 • Certification services
SAP Education provides benefits that you can take to the         SAP Education makes learning about the power of SAP easy
bank:                                                            and rewarding. Consultants, project teams, and end users        SAP has the experience and infrastructure
• Take advantage of SAP Education’s expertise, which comes       receive information that is geared to their needs, increasing   to meet your global training needs:
  straight from the experts.                                     productivity, ensuring implementations are successful, and
• Increase your competitiveness by increasing the skills of      keeping your organization one step ahead of the competition.    • Training centers in 50 countries provide
  your employees.                                                                                                                  multilingual education services when and
• Reduce total cost of ownership: you implement the right        SAP Education puts you in control.
  solution the right way, avoiding expensive mistakes.                                                                             where you need them.
• Ensure rapid return on investment – implement solutions        Get more from SAP. For more information on SAP                  • Proven tools and methodologies are based
  quickly and effectively and enable end users to derive maxi-   educational programs, visit
  mum benefit from SAP solutions, increasing productivity                                                                          on years of experience and 30,000 SAP
  and reducing costs.                                                                                                              installations in more than 20 industries.
• Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle even
  the most challenging projects.                                                                                                 • End-to-end service – SAP provides the
• Find out about tomorrow’s technology today.
                                                                                                                                   infrastructure, content, and the training itself,
• Learn about today’s hot technologies, such as customer
  relationship management, supply chain management, and                                                                            as well as certification for consultants and
  e-procurement – and the best practices that can help you                                                                         users.
  make the most of them.
• Benefit from worldwide education from a single source.                                                                         • A fully featured training system, including
• Take advantage of proven teaching methods and tools.
                                                                                                                                   sample data typical of your industry, is the

                                                                                                                                   ideal way for new users to become familiar

                                                                                                                                   with SAP solutions.
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