Unit 2 The United Kingdom Grammar The Past Participle as the by dffhrtcv3


									Unit 2 The United Kingdom
 The Past Participle as the
    Object Complement
Task 1: Try to analyse the following sentences
1. I think the job easy.
2. We make him monitor.
3. I saw a boy crying over there.
4. We heard someone go into the room.
5. My mother allows me to watch TV after I
    finish my homework.

 Form: have/get/find/hear/want/…+object+past
Task 2: Try to find the function of the italic
1. So many thousands of terrified people died.
2. The polluted water was to blame.
3. He became inspired when he thought
   about helping ordinary people.
4. He got interested in the second theory.
5. She found the door broken in when she
   came back.
6. He kept the door locked for a long time.
7. I have my hair cut.
Task 3: Please find the sentences from the
   text with past participles used as the
   object complement.
1. Now, when anyone refers to England you
   find Wales included as well.
2. So to their surprise the three countries
   found themselves united…
3. …they were going to get Ireland connected
   to the other three….
Task 4: Summary:可以接过去分词作宾补
feel, see, hear, watch, smell, taste, notice, observe
, find等。
感官动词:watch/ notice/ see/ hear/ listen
             / feel /find 等 + n. /pron. + p.p
I heard the song sung in our school. 我听到在我
Can you smell the food burnt?你能闻到食物糊
• 2.表使役的动词:have, make, get等。
• have /get + n. /pron. + p.p
  Speak a little louder to make yourself hear
  d by us all. 说话声音大一点,让我们都听
  We should work harder to get the work do
  ne on time. 我们应该努力工作以按时完成
• 3.表保持某种状态的动词:keep, leave等。
• keep /leave + n. /pron. + p.p
  While you were out, you should keep your
  doors and windows closed.
4. with his hands (tie);
   with many flowers (plant) around the
The thief was brought in with his hands tied
    behind his back.
With many flowers planted around the
    building, his house looks like a beautiful

with + 宾语+ 宾补(pp/ -ing/adj. / adv./ to do…)
Task 5: Practice
Ss finish the Ex 2 on page 12.
Suggested answers:
1. have got the house mended
2. have you had your hair cut?
3. have the dictionary delivered
4. haven’t had the film developed
5. found it closed
6. put it repaired
7. got all their money stolen
8. had some flowers sent, had it announced,
   had it organized
(to) do/ v-ing / pp. 作宾补的区别:
  I saw him take away the dictionary just now.
  I saw him taking away the dictionary on the desk
.                               (正在拿那本字典)
  I saw the dictionary taken away by a child.

 (to) do               动作全过程已结束
 v-ing                 动作正在进行
 pp.                   表被动完成
1..The managers discussed the plan that they would
like to see _____ the next year.
A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to
carry out (2000NMET)
     答案是C. carried out。过去分词作宾补,表被
2.Though I have often heard this song ______, but
I have never heard you _____ it.
A. singing, sing B. be sung, singing C. sung, sing
D. sung, singing (88NMET)
      本题答案是C. sung, sing。第一空格填sung ,过去分词作宾补,
      表被动,第二个空格填sing ,不定式作宾补,表过去的经历。这
3.She was disappointed to find her suggestion _________.
A. turning down B. to be turned down C. turned down D. to
turn down
       本题答案是C过去分词turned down作宾补,表被动。

4.They entered the room and found the child ______ at
the table.
A. seated B. seating C. seat D. to seat

5.As soon as she entered the room, the girl caught
sight of the flower _______by her mother.
A. buying B. being bought C. were bought D. bought

       答案D, flowers 是短语动词caught sight of 的宾语,
       其 后用过去分词作宾补,表示被动 意义
6.---- Good morning. Can I help you ?
----- I’d like to have this package
_______, madam.
A. to weigh B. weighed C. be weighed D.
to be weighed (89NMET)
7.He didn’t keep on asking me the time
any longer as he had had his watch
A. to repair B. repaired C. repairing
D. repair (93年高考,上海卷)
• 8.The murder was brought in, with his
  hands ________behind his hand.
  A. being tied B. having tied C. to be tied D.

• 9. They kept their eyes _____ upon the
  screen as an exciting football match was
  televised live.
  A. fixing B. to be fixed C. to fix D. fixed
 Task 6: Practice
1. Do Wb. Ex 1 on page 50.
2. Do Ex 2. on page 51.

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