UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                        POSITION DESCRIPTION

NAME:                              DEPARTMENT:                                          DATE:
                                   Environmental Health and Safety

STATE TITLE:                       WORKING TITLE:                                       POSITION LEVEL:
Staff Associate                    Emergency Preparedness and Business
                                   Continuity Planning Manager                          L29 salary associated w/ L30


     The Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning (EPBCP) Manager is responsible for
     University’s Comprehensive Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Plans
     (CEMP/COOP) for managing major emergencies and disasters and integrating all roles and
     responsibilities across the campus functional areas. Coordinates the risk management activities
     associated with the preparation and implementation of Emergency Preparedness/Business
     Continuance plans, evaluates key indicators to determine potential business impacts to Umass Amherst
     (UMA), and conducts appropriate exercises to evaluate these plans.

B.    EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (Identify those duties that demand the greatest amount of time, attention, and are
      of key priority to the department. Include any duties which present unusual physical requirements such as standing,
      walking, exposure to chemicals, etc.)

     1. Manages the development, implementation, testing and maintenance of the Campus Emergency
         Preparedness plans and coordinates the Business Continuity Plans and attendant programs.
     2. Working with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Information Technology (IT)
         professionals, ensures the development of business continuity plans, development of recovery
         strategies, and off-site storage of critical information
     3. Chairs the EPBCP Steering Committee providing needed direction, planning and guidance.
     4. Develops and oversees the implementation of programs to educate and raise awareness of
         University personnel on Emergency Management and Business Continuity issues, guidelines, and
     5. Develops programs to encourage campus compliance with emergency planning and business
     6. Performs information gathering and vulnerability analysis of man-made and natural hazards
     7. Performs emergency management support activities using the National Incident Management
         System (NIMS) model and conducts appropriate exercises to test COOPs.
     8. Interfaces with local, state, federal agencies such as MEMA and FEMA and with counterparts at
         other university to identify and implement best practices of similar processes.
     9. Provides presentations and reports to Senior Management on initiatives and/or projects.
     10. Maintains a high level of awareness of Emergency Management and Business Continuity and
         related technologies, standards, processes and procedures.
     11. Supports and implements affirmative action and non-discrimination policies and procedures and
         contributes to related departmental goals.
     12. Performs other related duties as required.
C.     MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (Minimum required level of education; required licenses; years and
       nature of related experience; unique requirements related to physical ability, travel, working evenings and weekends,

            1. Master’s degree with five or more years of experience or a Bachelor's degree with eight years of
               experience with risk management, emergency management, FEMA and continuity of
               operations (COOP) planning, preferably in a university setting.
            2. Proven superior organizational and project management skills
            3. Excellent verbal skills and ease in giving presentations to diverse populations.
            4. Ability to negotiate effective solutions to highly sensitive and challenging problems
            5. Proficiency in Software such as: Microsoft Office Suite required, experiece with EM & BC
               COOP data bases preferred.
            6. Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and/or Certified or Master Business Continuity
               Professional (CBCP or MBCP) preferred.
            7. Pass a through background and security check to allow access to sensitive and confidential


     Reports to the head of Environmental Health and Safety or his/her designee. Has dotted line
     reporting responsibility to the Chief Information Officer


            1. Number of non-student employees directly supervised:
            2. Number of non-student employees indirectly supervised:
            3. Average number of student employees supervised at any given time:

                                           OFFICIAL POSITION CERTIFICATION

                                   This is a complete and accurate description of this position.

     DATE                             SIGNATURE - STAFF MEMBER

     DATE                             SIGNATURE - DEPARTMENT HEAD

     DATE                             SIGNATURE - HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION

                                                                                                             FEBRUARY 2007

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